Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 779

Wu Kun’s move was a killer move, and only with this powerful attack could Chen Feng’s insults be resolved.
Wu Kun slammed four punches in a row, and the fist wind howled and collided with Chen Feng’s palm wind, and the roar was deafening.
It was too late and it was fast, Wu Kun’s fist instantly collided with Chen Feng’s palm.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
The breath of the two people collided together, creating a strong storm. Wu Kun snorted, and his body involuntarily retreated back. After four steps in a row, each step fell into the ground with a footprint, which shows how powerful it is.
On the other hand, Chen Feng stood still in place, as if the attack just now was nothing to him.
Only this first contact can tell that Wu Kun is slightly inferior to Chen Feng. At this moment, Wu Kun’s face is gloomy and his right arm is sore that he can’t use any strength, and his fingers are bleeding.
If it hadn’t been for Wu Kun to use his true energy to protect his heart and vital points in time, he would not be killed or injured in the blow just now.
From this blow alone, Wu Kun felt Chen Feng’s strength. This strength was far beyond his imagination. In previous matches, he had tried to think that if Chen Feng broke through the mid-term of Huajin, there would be almost none in the same level. Opponents, but what he didn’t expect was that Chen Feng had such a powerful strength just after breaking through the mid-term of Huajin, which was really incredible.
But Wu Kun will never back down because of this setback, he wants to fight, he wants to kill Chen Feng.
Augulas is worthy of being one of the strongest existences in the martial arts world. When Shura Fist was created, Shura Fist was divided into four types. These four ultimate moves are divided into Shura Beng, Shura Wind, Shura Flash, Shura Lei. This ultimate move can be described as a storm in the martial arts circle.
Shura collapse, this collapse is a landslide, hitting the opponent with the force of the landslide, this move is extremely powerful, and few people can take this move head-on.
Shura wind, this wind is a hurricane, it uses the power of the body’s energy and blood to fuse the external environment and then create a hurricane. This wind can shred anything.
Shura flash, this flash is the meaning of lightning, and what you want is a quick word. After this move is used, it will increase its speed to a terrifying height, which can be described as lightning fast.
Shu Luo Lei, this thunder is a sky thunder, and the aura in the body with this move will change. Every time a punch is thrown, there is the power of thunder, directly smashing the opponent, causing the opponent to die directly.
When Wu Kun founded the Blood Killing Organization, it was well-known in the world, and Wu Kun was also very powerful, and then he led all members of the organization to join the Dark Council of Augustus.
August Las welcomed Wu Kun’s arrival very much, and also attached great importance to him, especially given him Shura Boxing, and then gave him genetic medicine, which made Wu Kun’s strength greatly improved.
With these, Wu Kun defeated all the candidates in one fell swoop and became the only god of the Dark Council, and his status also increased.
Originally, he hadn’t put Chen Feng in his eyes, but he had already seen from the hit just now that if he didn’t use the killer move, it would be extremely dangerous today.
Therefore, Wu Kun no longer hesitated to surging aura, integrated his inner strength into his arms, and displayed Shura Beng. After using this trick, his whole aura rose.
At this moment, Wu Kun was invincible like the god of war. When Wu Kun’s momentum rose, Wu Kun’s inner strength poured into his arms and punched out.
Chen Feng snorted, his right fist clenched and pulled back fiercely, his breath also improved, facing Wu Kun’s Shura fist, Chen Feng directly used the dragon thorn.
When Chen Feng was not promoted to the middle of Huajin, he was at a disadvantage every time he used it. Whether it was Zuo Zhu or Arthur behind, he could suppress Chen Feng.
But at this moment, Chen Feng’s realm has been raised to the middle of Huajin, what will be the result when this trick is used again?
At this moment, the aura of the two people had risen to a terrible height, and they saw their fists collide.
There was a loud noise and a strong gust of wind spread around the two of them. The ground shattered, flying sand and rocks, and the two of them were like two huge mountains. At this moment, the two mountains collided.
This battle is the last of the World Martial Arts Competition. In the championship match, both of them are among the best.
In the past few games, Chen Feng showed good combat effectiveness. Even in the last few games, although the opponent was tough, Chen Feng was able to turn defeat into victory every time.
Especially in the battle with Arthur, almost most of them believed that Chen Feng would be defeated, but he did not expect that he would eventually break Arthur’s arm.
At the moment when the game was about to start, Chen Feng broke through the mid-term of Huajin in front of so many spectators and shocked everyone.
As for Wu Kun, William’s strength is unquestionable. From the start of the game to the present, every game has been an overwhelming result to kill the opponent in seconds.
Wu Kun is not only powerful, but also cruel, all opponents except Denny have been killed by him.
In this last game, it can be said that the Tiger on the Mountain meets the Tiger on the Mountain.
“what happened?”
“I can’t see clearly…”
The two collided, the storm swept through, and the audience could not see the situation in the venue.
All this happened extremely fast, it can be said that it happened between the electric light and flint, Wu Kun spouted a mouthful of blood, his body rolled back and hit the ground heavily.
At this moment, his hand was shattered, his right arm could no longer move, and his power was lost.
“What? What is going on!”
“Wu Kun actually lost? That’s too exaggerated!”
The audience exclaimed for a while, they did not expect that Chen Feng would have such a strong power after the upgrade to the middle stage of Huajin, Wu Kun could not resist even a move.
Not only was the audience shocked, Wu Kun also couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes at this moment. He couldn’t believe this fact. At this moment, not only his arm was abolished, but his internal organs were also severely injured. There was no serious injury. It hurts the foundation, but in a short period of time it is impossible to mobilize the breath in the body at all, which means that his combat effectiveness is no longer in a short period of time, or is particularly low.
“Chen Feng!”
“Hua Guo Chen Feng!”
The audience pulled their necks and shouted Chen Feng’s name. This battle really opened their eyes. Chen Feng’s strength was so powerful that Wu Kun was abolished in one move.
“It’s really terrifying, after Chen Feng broke through the mid-term of Huajin, he has improved so fast!”
“Yes, even if I don’t understand martial arts, don’t I need to adapt to a period of time to stabilize my strength after breaking through? How could Chen Feng be so strong!”
The audience on the stage involuntarily discussed that although most of the audience is ordinary people, they also have some understanding of martial arts. At this moment, seeing Chen Fenggang break through the middle of Huajin with such a combat power is really incredible.

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