Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 793

Chen Feng nodded and said that he knew this very well.
Just yesterday, Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, and Hong Tianba all wanted to intercept and kill him on his way to and from the banquet hall of Pope Zeus. I can think of it with my toes, how those enemies want to kill me as soon as possible.
“Are you afraid?” Luo Haotian asked.
“Fear of a hammer!”
Luo Hao Tian Yi E.
“When climbing a mountain, when you encounter a landslide on the mountain, you run forward with your head in your hands. The chance of death is as high as 90%. However, if you can overcome the fear in your heart when facing danger and raise your head, Looking directly at the rolling boulder and making the quickest judgment, the body can make an effective dodge response, in a mortal situation, to find a chance for himself.” Chen Feng’s eyes were firm, his face was not afraid, and his tone was sonorous: ” Counseling is a lifetime. When any crisis comes, being afraid will only increase your chances of meeting the god of death.”
“Hahaha, this is not wrong at all.” Luo Haotian laughed.
After gracious praise, Luo Haotian reminded Chen Feng: “You have a very good mentality, but you are not afraid of returning. The danger has not been eliminated, so you have to beware. If you are not careful, you may have to go. Brother Ye Nantian’s footsteps. And your current aura is more dazzling than your brother Ye Nantian back then, so you are likely to die because of this.
“To tell you the truth, after leaving the rules and regulations of the game, I did not dare to ask me to face those enemies. If you want to kill me, you can, but they must also be prepared to be killed by me.” Chen at this time Feng looked confident.
“I learned some of your deeds from others. I know that you have extremely rich knowledge of survival and experience in terrifying field combat. However, this does not guarantee that you can survive under their siege. After all, it is overwhelming. In the face of strength, skills will appear pale and weak.”
Luo Haotian paused and said, “But, I have a way to protect you.”
“President Luo, please make it clear.” Chen Feng said.
Luo Haotian said directly: “Join a martial arts organization.”
“With the protection of the martial arts organization, no matter which force is the enemy, they dare not act rashly. You will be scrupulous because you are a member of the martial arts organization.”
“Indeed, the martial arts organization can protect my safety. But, those who only kill me, will they still worry about the martial arts organization? I don’t think so. Otherwise, I was back then. Senior brother, there will be no accident.” Chen Feng slowly said: “Moreover, this identity is a kind of restraint for me who is used to freedom.”
Before Luo Haotian could speak, Chen Feng continued: “On the way of martial arts, only by experiencing the baptism of blood and fire can you be diligent. Only in this way can you have the opportunity to ask the summit. At that time, I will be qualified to be my senior. revenge.”
When Ye Nantian’s hatred was mentioned, Chen Feng’s aura changed and became fierce, like a sharp, peerless sword.
Luo Haotian sighed, “It seems that you won’t join a martial arts organization.”
Although Luo Haotian’s tone expressed disappointment, his eyes were very pleased.
“To be honest, I don’t want you to join a martial arts organization.”
Luo Haotian said sternly: “As you said just now, without the baptism of blood and fire, humans will not become stronger. It is like an animal domesticated by humans. Although it has been protected, it lacks survival. After training, I lost the bloody nature that had been integrated into my bones. In the end, I can only end up with a sad end that becomes a delicacy on other people’s tables.”
“Chairman Luo, thank you for your understanding and affirmation.” Chen Feng thanked Luo Haotian.
“Well, let me talk about the rewards of martial arts organizations around the world for your championship this time.” Luo Haotian said suddenly.
reward? Chen Feng said to himself. Could it be some genius treasure or martial arts mentality?
While Chen Feng was still thinking in secret, Luo Haotian said in a deep voice: “Tomorrow at noon, I will become the president of the martial arts organization of the world. After I take office, a new rule will be promulgated immediately-worldwide, It is strictly forbidden for martial artists to act against ordinary people, and it is also strictly forbidden for martial artists to involve grievances among innocent people around them, otherwise they will be arrested by martial arts organizations around the world, and then martial arts cultivation will be abolished!”
Chen Feng was ecstatic. He knew very well what this new regulation meant to him.
“This new regulation will take effect immediately after it is promulgated. By then, you will no longer worry about your relatives and friends being affected for your own reasons. This is the regulation that I came to after discussing with the martial arts organizations around the world. This is also our reward for you to win the championship of the world martial arts organization competition this time!” Luo Haotian said with a smile.
“Thank you, President Luo.” Chen Feng stood up suddenly and bowed to Luo Haotian to express his gratitude.
Luo Haotian sighed and said, “Xiaofeng, you don’t have to thank me. What happened to your brother Ye Nantian back then was a shame in our Chinese martial arts world. The promulgation of this new regulation also hopes to help reduce your worries. You can walk through the baptism of blood and fire that you said, and after reaching the top of the martial arts, find out the group of people who designed to besiege your brother, and avenge your brother Ye Nantian.”
Luo Haotian looked at Chen Feng with anticipation.
“President Luo, please rest assured, I will definitely find those people back then and personally avenge the brothers.” Chen Feng responded to Luo Haotian with a particularly firm tone.
This is not only a promise to Luo Haotian, but also a promise he made to repay his senior brother Ye Nantian.

Within China.
Yanjing Chen family.
Not long ago, people in the Chen family had learned about Chen Feng’s victory in the world martial arts organization competition.
The moon quietly climbed into the night sky.
The depths of the Chen Family Courtyard. Chen Boyong was standing in front of the study window, and the Grand Canal was beyond the far window. The lights on both sides of the river were brilliant, and the night was bright. However, at this time, he had no intention of admiring the scenery, his frowning brows wrinkled into a word Sichuan, his face was low and gloomy. From time to time, thick smoke was exhaled from his mouth.
The ashtray was full of cigarette butts. Thick smoke surrounds the entire study room, and will not disperse for a long time. It seems to want to hide something.
After returning home, Chen Boyong had already smoked a box of cigarettes. Half of the second box has now been drawn.
While smoking, Chen Boyong recalled what happened to their family during this period. First, his son Chen Yingcai had a promising future, but because of Chen Feng’s appearance, his career was ruined. And his poor daughter, whose legs were broken by force by Chen Feng, is now forced to be sent to a mental hospital for treatment.

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