Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 772

“Does your question have anything to do with the game?”
William looked at Deney through the ghost mask with a cold expression in his eyes.
“It has nothing to do with the game, but I will personally take off your face for a while, so that you can show your true face!”
Dunny lifted his chin, not afraid of William’s gaze, but looked at it. go with.
“If you can leave the game alive, let’s talk about it!”
William’s voice just fell, his body exuded a strong killing intent, but Dunny was not afraid.
The referee on the side couldn’t help but cast a blank look, how he would chat and say a few harsh words during the game.
“The game, officially…begin!” The referee announced the start of the game without waiting for the two to continue speaking. The referee was afraid that it would be bad if the two continued to fight for life and death.
Almost as soon as the referee’s voice fell, Deney and William stepped on their feet at the same time, and their bodies rushed out like a sharp arrow.
“Bang!” With a loud noise, the two collided together, and a huge storm spread. Denny couldn’t stop the figure and retreated, and it took seven or eight steps to stop the figure.
“Why is he so strong!”
Denny was shocked. He did not expect William to be so strong. Denny didn’t keep his hands and used the ancient Indian yoga technique to collide with William at the beginning, but he did not expect to be at a disadvantage.
And William looked at the opportunity at the moment, and the speed rushed to Denny’s, the speed reached the peak in an instant, all the way past, there was the momentum of thunder.
Dunney frowned slightly and drew back. He didn’t expect William to resist with a full blow just now. At this moment, his body’s breath was unstable and he could not display his full strength.
From this moment, Dunney has been at a disadvantage, William chasing him, and Dunney can only keep backing, occasionally blocking the opponent’s attack, but he is still at a disadvantage and cannot fight back.
“Bang!” With a muffled sound, William slammed a punch, directly breaking Denny’s blocking moves, and punching Denny on the chest.
Dunney spouted blood, his ribs broke a few directly, his chest collapsed, and his body flew back involuntarily.
Less than thirty rounds between William and Deney, Deney was hit in the chest with a punch by William and almost died. Even if he didn’t die, Deney almost lost his combat effectiveness at this moment.
Dunny’s body hit the ground heavily, spurting blood again. At this moment, he has completely lost his combat effectiveness, let alone fighting, even standing up is a bit difficult.
“You have hidden your combat power!” Dunny lay on the ground, his eyes rarely revealing fear.
When he played against William just now, Deney knew that his strength was not as good as the opponent, but he did not expect William to be so terribly strong.
“Hidden? Huh, no one can let me use my real strength!”
William’s words were full of disdain, and he turned and left the arena.
“The game is over, William won!”
Almost when William turned around, the referee announced the result of the game and William won.
When the referee announced that the game was over, the audience did not cheer and shout as usual. There was only silence in the arena. Everyone was silent, looking at William with fear.
William’s words just now were not loud, but the audience could hear it. A strong man like Denny could not make William use his true strength. Can Chen Feng?
This time the game was a bit unexpected by the audience. Not only did Denny lose the game, but one more thing, all the players who played against William were killed by him, but Denny did not die.
William pointed out the killing intent in the words before the game, but when Danny landed, Xiao Mie turned around and left, not killing him, which was a bit strange.
The audience gradually dispersed, today’s game has completely ended, the audience just waited for the finals to begin.
In the hotel reserved by the Vatican specifically for contestants, Chen Feng sat cross-legged at the moment to recover from his injury.
The last time he played against Arthur, only Chen Feng knew the degree of difficulty. Although he defeated Arthur, Chen Feng was also injured. Wu Zhizhou had already given Chen Feng the healing medicine, but did Chen Feng even take it? But the medicine still hasn’t healed completely.
There is an injury in the body, which has a great impact on the next game.
Chen Feng did not watch the game between Dunney and William, but healed in retreat.
“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A knock came from outside the door, Chen Feng regained his strength, got up and opened the door, opening the door, Ye Nantian appeared outside the door.
“Why are you here!” Chen Feng asked with some wonder.
“The game between William and Denny is over. William defeated Denny in less than 30 strokes, and Denny was seriously injured. Whether his military function can be saved or not!”
Ye Nantian looked at Chen Feng and looked at the matter of the afternoon game. Said it.
Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly, and his eyes were full of disbelief. Although he knew that Denny might not be William’s opponent, what Chen Feng didn’t expect was that Denny was defeated so thoroughly.
“Xiaofeng, do you think William looks like Wu Kun!”
Ye Nantian pondered for a moment and asked.
Wu Kun almost became Ye Nantian’s younger brother, and finally gave up this idea because of the appearance of Chen Feng. The most important thing is that the person behind Ye Nantian’s legs was Wu Kun.
After Wu Kun gave up being Ye Nantian’s disciple, he took refuge in Aogulasi, became your disciple, and completely separated from the Chinese martial arts circle.
“It’s him in all likelihood, or maybe it’s him!”
Chen Feng nodded, showing deep thought. When he came to the World Martial Arts Organization on the first day, he saw that William was somewhat familiar, even if he was right. The other party showed his face, but Chen Feng still recognized you as Wu Kun.
Originally Wu Kun wanted to become Ye Nantian’s younger brother, but after Chen Feng appeared, the master had a better choice, so he gave up Wu Kun.
Then Wu Kun left China, and when he entered the door of Augustus, he hated all of Ye Nantian’s family members.
Later, Ye Nantian was besieged by many powerful men, causing his legs to become disabled, and Wu Kun’s help was behind this.
Ye Nantian sighed secretly, pushing the wheelchair into Chen Feng’s room.
“I didn’t go to watch today’s game. Wu Zhizhou went. After he came back, he told me that William’s combat effectiveness was particularly strong. Without taking any stimulant drugs, Biasar was even stronger!”
Ye Nantian paused. Continued to say: “The most important thing is that William has very rich combat experience, and it can be said that he is not weak with you!”
“In the game between William and Dunney, Dunney has used all his strength, and William did not use real From this we can see how terrifying William is!”

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