Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 782

“Huh? Great monk, what do you mean by that?”
The face of Sanjie on the side was so dark as the bottom of the pot, Master Fang Zheng asked.
“Little monk don’t worry, your martial arts talent is very good, if you go on the right path, your strength will be greatly improved, so although talent is important, choosing the right path is even more important!”
Master Fang Zheng slowly explained to Sanjie.
“Go on the right way? Is it possible that the monk is on the right way without me now?” San Jie frowned and his face darkened.
“I don’t dare to teach you, Master Fang Zheng. Although I am Xiaofeng’s martial arts leader, I also taught him some killing skills and survival skills, but I am not Xiaofeng’s master, but his brother. I just gave him these. As for other martial arts, his skills and strength in the middle stage of Huajin have all grown up to this day. I didn’t help much. On the contrary, Xiaofeng sent me surprises again and again. I really didn’t expect it!”
Just as Master Founder was arguing with Sanjie, Ye Nantian gave a dry cough and brought the topic back.
“Hey, Master Fang Zheng thinks you can just give up because you think about it. If you think about it, my descendants are all right, but you can’t compare it with Chen Feng. But then again, looking at the history of martial arts in China, How many warrior geniuses like Chen Feng can there be? Let’s go with the flow!” Ji Yun sighed quietly and explained.
“Well, that’s right, go with the flow!”
Master Fang Zheng nodded. Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo and others all here understand that although Sanjie’s martial arts talent is very high, it still has too many shortcomings compared with Chen Feng’s martial arts. Place.
“Your disciple is very good. He is already youthful than Lan but better than Lan. If he goes on like this, his future achievements will be limitless!”
Wu Zhizhou looked at Ye Nantian with anticipation in his eyes.
“Well, the future is limitless. Even if this kid reaches the mysterious and unpredictable realm in the future, I won’t be surprised. On the contrary, I expected it!” Cang Bo couldn’t help but praise.
Although Master Fang Zheng and Ji Wudao didn’t say anything, when Cangbo’s words came out, they both nodded in agreement.
“I am very proud and proud to be his brother, this is my chance!”
Ye Nantian looked at Chen Feng, who was highly anticipated, with a proud smile on his face.
Everyone in China is very happy, but as the saying goes, some people are happy and some are worried. On the other hand, Hong Tianba, Toyo Miyamoto Takeno, and Solo all looked gloomy.
If the original determination to kill Chen Feng was somewhat shaken, then at this moment they had already made up their mind to get rid of Chen Feng’s thorny thorn.
If Chen Feng is allowed to continue to grow, it will be a fatal threat to them, even if they have felt the pressure now.
On the side of the audience, Arthur sat pale, and at this moment a feeling of powerlessness emerged in his heart.
At the beginning, he was cut off by Chen Feng. He originally wanted to dictate himself, but Pope Zeus said he could keep his martial arts, which made Arthur ignite the hope of life.
In the final martial arts championship, Arthur came here under pressure. He wanted to see how Chen Feng was defeated and killed by Wu Kun.
But what he never expected was that Chen Feng actually broke through the middle of Huajin. Not only that, Chen Feng, who broke through the middle of Huajin, had an unprecedented leap in strength, and even beat Wu Kun with an overwhelming strength, and finally killed Wu. Kun, cut off the opponent’s head.
At this moment, Arthur’s hope of revenge in his heart was extinguished like a candle. He did not dare to fight Chen Feng at all now, and their strength had been distanced.
“Great, Your Majesty, look at the Secretary General, I am right, Hua Guo Chen Feng will definitely win!”
On the VIP table, Saint Tiffany looked happy and excited, and said to Pope Zeus and Secretary-General Modric beside her. Seeing her appearance, Chen Feng won, she was more happy than Chen Feng.
“Yes, the saint’s vision is really good!”
Secretary-General Modric responded with a wry smile.
As for Pope Zeus, he smiled without saying a word, his eyes were thoughtful and he didn’t know what he was thinking.
“Champion Chen Feng!”
“Hua Guo Chen Feng!”
The excited voices of the audience still echoed on the field, and at this moment, the figure of the referee wearing a black robe came to the center of the ring and announced the result of the game.
After the game, a ceremony will be held for the champion, but this kind of ceremony must be performed after the game is over, so the referee can’t wait and immediately announced the result of the game.
Up to this moment, the world martial arts competition has completely ended, and the champion of this competition is Chen Feng.
When the referee announced the end of the game, two members of the World Martial Arts Organization came to the arena to clean up the mess.
“Chen Feng, we need to deal with William’s body, please give me the head!”
A staff member came to Chen Feng and said.
“I want to take his head back to China!”
Chen Feng looked at this staff member deeply, Wu Kun’s head is very meaningful.
“Well, I will report this matter to the above!” The staff nodded.
Chen Feng hesitated and passed the head in his hand to the staff member. He knew that this person was just an ordinary staff member and had no decision-making ability at all, so there was no need to waste words here.
The field was almost cleaned up, and the host came to the field again.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the game is over, do you think the game is good?”
As soon as the host spoke, he sent the microphone in his hand forward and made a listening action.
“good looking!”
“Is the game exciting?” the host continued to ask.
“Very exciting!”
The audience responded truthfully.
“That’s good, then I will invite the chairman of the World Martial Arts Organization, that is, Pope Zeus of the Vatican, to present awards to the champion!” As soon as the host’s words fell, the audience burst into thunderous applause.
Everyone looked at the VIP seat, and Pope Zeus slowly stood up and left the VIP seat under everyone’s gaze.
There are two staff members behind Pope Zeus, each carrying a trophy and genetic medicine.
“Young man, you are the best warrior I have ever seen, you are very good!”
When Pope Zeus came to Chen Feng, his eyes were filled with relief, and his words revealed his admiration for Chen Feng.
“This is your trophy. This is a genetic medicine. It is also a champion’s prize. I believe you should understand the role of this genetic medicine and use it rationally!”
Pope Zeus took two cups and genetic medicine from the staff and handed them to Chen Feng. Finally, he did not forget a few words about Chen Feng.
At this moment, the audience was paying attention, ordinary people stared at the trophy in Chen Feng’s hand with envy, while the warriors in the audience looked at the gene medicine in Chen Feng’s hand.

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