Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 790

The most frightening and disturbing part of all calculations is that Augustus also possesses genetic drugs that can induce genetic mutations in the human body. It is said that the human body can break through the shackles of the body, thereby gaining a higher level of evolution of life forms, allowing the early stage of the transformation Can have the strength close to the peak of the transformation realm.
It can be said that once this drug appears on a large scale, the pattern of the entire world will change.
At the same time, it also shows the danger of Augustus. He was a guy who caused headaches for all forces in the entire world.
Pope Zeus started to have a headache at this moment. The competition has just ended, and the heads of martial arts organizations around the world are preparing for a replacement, and the candidate is officially Luo Haotian. If Augustus had really come to Rome at this time, this would not be good news.
“Even so, but there is no reason for the three of Miyamoto Takeno not to do it? Shouldn’t it be better to do it? Don’t forget that Augustus’s disciple William also died in Chen Feng’s hands.” After the shock, Pope Zeus said Out of his own doubts, “Will Miyamoto Takeno find out that you are following Chen Feng in the dark, so you retreat?”
“It is indeed possible.” Zach said with a deep jaw, “Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, and Hong Tianba are all powerhouses who have been famous for many years, each with some unknown methods. It’s not surprising that I can detect that I am in the dark.”
“Or this is the best explanation,” Pope Zeus said slowly.
“Your Majesty the Pope.” Zach saluted the Pope, and then asked puzzledly: “Since Chen Feng has rejected your kindness from the Pope, why do you need my secret protection?”
“Three reasons,” the pope said.
“First, because of Luo Haotian. Chen Feng was invited by the Holy See to be a guest. If Chen Feng had an accident on the way back to the Vatican Hotel, you are Luo Haotian, what would you do? At this time, having a bad relationship with Luo Haotian is equivalent to having a bad relationship with Luo Haotian. In the Chinese martial arts world, we will only lose more than we gain. Besides, if something goes wrong in the scope of our Holy See, we can’t afford to lose face.”
“Second, because of Tiffany. Tiffany likes that kid very much, saying that he is stupid, but in his heart he is very worried. Our age is not too young, and the future world is the world of these young people. From Chen Feng in With the martial arts talent shown in the competition and the character of the banquet hall, I believe that in the near future, this kid will surely become famous and stand on the top of many strong people. At this time, our goodwill is only good for us, there is no harm.”
“As for the third point.” Pope Zeus paused and said, “I vaguely feel that this kid Chen Feng will fight Augustus in the future! So, I want to give this kid something while not making enemies. Help, by his hand, get rid of Augustus.”
As soon as the words fell, an astonishing light burst into the eyes of Pope Zeus.
Zach bent down slightly, lowered his head, and said nothing.

And in another place.
The three of Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and Hong Tianba were preparing to leave.
Hong Batian said suddenly, “I thought for a long time, but I still feel very wrong.”
Solo on the side asked Hong Batian, “What’s wrong?”
It turned out that when Chen Feng was invited to the dinner of Pope Zeus, the three of Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and Hong Batian felt the pressure from the Holy See. So they hurriedly called to contact the underground organization of the dark world, wanting to get help from the personnel of the underground organization of the dark world.
And the person that Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, and Hong Batian contacted was no one else, but Augustus’s henchman-Merlot.
But Merlot did not give any help to the three of Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, and Hong Batian, but instead warned the three of Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and Hong Batian.
“Master Augustus asked me to say a few words to you for him.”
Melo said: “First, our dark world organization will not join you and Chen Feng. Chen Feng is a guest specially invited by the Pope. If Chen Feng has anything to do on the way back and forth, it is tantamount to a severe blow. The face of the Holy See, although our dark world organization is not afraid of the Holy See, we don’t need to set up unnecessary enemies for ourselves, nor do we need to indirectly bear part of the anger of the Holy See for you.”
“Second, Chen Feng is now the champion of the world martial arts competition. If something happens to him at this time, it is also equivalent to slapped the faces of the leaders of the world martial arts organization. Moreover, the next world martial arts competition The person in charge of the organization is Luo Haotian. And what kind of person Luo Haotian is, I don’t need to elaborate on it, the three of you should be very clear.”
“Third, and the most important point, Chen Feng at this moment not only represents himself, but also represents China. You also know what this means.”
“So, if the three of you are able to withstand their anger, you should intercept Chen Feng.”
Before the three of Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and Hong Batian could respond, Melo ended the call.
Hong Batian groaned: “Now try to recall what Merlot said just now. On the contrary, I feel that Merlot is expressing to me on the surface that their Dark World Organization does not want to take the risk of intercepting Chen Feng this time. They refused to participate. However, looking at it conversely, their dark world organization did not participate. It is impossible for the three of us to do anything within the sphere of influence of the Holy See. Relatively speaking, is this a kind of little bastard Chen Feng? Disguised protection?”
Solo asked in a puzzled way: “This is not right! Augustus’s disciple William also died in the hands of that little bastard Chen Feng. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t stop us, but help us instead.”
Miyamoto Takeno interjected at this time: “Solo’s words are correct. Even if the Dark World Organization participates this time, it should not be affected. It will only be the forces behind the three of us. Once the Dark World Organization is involved, then Just a major event in the martial arts world that has set off the entire world, if you are not careful, one of them will fall forever.”
Hong Batian: “Yes, because of this, even Luo Haotian will not dare to act rashly in the next martial arts organization. But this is exactly what I can’t understand. What is the reason for the dark world organization? Becomes so abnormal.”
“It’s useless to say anything now. We have missed the best time to intercept Chen Feng’s little bastard.” Solo shook his head unwillingly. “Let’s go, we need to save our lives now, otherwise Luo Haotian tomorrow morning. When we arrive, the three of us cannot escape.”
Takeno Miyamoto looked gloomy and said viciously, “As long as we find the opportunity, we will surely let that little bastard Chen Feng shatter the body.”
Hong Batian and Solo also showed evil looks.
It seemed that Chen Feng was already a dead person in their eyes.

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