Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 795

Jing Yunfeng exhaled a long breath: “Whether it was out of the Chen family’s request or blamed on Xiao Teng’s death, our Jing family had no choice when facing Chen Feng. Fight with him to the end. See if Chen Feng died first or our Jing family collapsed first
Jing Yunlin, who had not spoken at this time, suddenly interrupted: “Brother, Chen Feng, that little bastard defeated many young generations outside of China, and won the championship of the world martial arts organization competition, making the entire Chinese martial arts world stand in front of the world. Before, with the blessing of this glory halo, it can be said that Chen Feng is the darling of the entire Chinese martial arts world. If we choose to do it at this sensitive time, our entire Jing family will be the enemy of the entire Chinese martial arts world! First, even if we can kill Chen Feng, our Jing family will no longer exist in China!”
Jing Yunfeng nodded and looked at everyone present: “Yunlin, I also considered what you said just now. That’s why I summoned everyone here. I hope everyone can come up with some wonderful ideas. While it can kill Chen Feng, it can also store our Jing family.”
“What’s more, Chen Boyong promised me just now that as long as our Jing family can kill Chen Feng’s little bastard, their Chen family will save our Jing family with all their strength.” Jing Yunfeng added.
Jing Yunlin tentatively asked again: “Brother, are we only left with such an endless situation.”
“Yes.” Murderous intent emerged from Jing Yunfeng’s body, “He died, our Jing family will survive; he lives, our Jing family no longer exists.”
The door of the bathroom was opened with a “crash”. Chen Feng took a towel and wiped the drops of water from his hair, and walked out of the steam-filled bathroom leisurely.
It’s been a long time since I took a bath in such a relaxing and comfortable way. During the game, the mind and body have been in a tight state, and they have to face the upcoming life and death crisis at any time.
So after coming back, Chen Feng went to the bathroom for the first time and took a nice hot bath comfortably.
“Om!” “Om!”
As soon as Chen Feng sat down on the sofa, the phone beside him made a vibrating sound.
Picking up the phone and looking at it, it was a message from Lin Wanqiu.
After opening the message box, a melon-eating emoji that was magnified several times popped up, followed by Lin Wanqiu’s words: “Master of martial arts, I heard that you shine in martial arts competitions all over the world. When will you return to China to tell the little girl about your bravery?”
Chen Feng was taken aback when he saw the content of the information, and then quickly relieved. Although he did not tell Lin Wanqiu that he was going to participate in the world martial arts organization competition. But with Lin Wanqiu’s identity and status, it is not difficult to know such a thing.
Chen Feng tapped on the screen of his phone, and soon returned Lin Wanqiu’s information: What are you doing when you came back this evening?
Before Chen Feng put down the phone, the phone vibrated again.
I go! Is this Xiao Nizi answering in seconds? Wouldn’t it be squatting on me with a mobile phone?
When I opened the information box, I saw the expression of a pitiful little cat with aggrieved expression.
Lin Wanqiu: “Why didn’t you tell me when you came back? Would you like to come over for a drink?”
Chen Feng replied to Lin Wanqiu: Positioning and sending me, I am past now.
Lin Wanqiu returned the information in seconds again, and the location was a music bar called Yue Fei.
Yue Fei Bar, a music bar located in downtown Yanjing. The geographical position is very superior, the traffic is very convenient, and it has its own parking lot.
After night falls, there will be no vacant parking space in the parking lot at the entrance of Yuefei Bar, where all kinds of luxury cars and limited custom sports cars are parked.
One can imagine the popularity of its business.
Different from our usual night clubs, Yue Fei Bar is a pure music bar, which focuses on music and mood, and is very particular about style. On the first floor of Yuefei Bar, there are all decks inside, while the second and third floors are open card holders.
Lin Wanqiu was sitting at the deck on the first floor at this time. With her are three of her classmates.
One of Lin Wanqiu’s classmates had his birthday today. After dinner, the four of them saw that it was still early, so they discussed and decided to come to the nearby Yuefei Bar for a drink and listen to music.
When they went out today, they all dressed up carefully, put on an exquisite makeup, put on sexy and beautiful skirts, and changed their previous solemnity. At this moment, they have added a feminine beauty.
Especially Lin Wanqiu.
Today, she is wearing a tight purple V-neck jumpsuit wrap dress, tightly tightening her amazing figure, a pair of twin peaks that are ready to emerge, as thin as a small waist with only a grip, The delicate buttocks that are slightly tilted up make people can’t help but think of them. The black hair draped vertically on the shoulders like a waterfall, clear and bright pupils, curved willow eyebrows, long eyelashes trembling slightly, white and flawless skin revealing a light pink, thin lips as delicate as rose petals Want to drop.
If the four women are compared to a beautiful landscape, then Lin Wanqiu is the most eye-catching place on this landscape. In the bar, Lin Wanqiu is like a candle in the dark night, seductive and fatal, attracting countless men to come forward to strike up a conversation, invite to join the table or give away wine.
But they were all rejected by Lin Wanqiu sitting here! Without exception, they ate behind closed doors.
A girl suddenly saw Lin Wanqiu smirking with her mobile phone, and asked, “Wanqiu, won the lottery? Why did she stupidly cheer with her mobile phone?”
The other two girls also reacted, staring at Lin Wanqiu suspiciously. Could it be true that you won the jackpot?
Because before eating, Lin Wanqiu’s mood didn’t seem too high, and she looked a little depressed. After arriving at the bar, I ordered a bottle of red wine and drank there. Don’t chat too much.
However, Lin Wanqiu now looks like a different person, with an unconcealable smile on her face. The three girls felt that Lin Wanqiu was so happy that she was about to run out of water.
Lin Wanqiu’s friend also deliberately pulled out two tissues from the paper box on the desk, and symbolically wiped Lin Wanqiu’s chin.
“Oh, no, it’s… it’s mine. My friends are coming to find me.” Lin Wanqiu looked at them with surprised eyes, and said with embarrassment.
“Oh, I’m not in the female college.”
“Just now I looked like a bitter woman, but now I look like a silly white sweet, the magic of love is really amazing!”
“Dog food is still dog food. Dog food is everywhere. It’s a big bowl of dog food. No, I have to slaughter your boyfriend severely tonight. Who told you to forcibly stuff dog food in my mouth.”
The three girls were arguing with Lin Wanqiu one after another, but they were full of curiosity. What kind of man was the man who could fascinate Miss Lin.

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