Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 768

But now with his brother Arthur losing the game, all this will be in vain, and his future may be ruined.
It can be said that this game Chen Feng not only ruined Arthur’s future, but also ruined Caesar’s future.
“Master Caesar, what’s wrong with you?”
Merlin asked in a low voice looking at Caesar who was crazy.
The reason why she came here today is entirely to meet Caesar. They are ready to enjoy the fun while waiting for the good news from the playing field.
But looking at Caesar’s expression and almost crazy look at this moment, Merlin felt a faint feeling in her heart.
At this moment, Merlin’s bumpy figure was exposed to Caesar’s eyes. If Caesar had definitely overthrown Merlin and enjoyed the joy of the body, at this moment Caesar had no interest, but was extremely violent, like a crazy beast.
“How could my brother be defeated!”
Caesar turned and looked at Merlin, his eyes full of violent meaning.
“Say!” Caesar roared.
Merlin was already scared by the way Caesar was, so she didn’t dare to speak.
Caesar was full of anger. When he asked Merlin at this moment, the other party didn’t say anything. Caesar’s temper became more and more violent. He lifted the chair next to him with one foot and walked quickly to Merlin.
Merlin knew that even if he was stupid at the moment, Caesar’s brother Arthur lost to Chen Feng of Hua Guo in this match.
Caesar slapped Merlin’s face with a round arm.
Merlin fell to the ground, cheeks puffed up, and a fiery pain in his left cheek.
Merlin’s eyes were getting colder, staring at Caesar silently.
She and Caesar have no feelings at all. The reason why they are with Caesar is to use Caesar’s connections and influence to pave the way for herself.
But now Merlin already knew that the former young master, the former proud son of heaven, might have lost all resources from today, or from now on, and would be worthless.
From this moment, the two of them will have nothing to do with each other, and Meilin Meilin will rediscover his goals.
There is another building in Lundo, which is the headquarters of William Gaming Company.
At this moment, in the office, located on the highest floor of the building, the owner of the William Gaming Company stood up from his seat with an unbelievable expression.
After hearing the secretary report the results of the World Martial Arts Competition, the boss looked into the distance with a dull gaze, the cigarette in his hand fell out, but he didn’t notice it, and subconsciously put his hand to his mouth.
Before this game, a lot of money from China entered the gaming company, and all of this money was for Chen Feng to win.
Finally, William Gaming and four other companies convened an emergency meeting to deal with the betting situation in this game.
After the joint discussions of the five companies, it was still believed that Arthur could win the game, so several bookmakers let others bet and even publicized it.
But now Arthur lost and lost the game. The winner was Hua Guo Chen Feng. He couldn’t accept this result, and he even thought it was a dream until now.
It’s just that this dream is a nightmare that can crush any gaming company.
“Boss, there is news from the game that Arthur did indeed lose to Hua Guo Chen Feng, and it was a disastrous defeat!” The secretary hesitated and repeated the previous words.
The secretary has not been in the company for a short time. This is the first time I have seen the boss behave like this.
Previously, China invested up to one billion U.S. dollars. If it wins the game, everything is fine, but if it loses the game, William Gaming will pay eight billion U.S. dollars.
Eight billion U.S. dollars is not a small amount, and no betting company can afford it.
“Close all handicap from now on!” The boss can achieve this position, and he is not an ordinary person. He took a deep breath and told the secretary.
Although the result of this game was beyond their expectations, the result of the game was not too bad.
Except for China’s betting on Chen Feng, people from all over the world voted for Arthur. As a result, even though the betting company lost some money, it still made hundreds of millions.
“Boss, before the start of the game, we have stopped the handicap!” the secretary explained on the side.
“Well, well done!” The boss pondered for a moment, and continued: “Call all shareholders and have a meeting!” As soon as the boss’s voice fell, the secretary left the office.
The boss was sitting in an office chair, looking pensive and wondering what he was thinking.
This time Hua Guo Chen Feng won the game, which had a great impact on the five major gaming companies.
And the boss of William’s company wants to start a deal with things after the game.
Even if Chen Feng wins this competition, there are still one or two games to come, so he can only pin his hopes on Chen Feng’s inability to win this championship.
After Chen Feng won the game, most of the bets had opinions. It is necessary to know that before this, the betting company’s publicity, coupled with the pledge of Caesar Roboli, led to many high-class rich people betting. But now things are completely opposite and will surely cause some trouble, so bookmakers have to discuss how to deal with the next thing.
It’s just that no one guessed the outcome of the matter at this moment, and everyone put their last chance on Chen Feng’s failure to win the final championship.
Many years later, a person who experienced this incident recorded these incidents.
Chen Feng’s glorious moment is a period of time in the future.
As the favorite of Arthur to win this championship, what everyone did not expect was that such a powerful warrior as Arthur was defeated by Chen Feng.
And Chen Feng will also become the most dazzling star in this world martial arts competition. Many years later, some people still mentioned this competition, and some people still mentioned the name Chen Feng.
It can be said that the name Chen Feng will leave a strong mark in the world of martial arts.
For bookmakers, the more gamblers, the better for them. Only gamblers can make a profit from betting on the bookmaker.
It’s just that the biggest fear of the bookies is that there are no gamblers, and the biggest fear is that the gamblers win money.
Under normal circumstances, gaming companies will not lose money, because they have special means to operate all the results of the market, but this time the appearance of Chen Feng disrupted the overall plan, which made several gaming companies unexpected.
This time, even if the bookmaker can survive this difficulty, he will definitely have lingering fears about the matter in the future. Besides, the game is not over yet, and no one knows what the final result will be. The last hope of the bookmaker lies in the end. Feng failed to win the championship.
The bosses of other betting companies are now discussing the results of this game.
In the arena group, several Taishan Beidou from various forces are chatting in the group.

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