Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 774

At this moment, the room was full of stench, but Chen Feng was lying on the bed unable to move, so he couldn’t get up at all. The digestion of the ginseng liquid just consumed all his strength.
A little bit of time passed. Twenty minutes later, Chen Feng stood up and opened the window of the hotel for ventilation.
Due to the effect of swallowing ginseng liquid, Chen Feng only felt that his body was a little awkward, and the black liquid that was excluded from the body was too strong.
After regaining his strength, Chen Feng opened the shower to clean up the impurities on his body, and then put on clean clothes.
At this moment, Chen Feng only felt that his body was awake and his blood vessels were smooth. These changes were all the effects of ginseng liquid.
Centennial ginseng is not easy to find. Most ginseng in the world is fake, and wild ginseng is completely different from ordinary ginseng.
And because the physique of martial artists is different from ordinary people, this ginseng can only be taken by martial artists. If it is taken by ordinary people, not only can it not treat injuries, but because of the strong medicinal effects of ginseng, ordinary people can’t digest and die.
Only the martial artist can fully absorb these drugs by using internal strength.
This time the use of these ginseng liquids has completely recovered the injuries in the body. Not only that, Chen Feng has been staying in the early stage of Jinjin. Now as he absorbs the ginseng liquid, his internal strength has also increased. It can be said that he has reached the initial stage of Jinjin. At the peak, it may break through the mid-term at any time.
You must know that if you rely on the martial artist’s own strength, it is difficult to break through in the phase of energization, so you can only rely on a certain medicine to stimulate the meridians in the body to make the realm breakthrough.
Just like Li Changxi and Ron, they use genetic drugs to stimulate the meridians in the body, so as to increase the strength of internal energy in an instant, and then increase their strength, but this kind of drug is not good, because it takes the prescribed medicine. The effect is too short, and the harm to the human body is also very great.
This is not the case with ginseng. There is nothing irritating, but a solid foundation. When Chen Feng entered the early stage of Huajin, he did not work hard. He did not expect that the internal energy in his body was faint after taking ginseng liquid today. Some increase has a good effect on the mid-term breakthrough.
“It looks like this is the right path!”
Chen Feng secretly said in his heart that he had watched the moves and tricks of other warriors for a period of time, and after observing he finally realized the breaking of the sky, and only after obtaining this move could he defeat Arthur in the last match.
If it weren’t for the break-the-sky trick, coupled with Chen Feng’s rich combat experience, Chen Feng would have no chance to defeat Arthur in that game.
If it weren’t for the break-the-sky trick, coupled with Chen Feng’s rich combat experience, Chen Feng would have no chance to defeat Arthur in that game.
This time, using the medicinal effect of ginseng liquid, Chen Feng can enter the middle phase of chemical energy faster. Without this medicine, it would be very difficult for him to break through the middle phase of chemical energy.
I have to say that Chen Feng’s self-control is still very strong. After a brief joy, Chen Feng fell into deep thought, and began to analyze the next situation.
I learned from Wu Zhizhou that William and Wu Kun had already surpassed Arthur in the strength of William and Wu Kun without using any drugs, and Wu Kun’s combat experience was also very rich. If you talk about strength alone, Chen Feng There is no chance of winning at all.
But if Chen Feng breaks through the middle stage of Huajin, then Wu Kun will not pose a threat to him.
Although the initial stage and the middle stage of Huajin are a difference, the depth of internal strength is simply not comparable. If Chen Feng breaks through the middle stage of Huajin, he will be confident to defeat Wu Kun with his existing strength.
“Forget it, there must be a way to the mountain!”
After Chen Feng washed away the dirt on his body, he cleaned up his things, then changed to a room, and then walked to the hotel cafeteria.
After Chen Feng left the room, he walked to the hotel cafeteria. The cafeteria in the hotel is dedicated to providing food for warriors, so it is open 24 hours a day.
When Xiao Mie came to the cafeteria, apart from the three scattered people, only Chen Feng was in the cafeteria.
When Chen Feng ordered the food, not long after the staff put the food in front of Chen Feng.
Due to the two days of retreat and recovering from his injuries, Xiao Mie hardly ate anything. Seeing the food before him, Chen Feng couldn’t care about it. The wind was blowing and the food on the table was cleaned up in a while.
Due to the martial arts practice, the martial artist is very exhausted. It can be said that the appetite of a martial artist can match three adults, or even more.
After the meal, Chen Feng returned to the hotel room again. Because the smell of the room had not disappeared, he asked the waiter to change to another room.
“The game is about to begin, we must try to break through to the next level!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were meditative, sitting cross-legged on the bed, the ginseng liquid in his body had not completely dispersed yet, Chen Feng wanted to use the remaining medicinal properties to break through the middle stage of the Jin Jin.
When Chen Feng was in retreat, Wu Kun was not idle in another hotel, but he was different from Chen Feng, who was now enjoying the joy of fish and water.
Not long after, Heidi got up and walked to the bathroom. There was a rush of water from the bathroom.
Wu Kun took off his mask and lay in the bath, closed his eyes and let Heidi wipe him.
“The chief thinks that you should be very happy now, after all, the killing of Hua Guo Chen Feng is in front of you!” Heidi smiled slightly, showing a charming look.
Others didn’t know Wu Kun, but she knew that Wu Kun founded the Blood Killing Organization and then brought the Blood Killing Organization to the Dark Council. All of this was to kill Chen Feng.
“Well, you still know my heart!” Wu Kun stroked Heidi’s face lightly and praised.
Hearing Wu Kun’s compliment Heidi was overjoyed.
“Killing Chen Feng is the main purpose, of course, after killing Chen Feng, of course all his women belong to me!”
In Wu Kun’s words, his eyes were full of licentiousness, and Wu Kun couldn’t stop excited when he thought of Chen Feng, an enemy woman serving him, and let him ravage him.
“The chief, congratulations in advance!” Heidi smiled slightly, not at all angry at Wu Kun’s words. In her opinion, she can be Wu Kun’s woman, that is her blessing. Besides those women who have lost their protection, as long as Hai Ti is willing to kill them at any time.
Besides, from Heidi’s point of view, with Wu Kun’s strength, killing Chen Feng is not a problem at all.
A little bit of time passed, and there were still a few hours before the last match of the World Martial Arts Competition.
At this moment, Chen Feng opened his eyes in the hotel room, and when he opened his eyes, there was a flash of light in his eyes.
Chen Feng moved his muscles and bones. At this moment, he was absolutely different from before, and a feeling of heart was born spontaneously.
“It feels good!”
Chen Feng clenched his fists, feeling this kind of powerful strength, this kind of strength that had never been seen before.

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