Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 769

“I didn’t expect Mr. Chen to win this competition. It’s incredible!”
“What’s the matter? I can see Mr. Chen’s strength. It is not difficult to win Arthur. It’s just that Chen Feng won the game this time. The betting companies are going to be miserable!”
“Isn’t it? In the past few days, I counted the betting companies called Huan, which are endorsements and publicity, but they didn’t find the results of the game beyond their expectations!”
These big brothers all have a very prestigious presence in Jun.
Discussing the game in the group at the moment, the group is extremely lively for a time.
At the same time, Chen Feng pushed Ye Nantian and Wu Zhizhou back to the hotel.
Wu Zhizhou planned to wait for everyone to rest for a while, and then went to eat to celebrate Chen Feng’s win.
Said it was a short break, but actually gave Chen Feng some time to take a bath and put on clean clothes.
Chen Feng always wore dirty clothes after the game, because the game was too intense, Chen Feng’s clothes were muddy and blood stained and looked very embarrassed.
Chen Feng took a shower, changed his clothes, went to the living room and turned on his phone.
Since Chen Feng turned off his mobile phone during retreat, it has not been turned on. At this moment, he is about to talk to Xia Mengyao and a few others about the result of the game, which makes them worry.
Unexpectedly, as soon as the phone was turned on, the sound of messages kept ringing.
“Boss… Do you have confidence in this competition?”
This is the first sentence, followed by one or two hundred bonuses, and the final message is all congratulations.
“The boss is amazing…”
“As expected, he is not an ordinary person…”
Chen Feng’s friends all chatted in the group, and there were other friends.
“According to me, don’t go to work in the future. As long as the boss is in the game, he will bet. This will definitely make you rich!” “You can pull it down. I absolutely believe in the strength of the boss, but do you have the capital to maintain it? “It’s not so bad, this kid just had a mouthful!” The chat in the group was very lively. After Chen Feng flipped through the chat records, he found out that Yuwenbo took the lead in betting, and the rest of his friends followed suit. Bet.
“This is not good!”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly and sent a message to the WeChat group.
“Wow, the boss has appeared!”
“Congratulations, boss for winning the game!”
“Congratulations, congratulations!” As soon as the news of Chen Feng appeared, the group instantly boiled, and everyone was congratulating Chen Feng for winning the game.
“What’s wrong with the boss, I’m taking another shortcut to help my brothers make money!”
Yu Wenbo was equally happy and responded in the group.
“If I lose the game by any chance , then you will lose money!” Chen Feng understands Yu Wenbo’s intentions, but Chen Feng still feels something wrong.
“Lose the game? How could this be possible!”
“That’s right, how could you lose the boss!”
“I think the boss is too humble!”
None of the brothers and sisters in the group believed that Chen Feng could lose, especially Yu Wenbo, who treated Chen. Feng is full of confidence.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly and was about to respond. At this moment, the phone rang and Xia Mengyao sent a video.
“What’s the matter, you are not injured!”
As soon as the video was connected, Chen Feng saw Xia Mengyao’s beautiful face on the phone. At this moment, Xia Mengyao didn’t show happiness after seeing Chen Feng. Instead, she frowned slightly with a worried look.
Chen Feng smiled slightly, and did not tell Xia Mengyao everything, fearing that he would be worried for himself.
Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but cast a blank look. Every time he called Chen Feng, the other party said that, almost using exactly the same words.
“By the way, the game has been over for so long, why are you calling me now? What are you up to? Isn’t it because you are talking about love with a fox?”
Xia Mengyao suddenly turned her face when she learned that Chen Feng was fine. Chen Feng asked.
“Why, I went to the hotel to wash and change clothes!” Chen Feng explained with a smile on his face.
“Huh?” Xia Mengyao looked at Chen Feng with a smile, as if analyzing whether the other party’s words were true.
“How could I lie to you!” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He understood Xia Mengyao’s temper and turned the topic off at the moment: “Did you bet on me in this game?”
“Why is there someone else betting on you? “Xia Mengyao knew that Chen Feng was changing the subject, but she was also a little puzzled.
“Is there anyone else betting on you?”
Xia Mengyao was a little puzzled, besides her, there were others betting on Chen Feng.
“That’s it. I just saw Yu Wenbo and other brothers and sisters in the group discussing betting, and they had bet on my match with Arthur before!”
Chen Feng explained to Xia Mengyao without concealing it.
“Hey, didn’t you just say that you didn’t chat with others?”
Xia Mengyao snorted softly, and said a little .
“Yes, I just took a look at the boot!” Chen Feng quickly explained.
“I invested 1.6 billion U.S. dollars for you, and you will win!” Xia Mengyao added.
Chen Feng was taken aback, and said inwardly that women are really terrifying.
“The game is not over yet, you must be careful, your opponents and enemies are in the final game, so you don’t underestimate the enemy, and don’t get confused by revenge!”
Xia Mengyao put away her smile, facing Chen Feng with a serious face. Exhorted.
“Well, don’t worry!” Chen Feng also put away his smile and said sternly.
“Okay, I’ll wait for your good news!”
Xia Mengyao waved and hung up the phone as soon as the voice fell.
Regardless of the royal family of any country, every member of the royal family has its own business to be busy, and they rarely meet each other. Only some major festivals or anniversaries will gather members of the royal family together.
Princess Anne of the Eagle Kingdom is not only a princess of the royal family, but also an ambassador for a world-class caring organization, so she usually needs to go to various countries for publicity.
When Princess Anne went to a small country to announce charity, the country suddenly broke out, and she was also arrested by the rebels. If Chen Feng hadn’t helped her, the consequences would be disastrous.
It is precisely because of this that the Princess Anne of the Eagle Kingdom never forgets Chen Feng, and sometimes thinks of the things in her mind.
It is precisely because of Chen Feng’s kindness to her that in this world-class martial arts competition, Princess Anne can be said to be watching the progress of the game all the time. At the same time, she is also worried about Chen Feng’s injury in the game.
Because the outside world is particularly concerned about the winner of Arthur in this competition, many people in Chen Feng did not have much hope.
Princess Anne was very happy to learn that Chen Feng had defeated Arthur and won the game. It can be said that she was the most happy thing in recent times.
Perhaps it was because Chen Feng won the competition. Princess Anne was very happy. After lunch, she and the gardener in the royal family watered the flowers in the garden in front of the palace. She walked through the garden with a white long skirt. beautiful.

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