Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 780

“Chen Feng is really strong. He was so strong just after breaking through the middle of Huajin, and he will be invincible among his peers in the future!”
Except for the ordinary audience, the warriors in the stands couldn’t help but come up with this sentence.
“Unbelievable, what a monster!”
Seeing everything on the stage, Denny couldn’t help blurting out, Chen Feng gave him too much shock.
He also said that he would have a duel with Chen Feng, but now it seems that he is really overwhelmed.
To say that the most complicated and complex is Arthur on the side. At this moment, Arthur’s heart is gloomy and his face is pale and weak. He wanted to come here to see Chen Feng being tortured and killed, but before the start of the game, Chen Feng broke In the mid-Jin period, his confidence was shaken, but now Chen Feng defeated Wu Kun with a single blow, which made Arthur’s heart unacceptable.
Wu Kun is stronger than him. Arthur knew this, but Chen Feng was able to defeat Wu Kun with one move, and he could also defeat him with one move.
“Whenever I think of him growing so fast in a short time!” Arthur felt a bit bitter in his heart. Now he is not a person of the same realm as Chen Feng, and he can no longer compare with Chen Feng.
“Great, Chen Feng is going to win!”
On the VIP table, Saint Tiffany clapped her hands, her excitement was overwhelming. If Chen Feng won the game, she knew very well in her heart, because of this, Saint Tiffany’s heart was already blooming.
As for Secretary-General Modric, his heart moved. Chen Feng’s strength really exceeded expectations. Pope Zeus on the side looked at Chen Feng with a smile, nodded inwardly, and became more and more optimistic about Chen Feng.
“The big brother is really awesome. There is no suspense in this game. The big brother will definitely win!”
“Then it goes without saying that the strength of Brother Chen Feng lies there!”
In the audience, Ji Yun, San Jie and others couldn’t help but talk, Chen Feng showed such a strong combat effectiveness, and they really had a long face. At this moment, they were also very excited.
As for Tianying’s excitement, there was also some loss in his heart. This loss was due to the growing gap between Chen Feng and Chen Feng. Chen Feng and the others were no longer the same.
Chen Feng’s punch just now affected everyone’s mood.
Dongying God of War, Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, Hong Tianba, the head of Hongmen, and others looked gloomy, and the improvement of Chen Feng’s strength was unfavorable for their next plans.
Although Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, Master Fang Zheng and others are among the best in the martial arts circles of China, they were shocked at this moment.
“Now you can be proud. No one in the same generation is his opponent. Even some elders should not be his opponent!”
Wu Zhizhou said to Ye Nantian beside him with a smile on his face.
“He has always been my pride!”
Ye Nantian looked at Chen Feng on the stage proudly, as he said Chen Feng was indeed his pride.
While everyone was talking about Chen Feng, Wu Kun slowly stood up, and he had relieved the injury in his body through a mysterious recovery method.
He had to stand up, and acted as if he was not injured. This was his pretense. He was afraid that Chen Feng would take advantage of his injury to kill him, but after he stood up, he saw that Chen Feng did not do anything.
“Arouse the genetic medicine in your body, I will let you understand it!”
Chen Feng said to Wu Kun expressionlessly, shaking Wu Kun’s bottom with a single sentence.
Wu Kun’s complexion changed. He thought he was hiding well, but what he didn’t expect was that Chen Feng saw it very clearly, which made Wu Kun’s heart more and more bottomless.
Chen Feng exposed Wu Kun’s tricks in the middle, which made Wu Kun unbearable, which undoubtedly slapped him in the middle, and made others think he was like a clown.
Although Wu Kun said that his heart was aggrieved, he did not speak, and secretly mobilized the breath in his body to prepare for the challenge.
Time is the most important thing now. Wu Kun is afraid that Chen Feng will suddenly change his mind, so now he can only improve his aura as soon as possible.
Wu Kun knew that he was no longer Chen Feng’s opponent, so at this moment, he stimulated the genetic drugs in his body and wanted to improve his strength in the shortest amount of time.
“This is the warrior, this is the king, Chen Feng deserves it!”
“Yes, I saw the grand master’s spirit in Chen Feng!”
When Chen Feng’s words came out, the audience in the stadium was talking about it. At the beginning, Wu Kun killed his opponent with one move, Arthur hit his opponent severely, or Dunney used his opponent as a sandbag, this moment is not as powerful as Chen Feng’s.
Let Wu Kun take out his true strength, and Chen Feng will defeat him openly. This is the real martial artist. Although Wu Kun is his enemy, Chen Feng has not fallen into the trap.
“Things that do not live or die, you will pay for your stupidity this time!”
Wu Kun’s face was savage, and the genetic drugs in his body had been completely aroused. He wanted to kill Chen Feng, and he wanted to wash away the insult this time, especially when the audience’s voice fell in Wu Kun’s ears, making Wu Kun very heartbroken. Humiliation, he had to kill Chen Feng directly in front of everyone to get his face back.
“It’s useless to say more. I only give you one chance. Don’t think that you have rich combat experience. If you didn’t hit me hard, I would definitely kill you!”
Chen Feng looked gloomy and looked at Wu Kun in front of him.
When Chen Feng’s words came out, Wu Kun’s heart trembled. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to see his intentions. He said that the previous time was an accident, so this time he really saw through Wu Kun’s inner thoughts.
Wu Kun was timid before fighting, but at this moment it was no longer possible to fight without a fight. He must fight.
“Chen Feng, go and die!”
Wu Kun shouted, the genetic drugs in his body spread all over his body, and his breath rose to the limit at will. At this moment, Wu Kun was even stronger than before.
During the words, Wu Kun stomped on his right foot, and the ground instantly sank. Wu Kun’s figure disappeared instantly and rushed towards Chen Feng. At this moment, he did not retain anymore, and used the last stroke of Shura fist, Shura Lei .
Thunder represents power and invincibility at all times. In mythology books, thunder is the representative of the sky. After thunder comes, it is to punish sentient beings.
The last form of Shura Fist is called thunder because it represents invincibility and invincibility. No force can stop thunder’s punishment.
Wu Kun’s momentum is like a rainbow at this moment, the bones all over his body are crackling, faintly accompanied by the sound of thunder, this moment is the strongest moment in Wu Kun’s life, he will use this strongest blow to end Chen Feng, he will use this strongest One of his tricks was to kill Chen Feng in front of the audience.
In the face of Wu Kun who was like a rainbow, Chen Feng did not panic. It can be said that the moment that can panic Chen Feng has not yet occurred.

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