Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 776

“Master Merlot, don’t worry, there will be no more Chen Feng in the world after the game!”
Wu Kun’s words were full of Xiao Sha. He and Chen Feng had a deep grievance. Whether it was their grievances or Melo’s orders, he would never let Chen Feng survive the game.
The World Martial Arts Competition is about to begin. This is the last game of this martial arts competition and the final, which will determine the championship.
The game is scheduled to be at three o’clock in the afternoon, but after two o’clock, many spectators have gathered on the field, whether it is ordinary people in the world, rich people in the upper class, or martial arts powerhouses from all over the world. Here, watch this historic game.
In addition to these people, there are some special people, they are the elders of the Qinghong organization, the head of the Hongmen, and the strong Solo of Gambino.
From the last match between Wu Kun and Indian warrior Denney, several people concluded that Wu Kun Bia Se must be more than a few chips. If Chen Feng cannot break through the mid-term, then he will have no chance of winning and will undoubtedly die. .
“Huh? Isn’t that Denny from India?”
“Yeah, what is he doing?”
“It seems that Danny hasn’t suffered much damage!”
The game was about to begin, but he didn’t expect that Wu Kun’s opponent Danny came to the game in the last game. Danny didn’t care about the voices around him.
In the last game, he lost to Wu Kun, who is William. After the game, he did suffer serious injuries, but these injuries were not serious. Denny took a rare healing thing from India to save his martial arts. , But also restored the ability to act.
“Look, Arthur is here!”
I don’t know who shouted, and everyone looked at it.
Although Arthur had broken his arm, his martial arts were stored.
Ten minutes before the game, Holy See Emperor Zeus, Saint Tiffany, Secretary General Modric and Arthur came to the VIP table, and Arthur became the focus of everyone’s attention meaningless.
Arthur looked forward with a grim look. He was still wearing that golden armor and white cloak, with blond hair and no wind.
Although he lost an arm, he is still a Holy See’s paladin, a strong man among the younger generation of warriors, and he has his own pride.
At this moment, everyone saw that the sleeve on the right was empty, and Arthur was no different from before. He was still in that strong posture.
It’s just that if you know Arthur, you will find that he is different. The difference is Arthur’s eyes. Without the arrogance of the past, there is only gloomy and coldness at this moment.
Under the gaze of everyone, Arthur did not stand on the VIP bench, and went to the distant contest area. Although everyone was talking about it, Arthur didn’t take it seriously at all and ignored everyone.
“I thought you could enter the finals and compete for the final championship, but I didn’t expect that you and I would both stop. Now I can only watch the finals here!”
Seeing Arthur coming, Deney couldn’t help saying.
“Hmph, you lost the game because you are not good at it, but I am not the same. If I am not careless, I will definitely not lose the game!” Arthur said coldly.
“No matter what the reason is to lose the game, the final result is that we all lose, the winners and losers, history is written by the winners, and this martial arts champion I think China’s Chen Shanfeng won the game!”
Dunney was not angry at Arthur’s tone, but expressed his opinion with a serious expression.
“Hmph, impossible, Chen Feng will definitely die in the game!”
Arthur’s words were full of killing intent, and he couldn’t wait to frustrate Chen Feng’s bones.
Hearing Arthur’s words and tone, Deney sighed secretly, shook his head and did not speak, but looked at the contestant passage.
On the VIP table, Pope Zeus swept away the coldness of the past, and looked at Secretary-General Modric and asked, “What do you think of this game?”
Secretary-General Modric pondered for a moment and continued: “According to the comparison of Chen Feng’s strength and Wu Kun’s strength, Chen Feng has no chance of winning!”
As soon as the voice fell, Secretary-General Modric noticed that Saint Tiffany looked at him with bad eyes.
Secretary-General Modric smiled bitterly and continued: “But Chen Feng of China is different from ordinary warriors. He can often explode in desperate situations, and he has created miracles more than once. As a result, it is unknown, what do you think of His Majesty the Pope?”
“Huh, China Chen Feng will definitely win this game!” Before Pope Zeus could speak, Saint Tiffany replied firmly.
“The competition has not yet started. It is not good to say whoever loses or wins. Based on my years of experience, I don’t think Chen Feng has a great chance of winning. However, Chen Feng’s performance in the previous competitions was unexpected. Feng should have the possibility of winning!”
Listening to the words of Pope Zeus, Secretary-General Modric was a little speechless. What a saying.
“Ladies and gentlemen, hello everyone!”
At this moment, the host of the World Martial Arts Competition stepped onto the arena. He was wearing a black uniform and said to everyone with a smile: “The World Martial Arts Competition lasted nine days. The competition was very intense and exciting. Today is the World Martial Arts Competition. The last game of, is also the one that determines the title of the championship, do you expect it?”
“Okay, I look forward to it!”
“it is good……”
The audience cheered and cheered, and their voices were louder than waves, expressing their excitement loudly.
“The game is about to start, and even I feel a little excited. What will be the result of this game? Who can win this game?”
The host continued: “Hua Guo Chen Feng, defeated many players to reach this final step, and William is equally strong, these two eventually meet, what kind of fierce battle will erupt, let us wait and see!”
“The game is still ten minutes away. Let me first ask everyone, who do you think can win the game and get the championship trophy?” The host passed the microphone in his hand as he said.
“Chen Feng!”
“Hua Guo Chen Feng!”
As soon as the host’s voice fell, there were bursts of shouts in the venue, which filled the audience.
“Who can win the championship this time!” the host asked again loudly.
“Hua Guo Chen Feng!”
“William will win!”
This time there were two different voices in the field. On the one hand, someone supported Chen Feng, and the other camp supported William, and the voice calling for William to win had already overshadowed Chen Feng.
The spectators who supported William believed that William was very strong, and from the previous matches, it was obvious that Chen Feng was definitely not an opponent, and William’s chance of winning was very high.

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