Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 788

“My Pope’s implied meaning, if I don’t agree to marry Tiffany today, I am afraid I can’t leave this banquet room safely?”
Chen Feng’s face was stern. There was a little coldness in his eyes.
“No, young people from China, you misunderstood.” Pope Zeus shook his head, and said: “We have always been in a friendly relationship with China. Although there will be small nuisances from time to time, it is also for the younger generation. Practice and grow.”
The pope picked up the red wine on the table, poured himself a half glass, and then took the wine glass and said to Chen Feng: “You can treat me as a suggestion from the elders to the younger ones.”
As soon as the words fell, the pope took a toast and said to Chen Feng, “You know, before you came to me, Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and Hong Tianba hated you so much. Eat your flesh and sleep your skin. But because Zach is here, they dare not do anything to you. However, if you refuse to marry Tiffany, then our Holy See will treat you as despising our Holy See and thinking that we are worthy of the Holy See. If you are not the first person of the younger generation, even if our Holy See and China have a friendly relationship, I have no choice but to arrange for a knight to send you away after the banquet is over.”
Pope Zeus increased his tone in the two “Knights”, implying that Chen Feng would not escort Pezac away safely.
“Ho ho, why does this elder’s advice to the younger generation sound so harsh?”
Chen Feng’s face became quite ugly. At this moment he fell into an embarrassing situation.
He wasn’t afraid that the three of Miyamoto Takeno would retaliate against him, but what he wanted to do to ensure that the friendly relationship between China and the Holy See would not be damaged, and he could refuse this marriage?
“Although the words are a bit crude, it’s a fact!” Pope Zeus slowly said as if he was appalling Chen Feng: “Without our Holy See, you might have been caught by them after you left the banquet hall. What’s wrong with being caught by them? I won’t talk about the end, you know too.”
Chen Feng sighed softly.
“Thank you for the kindness of your honorable Pope. It’s getting late, and it’s not appropriate for juniors to continue to bother, and come visit again if you have the opportunity.”
Chen Feng’s tone was neither overbearing nor overbearing, and thanked the Pope with his fists, then turned and left.
“Oh, young man, do you know what it means to leave? It means that you will lose a stunning beauty, that you will lose the power under one person and above ten thousand people, and it means that you will lose the power to enter in one breath. The opportunity of this world’s top powerhouse means that you will lose your precious life.”
Pope Zeus said four meanings in one breath, each of which was like a heavy hammer, slamming Chen Feng’s heart fiercely.
However, Chen Feng turned a deaf ear and walked out of the banquet hall without looking back.
Pope Zeus didn’t know. When he said that, Chen Feng heard Xia Mengyao’s voice in his heart.
I believe in Chen Feng.

“How could this be? How could he make such an irrational decision?”
After Chen Feng turned and walked out of the banquet hall and left without hesitation, Tiffany finally asked, “How can someone like him who doesn’t know how to judge the situation and the situation can get to the present level?
Through Chen Fengzhe’s outstanding performance on the field, Tiffany believes that Chen Feng is not only outstanding in strength, but also has a mature outlook on the overall situation, and is a very wise man. However, Chen Feng’s performance just now shook her previous views. Because most people who are emotionally involved will only become the wedding dress of others on the road to the king.
Tiffany changed his previously lost and unwilling face, and his beautiful eyes seemed to burst into flames.
For so many years, her status and status as the Holy See’s saint is extremely noble. Countless young generations of enchanting Tianjiao wanted to win her favor at all costs.
No matter where she goes, there is always a voice of admiration and flattering. Even as long as she speaks, those suitors will work for her regardless of the consequences. All because she is the saint of the Holy See, the goddess in the eyes of the world.
It’s like Arthur who lost an arm and was defeated.
But Chen Feng rejected her fiercely. You know, this is the first time in her life that she has given up her respect and honor, lowered her posture, and proactively showed her affection to the first man. At that time, my heart was like a deer bumping into each other. She believes that Chen Feng is the future husband-in-law she wants.
However, Chen Feng rejected her on the grounds that she already had a fiancée. Doesn’t this mean that he is inferior to his fiancée? This excuse is terrible!
As a woman, a woman with a perfect appearance and body, how can she tolerate others to injure her own dignity equal to life.
“Oh! Tiffany, you are wrong. He is not unwise. This is what he truly deserves to be appreciated by others.”
Pope Zeus shook his head and looked at Tiffany who was sulking next to him with a doting look. Although it was for the benefit of the Holy See to marry Tiffany and Chen Feng, Tiffany was the one he had grown up since he was a child.
Tiffany continued to remain silent. Chen Feng’s words were deeply imprinted in her mind.
I will definitely get your heart and make you willing to marry me. Tiffany said to himself.
After a while, Tiffany asked Pope Zeus: “His Majesty the Pope, listen to what you just said to Chen Feng. Miyamoto Takeno from the East, Solo and Hong Tianba from the United States are all guarding outside. I want to wait for Chen Feng. After he walked out, he was intercepted, so what is the difference between him leaving the Vatican recklessly and giving performance to the god of death?”
“You have to ask him this question.”
Pope Zeus did not answer Tiffany’s question head-on, but stroked him, looking at the direction Chen Feng was leaving, the light in his eyes flashed.

Soon, Chen Feng walked outside from the banquet hall.
A guard stationed outside saw Chen Feng coming out, and quickly walked in front of Chen Feng and saluted Chen Feng: “Honorable Mr. Chen, the carriage is still waiting at the place where you got off. I will lead you there. .”
Chen Feng looked in the direction he had come, and the carriage was still the same one it had come.
Chen Feng turned his mind and said to the guard: “Just now I had a good conversation with your Pope and the saint. I ate a little bit before I knew it. Now I want to take a walk and digest.”
Chen Feng rubbed his stomach twice with his hands, as if he was eating well.
“But, can you please use the carriage for me to go back to the Vatican Hotel to get a meeting gift? It was so rushed, I forgot to prepare the meeting ceremony for His Majesty the Pope.”
“No problem! Honorable Mr. Chen.”
The guard felt a little awkward looking at Chen Feng as he was struggling. But Mr. Chen was a VIP specially invited by the Pope, so he did not dare to neglect and quickly agreed.
Chen Feng said thank you to the guard. Then the figure slowly faded, and finally disappeared in front of the guard’s eyes.
This scene stunned the guard. In retrospect, the guard did not go to the Vatican Hotel to receive the meeting ceremony as explained by Chen Feng, but reported the matter to his superiors.
At this time, Chen Feng continued to use his ingenious body skills to quickly pass the ancient buildings one after another until he was far away from the core building of the Holy See. His figure slowly emerged above a building.
Yes, Chen Feng did not leave Vatican City for the first time. Because he knew that he swaggered out of the Vatican City, waiting for him to be Miyamoto Takeno and the three of them violently chased and retaliated.
So he was waiting, waiting for the carriage to take him out of Vatican City before leaving. He wants to use the carriage to cover, and come to tune the tiger away from the mountain.
Watching the carriage slowly leave Vatican City, Chen Feng’s jaw slightly, his figure disappeared into the night again.

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