Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 770

“Why are you so happy today?” As soon as the King of Eagle Nation saw Princess Anne jumping in the garden, he couldn’t help but ask.
Because King Charles knew that Princess Anne had been sullen lately, and he also knew that Princess Anne’s mind was on Chen Feng.
In this competition, due to discussions from several gaming companies and high-class people such as Caesar, it was publicized that Chen Summit had lost the game, and Princess Anne was particularly worried about Chen Feng’s safety.
It’s been a long time since I saw Princess Anne as happy as today.
Seeing King Charles come to the garden, all the gardeners stopped their work and greeted King Charles.
“Father, you are here!”
Princess Anne also stopped her work, put down the watering bottle and came to Charlie with a smile.
“Why did you come here?” In Princess Anne’s impression, her father is usually very busy and rarely comes here.
“Come and see you!”
King Charlie smiled and continued: “I already know about Chen Feng winning the game in China. I think you will be very happy to see you today. You are much happier than I thought. !”
Princess Anne was told by her father that she was thinking, she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.
“Come around with me!”
King Charlie said to Princess Anne kindly.
Princess Anne took the king’s hand and walked away.
At this moment, Princess Anne suddenly remembered something, put a smile away, and asked with a worried look: “Father, do you remember our agreement? You won’t regret it!”
Princess Anne stared straight at her with big eyes. His father, waiting for his answer.
King Charlie stopped and said with a serious face: “You should understand that as a father, I am an unbelieving person?”
Chen Feng has defeated Arthur, and only William can threaten Chen Feng, but even so , Chen Feng is also very likely to win the championship.
At the time, Princess Anne and her father, King Charles, made an agreement that if Chen Feng wins the championship in the world martial arts competition, then Princess Anne will decide for herself.
Princess Anne had already said it once, and now she once again asked her father, King Charles, to be a little unhappy. At this moment, she continued with a serious face: “The poison of Chen Feng in you is too deep. You have to know that even if I want to regret it, then It will not be implemented until the end of this world-class martial arts competition!”
“There is one more thing, which should be considered a good thing for you!” King Charlie sold the game and did not finish.
“What is it?” Princess Anne didn’t know what could make him happy.
“After my understanding for some time, I decided to reject the Roboli family’s proposal, and you don’t have to marry Caesar Roboli!”
This news made Princess Anne a little bit unexpected. You must know that her father was very serious. Tell him that he must marry Caesar Roboli.
And now his father turned down the opponent, could it be because Chen Feng won the game? But Anne’s thoughts and thoughts shouldn’t be the reason.
“Father, it must have been proposed by the Roboli family?”
Annie thought for a moment and said.
“Hahaha, worthy of my daughter, smart!”
King Charlie laughed, not depressed because Anne had seen things through, thinking that he was particularly happy.
As Annie said, it was indeed Roboli’s family language who took the initiative to cancel this marriage contract. The main reason was the result of this competition.
Chen Feng won the game, and Arthur, Caesar’s brother was also his backing, this time lost the game and was severed by Chen Feng.
This result makes Arthur no longer the original position in the Roboli family, because he lost the game, his life will also change.
Arthur has done this, not to mention Caesar Roboli.
When the news that Arthur lost the game was known to the Roboli family, they immediately cancelled the marriage contract between Caesar and the Eagle Kingdom.
Princess Anne beautiful eyes flashed a trace of bright, quickly asked: “? Father, that in the future you will not interfere with my marriage right,”
King Charles silent for a moment and said: “When the world after the end of martial race speak!”
, Then Nonetheless, King Charles thought in his mind, what if Chen Feng really won the game?
Vatican, in the palace of the Holy See, a female nun with teardrops on her face and red eyes, apparently she has already cried.
“Huh? What’s wrong with you?” Saint Tiffany asked with a puzzled face.
“Master Arthur unexpectedly lost the game and broke his arm. I don’t feel like it!” The female nun wiped the tears from her face and responded.
Who is Arthur, that is the object of admiration of all female cultivators in the Holy See. He reached the middle of the stage at a young age and became the young guard captain of the Holy See, the Paladin.
It was such a perfect man who was defeated on the court, and it was a disastrous defeat.
When the news reached the Holy See, all the female sisters cried together and were very sad.
“Why aren’t you sad?” The female correction was sad, but at this moment she saw that Saint Tiffany didn’t react at all, so she couldn’t help but ask.
“Well, there are some regrets, but it’s not sad!”
Saint Tiffany said truthfully. In her heart, she didn’t want to see Arthur’s tragic situation after the game, but in her heart she didn’t want to see Chen Feng lose. Drop the game.
The Sister did not understand why Saint Tiffany said this. Just as the Sister wanted to ask, footsteps came from behind and the two looked back.
“I have seen your majesty!”
“I have seen your majesty!” The sister hurriedly got up to give a salute, and the saint Tiffany also gave a salute.
Pope Zeus glanced at Saint Tiffany, and then said to the sister: “You go out first!” The sister hurriedly said yes and turned and left the room.
When the nun left the room, Pope Zeus took a look at Saint Tiffany on the sofa and continued: “I know you like Chen Feng. He won this competition. You are very happy, but I hope you don’t make it happy. The expression on your face!”
Zeus sighed and continued: “You have to know that your expression will hurt Arthur deeply. I hope you don’t show your inner emotions before him?”
“Well, Your Majesty, I know!”
Saint Tiffany nodded. Although she didn’t feel Arthur and didn’t like each other, she didn’t have to hurt him.
“That’s right, there’s one more thing!”
Pope Zeston gave a moment and continued: “If I let you marry Chen Feng, would you…will you?”
“Ah?” Saint Tiffany opened her mouth slightly, her face shocked. When she reacted, her face rose with red clouds, a little embarrassed, and at a loss what to do.

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