Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 798

But practiced is just practiced.
He glanced briefly, Jia Dong’s strength was not as good as that of An Jin’s early days, and he didn’t even have any interest in shooting.
Chen Feng smiled.
“I give you a hand, if you can make me take a step back, I will let you go today.”
Jia Dong has never been so wronged before, and the words in his ear are no less than the slap in his face.
“Bullish guy, today I let you know how powerful my Northeast fake lion is.”
“Fake lion, I think it’s a poodle.”
Listening to Chen Feng’s joking, even Lin Wanqiu laughed.
It was already a little shameful, but now it is even more shameful in front of a woman, and if the look in his eyes can kill, maybe Chen Feng has been pierced through by Jia Dong’s eyes.
The movements in his hands were condensed. Although An Jin looked too immature in Chen Feng’s early days, it was hard work.
It’s just that the bottom plate is vain and the whole body is flawed, Chen Feng only glanced at it, there were as many as seven or eight places.
Jia Dong was about to do something, when someone stopped him.
“Jia Shao, why be familiar with such a poor ghost! Look at him dressed up, maybe he can’t even afford a good watch in this life. You don’t think it dirty your hands with him.”
Following the voice, Chen Feng looked over.
That guy is indeed a talent, not to mention the famous brand on his body, Vacheron Constantin, who was deliberately exposed on his wrist, should have two money.
Chen Feng doesn’t like watches, but Vacheron Constantin still knows this.
“How, do you know?”
Seeing Chen Feng’s eyes on his favorite watch, the man asked with a sneer.
Chen Feng nodded, he thought it was too long for him to leave China, and even the guys who didn’t know there didn’t recognize him.
Although he is generally low-key, he doesn’t think that Hua Yu and Chen Ying, who are standing on the third floor and looking downstairs, will not recognize him.
When he first came in, he hadn’t noticed yet, but when Jia Dong came to make trouble, if he couldn’t notice the line of sight he was looking at, then his cultivation level would really be trained on the dog.
“I still underestimated you. This watch is not easy for ordinary people to see. It took me a lot of effort to get them to make a custom-made one. I paid three million for the deposit. Well, you may not know how much it is, maybe Just the price of a sports car.”
That person really regarded Chen Feng as a hillbilly.
Jia Dong was amused by the man standing aside, laughing haha.
Lin Wanqiu was not happy anymore. The man she liked was ridiculed in this way, it was no different from her own humiliation.
The originally gentle woman stood up directly when she saw her lover’s humiliation.
“It’s just a watch.”
Lin Wanqiu showed her wrist, there was a Patek Philippe ladies watch.
Patek Philippe, known as the “king of the watch”, is the only one in the watch, although like Vacheron Constantin, it is an unattainable existence in the watch.
But Patek Philippe’s recent actions have made the famous watch as a luxury item even more advanced.
The man who came by was very knowledgeable about watch research, and he was surprised when he glanced at it.
“How is it possible for Patek Philippe special models? This is not just a limited edition watch king.”
He hurried over and asked Lin Wanqiu for a while.
“Miss, how did you get this watch?”
“I remember this should be a specially customized model by the British royal family? Ordinary people can’t buy this kind of watch even if they have a relationship with Patek Philippe.”
Jia Dong heard the exclamation of the old acquaintance, and he didn’t expect the watch in his hand to have such a background for this inconspicuous woman.
Although there may be millions of watches, if he wants it, it doesn’t matter if he buys a few pieces to carry on his hand. But I heard that it is only a watch that can be customized by the British royal family. Even if he has the money, he can’t buy it. .
“Are you kidding me?”
Jia Dong still didn’t believe it, and asked quietly beside his old acquaintance.
But that old acquaintance didn’t have time to pay attention to Jia Dong at all. He liked watches and studied watches, but he did not have the opportunity to contact all famous watches.
Lin Wanqiu’s golden ladies’ wristwatch was pinned to his wrist. He had only seen it in a magazine, but even so, he recognized it at first sight.
Lin Wanqiu smiled at Chen Feng, and leaned closer to Chen Feng.
With such a woman with temperament and money, she has face in every way.
Lin Wanqiu thought so.
At this time Jia Dongzheng wanted to take a closer look at the unique watch, but Lin Wanqiu pulled down the sleeve to cover the watch.
Jia Dong looked at Lin Wanqiu again, but the sensation in his eyes did not dissipate because of the precious watch. Even compared to just now, he was a little impatient to look forward to tomorrow.
“Miss, you…”
“It’s not interesting, but even if it’s worthless, I don’t want to be seen by insignificant people.”
Jia Dong couldn’t even say anything, what cruel words he wanted to leave behind, but in front of absolute strength, the more he said, the more vulnerable he appeared.
On the contrary, that hatred was not too much on Lin Wanqiu, he glared at Chen Feng, which made Chen Feng a little inexplicable.
However, after such a fight, it was a bit unable to fight, otherwise Chen Feng wanted to teach him a lesson with one hand.
“We have met in mountains and rivers, next time we meet, I hope you can laugh so happily.”
After speaking, Jia Dong took his old acquaintance to the third floor.
Chen Feng also raised his head and smiled at Chen Yingcai and Hua Yu who looked here.
It’s like saying that he expects the two of them to come down to trouble him in person.
But as soon as their eyes made contact, the two guys retreated with guilty conscience.
The anger in their hearts couldn’t be suppressed, and the loss they could eat made them afraid to venture in. They could only wait for those desperate guys from the Jing family to give some strength and kill Chen Feng.
“Shao Jia, who is this?”
When Jia Dong walked back to the third floor with his acquaintances, Hua Yu asked.
“Oh, two brothers, you probably don’t know him well, this is the son of the leader of the Northeast War League, Wang Xuedao.”
“You are Wang Luobing’s son, the invincible war alliance leader in the Northeast.”
Hua Yu said in surprise.
“This Northeast Invincible may have to be changed. My father is coming to Yanjing in the past two days. No one in the Northeast can beat him.”
This said, as if Wang Luobing had already beaten the entire Yanjing.
However, Wang Luobing’s name was not blown. After 20 or 30 years, the Northeast is the most powerful place in China. The Northeast Invincible entered the pass, and maybe the name really needs to be changed.
Chen Yingcai didn’t like such a disdainful guy, but suddenly thought that if Wang Luobing could teach Chen Feng a lesson, he would be happy to comment.
So I picked up the wine glass and gave it to Wang Xuedao, and then it also arrived to Jia Dong, and I had to say something when I raised the glass.

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