Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 778

“It seems that all this is Chen Feng’s scheme!” Wu Kun’s heart sank, for some reason he always had a bad feeling in his heart.
At this moment, the referee on the field turned and left. Chen Feng and Wu Kun had already promised a life-and-death battle, so there was nothing left for him. Only one person could survive the life-and-death battle, so there were no rules in the game.
When the referee left the field, the game was announced to start, Wu Kun changed his mind to cancel the life and death battle, but it was too late.
“Hmph, what’s the matter in the middle of the kinetic energy, I don’t believe you can’t kill you!”
Wu Kun took a deep breath, calmed his mood, and then surged to keep himself in the best fighting state. At the beginning, he did not put Chen Feng in his eyes, but it was different at this moment. Chen Feng broke through to the middle of Huajin , The strength has been improved by several times, so Wu Kun must remain vigilant and must not be careless.
The game has started, everyone is silent, staring at the two people in the field intently, expecting their performance, but when Chen Feng broke through to the middle of Huajin, there was a sorrow in the field.
“What’s the situation? Why did Chen Feng’s breath suddenly become so powerful!”
“It’s unbelievable. At this critical juncture, Chen Feng broke through!”
“I thought that even if Chen Feng was strong, he was definitely not William’s opponent. Even if he held on to the end, he still couldn’t change the ending, but now it is different. Chen Feng has broken through his realm and his chances of winning will be greatly improved. !”
There was noise from the originally quiet venue at this moment, which was the shock of the audience after Chen Feng’s breakthrough to the middle of Huajin.
“This Chen Feng is really strong, and he can break through in this situation!”
“Otherwise, in my opinion, Chen Feng should have reached the bottleneck long ago and can break through at any time. The reason for breaking through at this time should be planned in advance!”
When the general audience was talking about it, the warriors from all over the world in the stands couldn’t help but discuss at this moment. The shock brought by Chen Feng’s breakthrough is far from over.
“It seems that Chen Feng is really powerful, my guess should be correct!”
Denny looked at Chen Feng with all his energy, and Chen Feng became more and more mysterious in his eyes, so that he could not see what Chen Feng’s true strength was.
Fortunately, Dunney said that he had a good impression of Chen Feng, but Arthur beside him was not.
Arthur looked gloomy at the moment, and his eyes on Chen Feng were equally gloomy. Originally, he was extremely optimistic about his own strength. In his opinion, Chen Feng was strong, but he was far from his opponent. He was defeated, not only that, but also Chen Feng’s arm was broken.
All of this made the rebellious Arthur unbearable. Although this battle ended in his failure, Arthur didn’t think that his strength was not good enough, but Chen Feng was opportunistic. If he fought head-on, Chen Feng would undoubtedly die.
The reason why he came to the game with the ridicule and ridicule of everyone today is to see with his own eyes Chen Feng’s death in the game, and dying in front of his eyes can solve his hatred.
It’s just that everything changed after Chen Feng broke through the mid-phase of Huajin. At this moment, Chen Feng, Arthur asked himself if he was not sure to take him, not only that, if the two fight another battle, he is very likely to lose .
Arthur was just not reconciled, but Toyo Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and Hongmen Hongtianba in the stands were equally gloomy. They didn’t expect Chen Feng to increase his strength in front of so many people. Exceeded their expectations.
“Haha, that’s great, he actually broke through the mid-phase of fusion!”
There was a laugh from the VIP table. The laughter came from Saint Tiffany. At this moment, she clapped her hands and looked happy.
“As expected to be His Majesty the Pope, it really seems like a god!”
Secretary-General Modric quickly praised and said, “This Chen Feng is really a martial arts wizard who has never met in a century!”
“Well, yes!”
Pope Zeus nodded again and again. At this moment, he looked at Chen Feng with completely different eyes, as if he had seen the appearance of genius among the younger generation, and he was very pleased as an elder.
“Tsk tusk, I said why Brother Chen is so confident that he has already reached a bottleneck in his relationship and can break through at any time!”
“I’ll go, Brother Chen Feng is really no ordinary person, it is really shocking!”
“Hahaha, let me say, how could my big brother lose? I think the big brother will definitely win this game!”
At the same time, Tianying, Ji Yun, Sanjie and others in the stands couldn’t help discussing that Chen Feng’s breakthrough to the middle of Huajin really exceeded their expectations, even they did not expect it.
In addition to the three of them, even Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo and others secretly breathed out, and Ye Nantian did the same.
Originally they didn’t know why Chen Feng was so confident that he could defeat Wu Kun, but now it seems that Chen Feng, who has broken through the middle stage of Huajin, is already different from him before.
“Hmph, now I see how Wu Kun responds, Brother Chen Feng will definitely beat him to a dead dog!”
Ji Yun’s eyes gleamed, as if Chen Feng had broken through the middle stage of Huajin, and he was more excited than his own breakthrough.
“Why? Are you scared? Why is it not as arrogant as before?”
Looking at Wu Kun’s appearance, Chen Feng couldn’t help but sarcastically said, but his eyes were full of murderous intent.
“Oh? Looks like you are absolutely sure? Haha…hahaha!”
Wu Kun couldn’t help laughing, his right hand was still covering his stomach, as if Chen Feng told him a big joke just now.
“Even if you break through the mid-phase of chemical energy, why not, after all, it is still a waste!”
A little Wu Kun stopped laughing and said with a look of disdain, although he said this, he was very cautious in his heart.
Chen Feng was silent, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t want to talk nonsense with the enemy in front of him, and his internal energy surged and took the lead.
The moment Chen Feng disappeared in place, he was already behind Wu Kun when he appeared.
There was a sigh in the hall, and Chen Feng disappeared out of thin air in the eyes of ordinary audiences. This scene was extremely strange, but after all, they were laymen and couldn’t see the way.
On the other hand, the expressions of those warriors all changed at this moment, Chen Feng’s speed is too fast, far from being able to do in the mid-half of the Jin Jin.
When Chen Feng appeared, he opened his palms and slapped Wu Kun with a slap. This scene seemed random, but the strength contained in it was very powerful. When the palms passed, the palms rushed towards the thunder.
Wu Kun had already seen what Chen Feng meant. Chen Feng’s move was not to attack, but to humiliate him. Seeing Chen Feng’s palm coming, Wu Kun shouted angrily, turned around and threw a punch.
This fist is not unnamed, but a Shura fist created by Aogulasi with extremely terrifying power.

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