Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 773

Chen Feng’s complexion changed slightly and his heart was gloomy. He knew his own strength as well as Arthur’s strength.
When he was fighting with Arthur, he used his rich combat experience to make Arthur relax his vigilance, and then used the powerful ultimate move that broke the sky in the right position.
But Chen Feng later asked himself if Arthur reacted quickly at the time and also used God of War Slash, even if Chen Feng could resist, he would not severely injure Arthur, then the result of the battle would never be that Arthur was defeated. One paragraph.
Obviously William’s strength is before Arthur.
“How about it, are you sure to play against William at the scene!”
Ye Nantian had been observing Chen Feng’s expression. Seeing Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly at this moment, he couldn’t help but ask.
“Brother, don’t worry about this battle. I must win and avenge my brother!”
Chen Feng clenched his fists. Although his words were light but full of confidence, he felt like Chen Feng was determined to win this game.
“That’s good, that’s good!”
Ye Nantian heard Chen Feng’s words in peace, he was really worried that Chen Feng would not have the confidence to play this game.
“By the way, what happened to the injuries from the last game?”
Ye Nantian remembered Wu Zhizhou’s words and asked Chen Feng at the moment.
“It’s okay, I have taken the healing medicine that Elder Wu gave me, and now the injury is almost recovered!”
Chen Feng did not tell the truth. He has not recovered from the last battle, but he has not told Ye Nantian.
Because if you tell the truth, it has no meaning or effect except to worry Ye Nantian. It is better to use lies to make Ye Nantian feel at ease.
“Okay, just fine!”
Ye Nantian nodded, and the stone that was pressing in his heart finally landed.
“Time is running out, you retreat and consolidate it!” Ye Nantian was ready to leave after saying this.
Chen Feng stepped forward, pushing Ye Nantian’s wheelchair to send Ye Nantian downstairs.
When Chen Feng came downstairs, Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, Master Fang Zheng, Tianying and Ji Yun were already waiting in the hall.
“Xiaofeng, your brother should have told you all about the situation, how is it, are you sure to defeat William?”
When Chen Feng came, Wu Zhizhou asked with a smile on his face.
“Elder Wu, you know me!” Chen Feng did not explain, but the words were full of confidence.
“Well, good!”
Wu Zhizhou nodded, because he knew Chen Feng, Wu Zhizhou believed in Chen Feng’s words now.
“Xiaofeng is your junior, you should know him better than me, but according to my understanding, he should not be William’s opponent, but I don’t know why he is so confident!”
When Wu Zhizhou and Ye Nantian left, Wu Zhizhou couldn’t bear it. Live asked Ye Nantian.
“I don’t know what his confidence comes from, but I believe him!” Ye Nantian looked far away firmly.
In the hotel room, Chen Feng was holding a small bottle with half a bottle of liquid in it.
This is a century-old ginseng liquid specially prepared by Wu Zhizhou for Chen Feng. This is not only a liquid condensed from one ginseng, but three hundred-year-old ginseng.
Because the martial artist’s physique is different from that of ordinary people, the medicines used for healing are naturally different.
Ordinary drugs have no effect on the martial artist, or they have little effect and can’t have the effect of rapid healing.
When the cork is opened, a medicinal fragrance floats out. The medicinal fragrance is refreshed by just smelling it. This kind of medicine is very precious, and it is extremely difficult for some upper-class people to find it.
As Wu Zhizhou elder, he could mobilize these drugs.
Moreover, Wumeng is an alliance of warriors, and all the medicines or herbs useful to warriors are collected.
In order to train new recruits, Wumeng inevitably suffers injuries, so these drugs can better shorten the treatment time.
When opening the cork, Chen Feng did not hesitate and drank a small bottle quickly.
When the ginseng liquid enters the body, a hot air lingers in the dantian.
Chen Feng hurriedly used his internal energy to digest the ginseng liquid in his body. The most important thing now is to recover from the last injury in a short time.
This ginseng liquid is a rare thing. The martial artist consumes too much physical strength and has high requirements for physical functions. Ordinary people do not consume much physical strength, and the martial artist consumes very much physical strength because of special physical reasons.
Moreover, only the body is strong to withstand the powerful martial arts, and only when the various acupoints of the body are opened can more internal energy be stored. Once the realm is broken, the internal energy will increase and the power will rise to a higher level.
Therefore, ordinary medicines simply cannot meet the needs of warriors. Only rare medicines can improve the strength of warriors better and faster.
When the ginseng liquid enters the body, a burst of heat is formed immediately, and Chen Feng sweats profusely, using his internal energy to digest the heat, so that the ginseng liquid can flow throughout the body.
The process was very painful, and the heat formed by the ginseng liquid almost tore Chen Feng into pieces.
Chen Feng gritted his teeth and used his internal energy to continuously digest. As time passed, severe pain came from his body, as if his internal organs were usually burned by a fire.
As the ginseng liquid exerted its medicinal effects, some dark liquid appeared on Chen Feng’s skin.
This black thing is impurities in the body, and only by excluding these impurities from the body can the injury heal.
A fishy smell permeated the room, and Chen Feng couldn’t take care of the fact that many of them could only digest the ginseng liquid with inner strength.
This process lasted for more than an hour, and the pain gradually weakened, but it still existed.
After the medicinal effect of the ginseng liquid passes, Chen Feng’s injury is healed, and it will more or less increase the body’s functions.
Chen Feng understands the truth of suffering, so he clenched his teeth from beginning to end, waiting for a reborn Chen Feng to appear after the healing was over.
The World Martial Arts Organization’s competition is nearing its end, with only the finals left, so in addition to the audience, some players have already left, and the huge hotel is a bit empty.
Although the inside of the hotel is empty, the outside of the hotel is extremely lively. At this moment, there are many warriors and spectators who come from all over the world. They are here now just to see Chen Feng’s style.
It’s just that Chen Feng hasn’t come out since entering the hotel. Some warriors speculate that Chen Feng is in retreat, and there are some bad rumors that Chen Feng has left here because he can’t beat William.
They will not say anything here, in the hotel room, Chen Feng is lying on the bed panting at the moment.
After more than an hour of recovery, Chen Feng finally digested the ginseng juice, and the injuries in his body have completely recovered.
“It’s dangerous!”
Chen Feng recalled the scene just now. He was afraid for a while. When the ginseng liquid entered his body, he only felt that he had swallowed a big fireball, and the internal organs seemed to be refined. This kind of pain, ordinary people simply couldn’t bear it. , Even Chen Feng almost fainted in pain.
It’s just that Chen Feng has experienced so many things, and he can resist this pain.

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