Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 766

As the captain of the guard of the Holy See, Arthur has his own dignity and pride, but today with the end of the game, everything is over. I don’t know when Arthur can come out of the shadow of this game, maybe a few days, maybe It is impossible to get out for a few years or even a lifetime.
“It’s incredible!”
Modric, the secretary-general of the World Martial Arts Organization, has not recovered from the scene just now until the end of the game. As he said, this game was indeed beyond his expectations.
“Secretary-General, you don’t know that this Chinese Chen Feng is good at turning the situation around in adversity and doing miraculous things, and this is also true today!”
The saint Tiffany on the side swept away the worried expression at the moment, but instead Smilingly explained to Secretary-General Modric.
Just now when Chen Feng fell into a passive state, Saint Tiffany was very nervous, for fear that Chen Feng would lose the game carelessly. Losing the game is also secondary. Taking Arthur as a person, Chen Feng should not be easily let go.
“Your country, Chen Feng, is really not easy. This game is very exciting!”
Pope Zeus of the Holy See said to Wu Zhizhou who was on the side, and he was full of praise for Chen Feng.
Although Arthur is a paladin of the Holy See, it is a pity to lose Arthur, but it is also very beneficial for Pope Zeus to get a strong man like Chen Feng.
Zeus imagined that if Chen Feng broke through the mid-term, his strength would rise to what kind of strong point, which is very important for Zeus’ future plans.
Compared to a powerful person like Arthur, Zeus values ​​Tianjiao like Chen Feng more. The horror of Tianjiao is that you never know what realm he will reach in the next moment, and what kind of terrifying power he will obtain.
Chen Feng was not particularly brilliant in this game originally, but as the game progressed, he defeated Li Changxi, Ron, Hong Yi, Zuo Zhu all the way to raise his own statement, and now defeated the Holy See paladin Arthur. It was an instant to stand at the peak moment.
“Well, he is indeed very tough!”
Wu Zhizhou nodded with a smile, very pleased in his heart, because Chen Feng is a Chinese warrior.
You must know that for a warrior who wants to kill a monk who is one level higher than himself, it is very difficult. This is not only a trench of strength.
But defeating the opponent by leapfrogging is not difficult for Chen Feng.
Chen Feng stepped into the category of Huajin at a young age, became a strong man, and created his own martial arts. Although this martial arts is not complete, there are only three types, but the younger generation can not say that this can be done. No, I can only say that it is very rare.
Especially for the last one to break the sky, this move really has a sense of breaking through the world, even the strong like Wu Zhizhou can’t help but admire it, but also very shocked.
Today’s game can be said to be one after another. Wu Zhizhou was full of emotion. After taking a look at Chen Feng at this moment, he couldn’t help but look at Ye Nantian.
Originally, Ye Nantian had been crippled, but he came today for the sake of his junior brother. The man who was once a martial arts scholar who might become the world’s number one man in martial arts in the future was attacked by several masters and eventually crippled.
Today, under the eyes of everyone, Ye Nantian slowly stood up with his wheelchair. At this moment, he seemed to have returned to the past. Chen Feng used his actions to rectify his name in front of everyone, in front of the world martial arts powerhouse. Recovered Ye Nantian’s face back then.
“Hua Guo Chen Feng…”
“Chen Feng…”
“Chen Feng…” After a brief silence, all the audience in the audience shouted one after another, and their voices became one piece, and all the voices were overwhelmed for a moment.
In the sun, Chen Feng clasped his fists to respond to the surrounding audience, and then turned around to leave the playing field without looking at Arthur lying on the ground and ran to Ye Nantian.
Chen Feng was equally excited in his heart. At this moment, he was like a child doing a good deed, eager to let the elders know, and want to be praised by the elders.
“Hahaha, brother Chen Feng, it’s too awkward!” After Chen Feng arrived, Ji Yun couldn’t help but give Chen Feng a big hug, and in his words he was full of praise for Chen Feng.
“Chen Feng, good job !” Although Tianying said few words, his awe of Chen Feng was self-evident. In his opinion, Chen Feng was not fighting for himself, but for China. Fighting for the promotion of Huaguo martial arts is very rewarding.
Chen Feng smiled and nodded, and greeted the surrounding masters, Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, and Ji Wudao.
Because of Master Fang Zheng and Ji Wudao, Cangbo and the others knew that it was not the time to go back to the past, and they wanted to leave the remaining time to their brothers and sisters, so when Chen Feng greeted them, they just nodded and responded with a smile.
Originally thought Ye Nantian would say something, but when Chen Feng arrived, Ye Nantian did not show anything, but looked at Chen Feng with satisfaction.
“Brother, the first few games are just a lesson to those enemies. This time you are here, I didn’t shame you!”
Chen Feng looked excited, Ye Nantian was able to watch his game, and Chen Feng was also a little nervous. What was nervous was afraid of embarrassing Ye Nantian.
“Haha, Xiaofeng, you are my pride. This game is very exciting!”
Ye Nantian smiled and looked at Chen Feng with a gratified face. As he said, Ye Nantian is indeed very happy and proud.
Chen Feng smiled and scratched his head. After being praised by Ye Nantian, he looked a little embarrassed, and then he bypassed the crowd and moved behind Ye Nantian and pushed the wheelchair away.
Master Fang Zheng, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, Ji Yun, Tianying and others also walked towards the distant passage with a smile.
The cheers of the audience continued, watching them leave.
Chen Feng pushed Ye Nantian across a stand. In the stands, Hong Tianba, Miyamoto Takeno from Dongying, and Solo stared at the two masters and apprentices, Chen Feng, and their eyes seemed to burst into flames. Come, judging from their appearance, they seem to want to rush forward and tear the two brothers Chen Feng to pieces.
Perhaps he noticed the gazes of a few people, and Chen Feng pushed Ye Nantian to a stop. Chen Feng turned his head to look, his eyes full of murderous intent.
When Chen Feng looked at these people, Hong Tianba, Miyamoto Takeno and Solo also noticed Chen Feng’s murderous intent.
“This time the martial arts competition kills your descendants, it’s just asking for interest. Sooner or later, I will make those of you who besie my seniors pay the price!”
Chen Feng said nothing, and he was not polite at this moment. Said to the three.
When Chen Feng’s words came out, Hong Tianba, Miyamoto Takeno, and Solo suddenly became murderous.
Ye Nantian was sitting in a wheelchair. He could detect the murder of these three people. At this moment, he took a deep breath and looked into the distance with tears running across his eyes.
Although it is a man who has tears and does not flick it lightly, but he is not sad.
This arrogant man in the martial arts world was so high back then. Everyone who saw him couldn’t help but be short. When he was so high, he was besieged and maimed by several people. At that time, he didn’t cry. He fell from the altar. , Did not cry, but today he shed tears, this tear is pride, this tear is pride.

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