Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 767

With a click, a white light flashed in the distance, a staff member pressed the shutter and took this picture.
The World Martial Arts Organization does not completely prohibit photography, but it must be a person designated by the Martial Arts Organization.
This photo has become a classic in this world martial arts competition.
In the VIP table, watching Chen Feng, Ye Nantian, Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao and others prepare to leave, Wu Zhizhou stood up and clasped his fists and said, “The Pope, Saint, Secretary-General, I will take one step!
” Good!” The pope nodded, Wu Zhizhou no longer hesitated and turned away.
“Tiffany, go, accompany me to see Arthur!” Pope Zeus took a look and prepared to leave.
“Okay, yes!” Saint Tiffany retracted her gaze to look at Chen Feng and turned away.
When Chen Feng, Wu Zhizhou, Ye Nantian and others left with glory, Arthur was still lying on the ground in the game, unconscious, and he was extremely embarrassed at this moment. If it were not for seeing the ups and downs of his chest, I don’t know. Arthur died in battle.
Arthur was not dead, nor was he in a coma. The coma just now was just a pretense. He had no place to show himself at the moment, and he couldn’t wait to find a place to get in. He did not dare to face the audience’s ridicule and sarcasm.
He even dared not face the disappointment of Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany.
Just when he was thinking about it, Arthur saw the Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany coming to him in the distance. This discovery made his complexion change drastically and his pupils shrank sharply.
I was really afraid of what would come. Seeing Zeus and Saint Tiffany rushing here, Arthur was a little flustered, even thinking of self-breaking.
He wanted to raise his hand to break himself, but his right arm is no longer there, his left arm is broken, and he can’t break himself.
At this moment, only humiliation and panic were left in Arthur’s heart. After a moment of silence, Arthur simply closed his eyes and stopped looking at both of them.
Just then Zeus and Saint Tiffany came to the front.
“How’s it going, kid, let me see how your injury is!” Zeus squatted down as he spoke and began to detect Arthur’s injury.
“I… I’m sorry for you, and I’m sorry for the Holy See, I’m ashamed of you!” Arthur’s voice trembled, full of regret.
“Son, don’t tell me, I know you are underestimating the enemy, you are a little careless, and your combat experience is a bit weak!”
Zeus checked Arthur’s injuries, analyzed the reasons for this failure, and continued: “Although you lost an arm , The other arm is also broken, but the broken arm can be connected, and after treatment with drugs, your injury can be recovered in a short time, and martial arts can also be recovered!”
“What? Your Majesty is true. Is it true?”
When Zeus said that his martial arts could be restored, Arthur’s dim eyes instantly brightened, as if he had grasped hope.
“Child, how could I lie to you!” Zeus smiled and comforted.
“Your Majesty, thank you!” Arthur’s voice was trembling and excited, and he had hope again.
Only then did Arthur pluck up the courage to look at the saint Tiffany, but what he saw was a calm face without any waves.
I thought that the saint Tiffany would care about him a few words, even if there is no word of concern, I should always be a little moved to see myself like this now.
But I didn’t expect that Saint Tiffany had no expression at all, and it seemed that he hadn’t put his life and death in his eyes at all. This scene fell on Arthur’s heart, causing his original stinging wound to be sprinkled with salt.
Originally he had great admiration and respect for Saint Tiffany, but with the passage of time, Saint Tiffany hurt his heart again and again, and Arthur gradually turned this love into hate, a monstrous hatred.
Compared to Zeus’s comfort and encouragement, he hoped to conquer the so-called saint Tiffany and let her kneel at his feet.
At that time, Arthur would torture her well, in order to repay him for the injury caused by repeated rejections and neglect.
Perhaps because of hatred, Arthur gritted his teeth and stood up hard. At this moment, he no longer felt lost and panic. Some only hated the saint Tiffany.
Seeing Arthur’s gloomy expression, Pope Zeus moved in his heart. Knowing the cause of Arthur’s heart, Arthur sighed secretly and took Arthur and Saint Tiffany away from the arena.
The audience has stopped shouting. At this moment, they are quietly looking at Zeus, Arthur, and Saint Tiffany. Maybe it is because of the Pope, or because Arthur can still walk, the audience will be satirized. The words swallowed.
Although the audience did not say anything, they did not forget Arthur’s rhetoric and the words he blew out during the game. At this moment, the situation is completely opposite to before.
Today’s game will be spread out, and this game will also be recorded in the history of the World Martial Arts Competition, but because of this, this game will become a lingering shadow and nightmare in Arthur’s life.
As for Chen Feng, his performance today will also be recorded in the history of the world game, becoming the existence that the younger generations yearn for.
The gap between the two of them can be said to be one in the sky and the other in the earth. It is said that some people are happy and others are worried.
Lundo, a muffled noise came from a villa. The huge display screen in the villa was smashed with a punch, accompanied by the sound of cracking the screen and a woman’s scream.
Merlin looked at Caesar Roboli at this moment with a look of horror.
Just now, Caesar Roboli received a call, but before he finished speaking, he punched the screen.
“Fuck, how could this be, how could this be possible!”
Caesar’s expression was distorted, with an angry look on his face. Just now he received a call and the person on the other side told him about the game.
Caesar did not dare to imagine that his brother Arthur, the guardian of the family’s future, the paladin of the Holy See brother, had lost, and was severed by Chen Feng and the other arm. The news just arrived. Caesar couldn’t believe it. He didn’t believe that Arthur would lose, but he knew that the caller did not dare to lie to him, nor would he lie to him.
And the man said that it would not take long for this matter to spread all over the world, and Caesar knew the truth of this matter after repeated confirmation.
Caesar became more and more irritable and panicked, these two emotions mixed, making him almost crazy.
At the beginning, he had already uttered rhetoric in the upper-class circles that his brother Arthur would defeat Chen Feng and completely trample on each other.
It is precisely because of Caesar’s status and prestige that after his words, the wealthy of the upper class have made bets, and even ordinary people have learned about this.
And now that his brother Arthur has lost the game, how should he face the wealthy of the upper-class society, and how should he face everyone.
The most important thing is that he can have today’s position in the Roboli family. It can be said that his biggest reliance is his brother Arthur. Even because of his brother, the family must vigorously train him, and even let him and the Eagle Country The royal family climbed up to pro.

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