Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 787

Chen Feng was silent again.
Reason told him that everything Pope Zeus said was only one-sided, and the real reason was definitely not that simple.
“Your Majesty, you should have chosen to marry Tiffany to me because I won the championship of the global martial arts competition this time, right?” After silence, Chen Feng spoke, and he wanted to confirm the authenticity of Pope Zeus. idea,
“Not bad.” Pope Zeus nodded.
“In addition to what I just said, you won the championship of the global martial arts competition, which is also a major reason. After all, I underestimate that you are also a very powerful martial artist. I don’t want her to marry someone who is weaker than her. Man, at least that man has to be stronger than her, so that in the future, that man can protect her.”
Pope Zeus did not deny this. Of course, he could not deny this. After all, anyone with a discerning eye can see how high Chen Feng’s status is in the global martial arts world.
Moreover, for people at the level of Tiffany and the Holy See, the so-called likes and love are nonsense. Their marriage has only two words-interest!
Sacrificing marriage for a certain benefit is absolutely impossible for the second possibility!
“It shouldn’t be that simple.”
After experiencing the initial shock, Chen Feng has now calmed down a lot. Although the pope said sincerely, he still felt that the pope had concealed some reasons, but now, judging from the pope’s appearance, he obviously does not intend to tell Chen Feng. What are the reasons he concealed.
Therefore, Chen Feng did not intend to keep asking.
“How is it? How are you thinking about it?”
“According to your Huaxia statement, if you become Tiffany’s husband, then you are equivalent to becoming the consort of our Holy See. Your love and love know very well how powerful our Holy See is on a global scale.” Pope Zeus said here. , Couldn’t help but smiled and said: “If you really become the servant of our Holy See, then you will have to do something for our Holy See. Of course, our Holy See will not let you do those things in vain, but It will give you more things. For example, we can provide you with all the resources that can be provided for chain repair, martial arts, medicinal materials, etc. Even, if you join a religion, I may be able to pass on the position of the Pope to you!”
“However, all of this is based on your agreement to marry Tiffany and your willingness to do things for the Holy See. If you do not want to marry Tiffany, or do not want to do things for the Holy See, then I will not tell you, the secrets of our Holy See. So, I hope you will think about it.” Pope Zeus said here, he took another look at Chen Feng and made a special point.
Chen Feng took a deep breath and said, “His Majesty the Pope, as I said before, in my eyes, Tiffany is a nearly perfect woman. It is my honor to be liked by her.”
“But there are many things in the world that can’t be solved by just liking.” Although Chen Feng wanted to know what exactly Pope Zeus wanted him to do, at this moment, he did suppress that curiosity.
He first praised Tiffany sincerely, and then his tone changed abruptly, saying: “So, thank the Pope and the saint for your kindness, but I can’t agree to marry the saint as a wife.”
what? !
Stunned to hear what Chen Feng said, the face of Saint Tiffany suddenly changed. As if she had been sentenced to death suddenly, she raised her head in panic and looked at Chen Feng in disbelief, feeling as if she was asking: Why?
Pope Zeus’s face suddenly sank: “Chen Feng, in my opinion, you are a wise man. You should know very well what the words I just said to you mean, once you marry Tiffany as your wife If you do, what you get will be unthinkable. In addition to the power of our Holy See, you will also get countless martial arts chain resources. With these resources, you will have a high chance of becoming the highest in the world in the future. Become one of the strongest in the world.”
“So, I hope you think about it again and take back your previous answer.”
Pope Zeus is not an ordinary person after all, so he quickly recovered from his previous astonishment. In his opinion, Chen Feng really had no reason to reject him.
Even if Chen Feng looks down on Tiffany, Chen Feng should not reject the Holy See, because the Holy See can bring to Chen Feng not only the monstrous power, but also the hope of becoming the world’s top powerhouse.
“His Majesty, I understand what you mean, and I also know that in terms of your status, you will never lie to me. If I promise to marry Tiffany as his wife, then mine can become the most powerful person on the planet. You can also become one of the strongest on this planet.” Chen Feng nodded gently. From beginning to end, he knew that the Pope would not fool him with these, but he also knew that what the Pope asked him to do absolutely Extraordinary.
After all, there is no such thing as a pie in the sky. Often, opportunities are accompanied by risks, so what the Pope asks him to do is definitely not easy.
“Then why are you rejecting me?” After the error, Tiffany couldn’t help but speak. In her opinion, Chen Feng really didn’t have any reason to reject her.
“Is it because you don’t like me, or you don’t like me?” Tiffany couldn’t help asking again.
“No, no, no, I repeat, I did not compliment you before, but from the heart. And I also have a deep affection for you-you are the one who makes any man willing to marry back Be a wife’s woman!” Chen Feng shook his head, he didn’t want to hurt Tiffany because of his refusal.
In addition, as he said earlier, he had a very good impression of Tiffany.
“Then why do you refuse?”
Pope Zeus spoke again and went straight to the subject.
“Because I have a wife!” Chen Feng gave a concise and firm answer.
Hearing Chen Feng’s answer, Tiffany was stunned. Of course she knew that Chen Feng had a wife, but as far as she knew, Chen Feng’s wife was just a woman from a very ordinary small family in China. He is definitely not worthy of Chen Feng today.
“Your Excellency Chen Feng, I think your reason is a bit far-fetched. Tiffany and I both know that we have a wife, but we still said the same thing before. Do you know why?”
Without waiting for Chen Feng to speak, Pope Zeus said: “We believe that the union between you and your wife is an unequal game. She used to be unworthy of you, and now she is even less worthy of you. So as long as you want, you can get in touch with her at any time and remarry Tiffany as your wife.”
“Sorry, your majesty the Pope, I can’t do it.” Chen Feng shook his head slightly, and said again, with a low voice, but with a very firm tone, “My wife Xia Mengyao stayed with me at the lowest and most difficult time in my life Don’t give up, and unswervingly support everything I do, and give her life to me, so I will never let her down!”
“you sure?”
The Pope’s face became unsightly.
Obviously, he couldn’t imagine that Chen Feng would give up the power at his fingertips and another extremely beautiful and excellent woman for a woman, for the so-called love!
“OK.” Chen Feng answered directly.
Hearing Chen Feng’s words again, Tiffany’s face turned pale, and she lowered her head again, but she was no longer shy and nervous, but rather disappointed.
“Young man, I have to say that your choice and reason are completely beyond my expectations.” Pope Zeus spoke again. He sighed, and then said: “However, I still hope you can seriously consider it. A moment. At the same time, I also want to remind you that Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, and Hong Tianba are going to kill you, and most of them are outside the Vatican City at the moment. As long as you agree to marry Tiffany, the Holy See can help you resolve the crisis. , Can even help you kill them!”

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