Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 797

But after all, this place is full of people, Jia Dong still held back his anger and said in a low voice.
“Miss, you may not know who I am? For the sake of face, my friends are not ordinary people. Knowing and knowing is always good for you.”
Lin Wanqiu didn’t even want to look at the other person. She had seen this kind of stubborn boy. It was just a difference in family status, but it was relying on the family’s power to dominate the blessing, and it was just a slap in the face.
“Sorry, we still have to celebrate, can you please avoid it?” After she finished speaking, she turned around without looking at the other party.
“Good, good. Very good.”
Jia Dong lost such a face and said a few good things in a row. The wine glass in his hand made a creaking sound. It is not difficult to see that he is now extremely angry.
“We will definitely meet again, and it will be soon.”
After speaking, he returned upstairs with an angry face.
“Wanqiu, is this really all right? That guy doesn’t look like an ordinary person.”
Lin Wanqiu’s friend was a little worried and asked with concern.
Lin Wanqiu didn’t care.
“It’s okay, I see a lot of this kind of guy.”
Looking at Lin Wanqiu as if she was really not worried at all, the rest of the people felt a little relieved.
But Jia Dong, who is also drinking there, is different.
“Why, is it useless for Young Master Jia to go out? This is not like Jia Shao’s usual style!”
Jia Dong sat down and muttered to himself with an unhappy expression.
“Bitch, I must let you know that I, Jia Dong, is not annoying.”
After speaking, he looked at Chen Yingcai.
“Shao Chen, can you lend me some people? I’m useful.”
Chen Yingcai was also taken aback. He knew what Jia Dong meant when he heard Jia Dong’s borrowing.
“Jia Shao wants to use strong ones? This is Yanjing. I advise you to not be too presumptuous.”
“Will Chen Shao want to, I called and transferred a few people from the northeast, at most tonight.”
Huayu didn’t want to make a fuss either. After such an incident, the family also asked him to keep a low profile, so she persuaded him.
“Shao Jia, aren’t they just a few women? I’ll take you to Huaqing Lake in two days. The chicks there are absolutely top quality. I’m afraid that Jia Shao won’t even be able to lift his legs.”
With that, he laughed lustfully.
Jia Dong didn’t care, and said to Chen Yingcai.
“In the Northeast, I, Jia Dong, have never felt this kind of anger. If I can’t make these chicks properly today, I’m embarrassed to return to the Northeast. Chen Shao, you can handle this. Don’t go too far. , Just six or seven people.”
Having said that, Chen Yingcai wanted to refuse any more, but it was really ugly to Jia Dong. He was unwilling to offend the son of the Northeast King, and lightly agreed.
“All right, I will arrange things for Jia Shao. But after all, this is Yanjing, don’t make too much trouble.”
After Chen Yingcai finished speaking, Jia Dong happily picked up the wine bottle and poured it on Chen Yingcai.
“Shao Chen, give face, next time I go to the northeast, I will entertain you. Make sure you don’t think about Shu, no, don’t think about Beijing, haha.”
After two or three glasses of good wine, the atmosphere heated up again.
There was nothing wrong for a while, but Lin Wanqiu suddenly stood up and waved to the door of the bar, very enthusiastic, which was completely different from the attitude he had just treated Jia Dong.
They noticed that Lin Wanqiu and Jia Dong were looking in the direction that Lin Wanqiu was looking. A guy who was dressed in ordinary clothes, perhaps not more than two hundred yuan, was walking towards Lin Wanqiu with a smile.
“This guy is that woman’s concubine? What kind of guy I thought it would be. But a poor boy.”
Jia Dong said viciously.
But Chen Yingcai and Hua Yu recognized Chen Feng and were surprised.
“How could it be him?”
“Why, Shao Chen knows him?”
Chen Yingcai was very helpless, how could he not recognize Chen Feng, even if it turned into ashes, he would recognize it.
However, the losses they suffered in Chen Feng’s hands were not small.
As he was thinking, Chen Feng had already walked to Lin Wanqiu’s side, and the two of them said something intimately, and they also joked and laughed with several other women before sitting down.
This evoked the anger in Jia Dong’s heart even more.
“Fuck, bitch.”
After cursing, he asked again.
“Shao Chen, who is that guy?”
Before Chen Yingcai could talk about it, Huayu began to explain their grievances with Chen Feng.
After hearing Huayu’s complaint, Jia Dong clenched his fists, his complexion flushed, as if he had been wronged, angrily said.
“I went to his uncle, so he dare to be presumptuous in front of Young Master Chen. I will go down and teach him a lesson for Young Master Chen.
With that, he was about to stand up, but Hua Yu stopped him.
“Don’t, you may not know his strength yet. This guy is good at martial arts, and he is also very powerful.”
Huayu doesn’t know much about Chen Feng’s strength either, only knows that Chen Feng is a bit powerful, and it’s not a problem to hit three or four.
Jia Dong sneered.
“Hmph, what’s wrong with martial arts, I’m still worried about not being able to find an opponent, my hands are itchy!”
Chen Yingcai didn’t expect Jia Dong to be a martial artist, but he didn’t know what his skill was, and he was still a little scared, but thought that whether Jia Dong wins or loses, Chen Feng and Jia Dong can’t deal with it.
However, if the Northeast King was able to deal with Chen Feng with them, he could have a little more chance of winning, and he was solemnly against Jia Dongdao.
“Then Shao Jia, your brother’s grievance is all up to you.”
Jia Dong also wanted to get closer to Chen Yingcai, so naturally he agreed.
“This matter is on my body, so don’t worry, Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng, who was talking intimately with Lin Wanqiu, was patted on the shoulder. He looked back, and a big five and three rough guy was looking at him disdainfully.
But he didn’t know each other.
Lin Wanqiu noticed that it was this guy again, not having a good temper.
“What are you here again? You are not welcome here.”
Jia Dong ignored Lin Wanqiu, only said to Chen Feng.
“You are Chen Feng?”
Listening to Lin Wanqiu’s tone, Chen Feng knew that this guy had offended Lin Wanqiu, and his attitude was not so polite.
Said coldly.
“You provoke Wanqiu?”
“It turns out that this beautiful lady is called Wanqiu, which is really a nice name. It’s just like her appearance.”
He looked at Wanqiu with aggression in his eyes, and when he looked at the person exceptionally uncomfortable, Lin Wanqiu avoided his sight even more disgustingly.
Chen Feng is already in front of Lin Wanqiu, but Jia Dong won’t make any further progress.
Not much to say, he swept across the ashtray on the table without leaving a trace, and hit the opponent’s knee.
Unexpectedly, Jia Dong was prepared for a long time, he stepped back and dodged.
“I don’t know how to let you do it?”
After that, the four fingers formed a hook, like a falcon, to catch prey.
Chen Feng knew it, no wonder he dared to step forward like this, because he had practiced before.

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