Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 785

“Archbishop? Are you talking about Archbishop Zach?” Ye Nantian asked with a slightly changed expression.
When Wu Zhizhou and Ye Nantian were young, Archbishop Zach was a powerful representative of the Holy See.
“I didn’t expect that he is still in the Holy See, and I can meet him!”
Ye Nantian said to Chen Feng on the side: “This Archbishop Zach was very powerful at the beginning, but he thought that the killing was too heavy, so he gave up the position of Pope to Zeus, and his whereabouts are unknown. I didn’t expect him to be in the world!
“Yes, he is still alive. Although he does not hold any position in the Holy See, since Pope Zeus asked him to come, it seems that Archbishop Zach is still working for the Holy See!”
In fact, Wu Zhizhou was shocked the first time I saw Zach.
“Archbishop Zac came to pick up Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s safety is not a concern, but Zeus can send Archbishop Zac to come, enough to see the importance he attaches to Chen Feng, so what exactly does he want to do?” Wu Zhizhou Speak out the question in my mind.
“Well, Master Wu, you are right. Since there is this strong person protecting me, I must go and see what the emperor of the Holy See is trying to do with me!”
Chen Feng hesitated for a moment and said that he would go to the dinner party.
Wu Zhizhou and Ye Nantian glanced at each other and did not speak again. Not long after, accompanied by Ye Nantian and Wu Zhizhou, Chen Feng saw this once very powerful figure in the lobby on the first floor.
This is an old man wearing a black robe with a thin face. At first glance, there is nothing surprising. If you walk on the street, no one will notice such an ordinary person.
But no one would have thought that such an ordinary old man was a very powerful existence a few decades ago, and almost everyone in the world of martial arts knows it.
When Chen Feng looked at the old man, the old man also looked at Chen Feng.
With just a glance, Chen Feng’s heart was startled. These eyes were full of wisdom and lingering. Under such gazes, it seemed that all of Chen Feng’s secrets were exposed and could not be hidden. This was Chen Feng’s first feeling.
“Chen Feng, your majesty asked me to greet you!”
The old man said to Chen Feng with a smile on his face.
“Thank you!”
Chen Feng nodded quickly.
Zach nodded, glanced at Ye Nantian as if intentionally or unintentionally, then turned and left.
Chen Feng no longer hesitated to follow closely, but Ye Nantian and Wu Zhizhou stood still and did not leave.
After leaving the hotel, two horse-drawn carriages were parked at the entrance of the hotel. This kind of transportation is very rare here. The horse is a BMW with a very precious ancestry, and the car is also embroidered with some complicated patterns.
There are two members of the Holy See Guard on the carriage, and there are eight members of the Holy See Guard around the carriage.
When Chen Feng arrived, eight eyes condensed on Chen Feng’s body instantly, these eyes were full of murderous intent and full of hatred.
The reason why they are like this is because Chen Feng interrupted Arthur’s arm during the game, and as the captain of the guard of the Holy See, these players naturally hated Chen Feng.
It’s just that they are well-trained and resolutely obey orders. Their task today is to protect Chen Feng, so the eight guards didn’t say anything and looked around.
Zach looked at Chen Feng and made a gesture.
“Thank you!”
Chen Feng expressed his thanks, and then got into one of the carriages.
When Chen Feng got into the carriage, Zac walked to another carriage, and before he got into the carriage, he glanced casually at the glass window on the opposite floor.
“What’s the matter, Zach, an old monster, also appeared. Is it possible to escort Chen Feng that bastard? It’s unbelievable!”
Opposite the hotel, Solo drew the curtain lightly and looked out carefully, his action just greeted Zach’s gaze.
Solo was shocked, Zach’s gaze was a warning, and Solo knew this in his heart.
“I really didn’t expect the old monster Zac to appear!” Miyamoto Takeno frowned, and his eyes revealed shock.
Hong Tianba was silent. He, Miyamoto Takeno, and Solo stayed here to kill Chen Feng, but now they are guarded by Zach, a peerless powerhouse, and they are not at all sure that they can kill Chen Feng. .
“When Zach became famous, we were ordinary warriors before. As for Zach’s strength, the three of us have no bottom in our hearts. We can’t take risks easily. Besides, we can protect Zach. It is enough to see that the Holy See’s holy emperor attaches great importance to this bastard. I suggest changing the plan!”
Hong Tianba was silent for a little while still expressing his own views.
“Well, that’s the only way!”
Miyamoto Takeno and Solo nodded and decided to change their plan. The three of them had already reached a consensus that Chen Feng could not leave the Vatican alive.
It was late at night, and two galloping carriages disrupted the quiet night. After a while, the carriage slowed down and finally stopped in front of an ancient building.
“Mr. Chen, His Majesty the Pope and Saint Tiffany are waiting for you in the banquet hall. Next, Knight Lukaku will take you there!”
Zach first got off the other carriage and said to Chen Feng.
“Excuse me!”
Chen Feng quickly clasped his fists to thank you.
“Tonight’s banquet is extraordinary. I think Mr. Chen will receive the goods!”
Looking at the young man in front of him, Zach smiled for the first time.
Chen Feng was confused and didn’t know what the old man meant, just at this moment Zach disappeared in an instant.
The ten Vatican knights around, looked shocked and stared blankly into the distance. Chen Feng was also shocked. It was the first time he saw him at this speed, and he didn’t even see where Zac had left.
“Dear guest, please come with me!”
Lukaku gave Chen Feng a standard chivalry ceremony, and it seemed that in the end, the hatred in his eyes had betrayed his true thoughts.
“So, trouble!”
Chen Feng saw all this in his eyes, but he didn’t show much.
This is a huge group of palaces, and they are heavily guarded with almost three steps, one post, five steps and one post all the way.
Chen Feng walked forward blankly. At this moment, he suddenly felt a strong murderous aura coming from the side, and then Chen Feng looked at him. In a palace on the side, a figure was looking here.
Although the distance is a little far away, Chen Feng can tell through the figure that this is Arthur.
Chen Feng didn’t stop all the way, even if he found that the murderous gaze came from Arthur, he still didn’t stop, but continued to move forward.
Inside the palace, Arthur’s face was distorted, and the stone table in front of him was smashed with a palm. His hatred was already overwhelming.
This hatred came from Chen Feng. Chen Feng scrapped his arm and lifted him from the heavenly altar into the abyss.
This hatred came from the banquet tonight, the ultimate core of the banquet, he already understood, that is to marry the saint Tiffany to Chen Feng.

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