Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 799

It seems that Wang Xuedao also knows Chen Yingcai, and when the young master of the Chen family raises his glass to toast, he is a little apprehensive, and hurriedly took it, his tone of voice is calmer.
“Chen Shao, I also asked Yanjing Chen Shao’s name earlier, but I never had the chance. I happened to see him here today. It was really fate. I did this glass of wine. Chen Shao is casual.”
After speaking, he raised his head and drank directly.
Seeing Wang Xuedao’s boldness, Chen Yingcai was not to be outdone.
“Brother Wang is really proud, I have done this cup too.”
He also did the same, with a cup bottoming out.
These young and old gathered together to win over each other, seeking some practical benefits. Now that there is an invincible young man in the Northeast, it is nothing bad.
Pushing the cup and changing the cup in the field temporarily put Chen Feng’s dissatisfaction aside for the time being.
After drinking for three rounds, Chen Yingcai asked Wang Xuedao.
“Young Master Wang, this Yanjing is no better than the northeast, at the feet of the emperor, at the root of the imperial city, if Uncle Wang comes here, you can’t be careless.”
But Wang Xuedao didn’t care at all by his wine.
“The old man’s kung fu has become more vigorous. The shit boxing and swordsmanship in the Northeast has nothing to do with them. When I came to Yanjing this time, there are people who are more powerful than those in the Northeast?”
“Brother, it’s not that I’m talking big, there are people outside this person, there are heaven outside the sky, but you still have to believe it. Let’s just say that there are many good players in the Yanjing War League. By counting, it can be regarded as the leader of the war alliance and several deputy leaders… .”
Before Chen Yingcai finished speaking, Wang Xuedao dismissed it.
“Hmph, just the few old ones, the old man fought against them three or four years ago, they are all the guys who don’t want to use them.”
He had a satiated burp.
Chen Yingcai was overjoyed when he heard that Wang Luobing had actually defeated the people of the Yanjing League, so if Wang Luobing was really asked to deal with Chen Feng, his winning rate would increase by a few points.
“It turns out that Northeast Invincible has already worked with the Central Plains Martial Arts early, this is really ignorant of me, brother, I have done this glass of wine.”
Two or three more cups were finished. Although there were no women, Chen Yingcai didn’t care anymore. He won the Northeast Invincible. This is more important than anything else.
On the other side, after celebrating Lin Wanqiu’s friend’s birthday, the two also leaned on each other and walked out of the Yuefei Bar. Seeing them leaving, Jia Dong looked like a fire on the third floor platform secretly.
He spoke to Chen Yingcai and left first.
Chen Yingcai knew what he was going to do, but now he had more important people to woo him, so he didn’t care what he was going to do.
After leaving the Yue Fei bar, the two people who hadn’t seen each other for a long time naturally had a lot to say.
“Do you miss me?”
Squeezing the weak boneless hand in his hand, Chen Feng asked sweetly.
“No! I didn’t miss you.”
“Really not?”
Chen Feng showed a somewhat disappointed expression.
“Well, it’s not completely absent. I just thought about it a little bit. Just a little bit. Don’t think too much.”
As if afraid of Chen Feng’s disappointment, Lin Wanqiu hurriedly changed her words.
“I have been thinking of you all the time, day and night, as long as I am free, I will be thinking of you.”
After being confessed so directly, Lin Wanqiu didn’t know how to parry for a while.
“How can this be, I…I.”
But before Lin Wanqiu said anything, a big mouth was already attached to her small mouth. The smell made her more confused than alcohol. Even though she was standing on a street corner, even pedestrians passing by could see them.
But now she doesn’t even have any scruples, and she can’t extricate herself from the unique taste of Chen Feng.
They kissed each other for a long time before letting go.
But Lin Wanqiu felt that there was some emptiness that was suddenly lost.
Chen Feng nodded her nose and chuckled lightly.
“Little glutton, I still want it!”
“Um! No, I don’t want to, I don’t want to.”
She had just finished responding and felt that this was too shameless, and hurriedly changed her words.
She had never been so embarrassed in everything with Chen Feng before, but I don’t know why the relationship between the two got closer after Chen Feng returned to China. She seemed to lose her mind all of a sudden, always inexplicably shy.
“Okay, let’s go back, but it was seen by many people here.”
Lin Wanqiu finally realized that the two of them were just standing on the corner of the street, and when she thought of the two of them just now, her face flushed.
It’s a good thing, but there are always people who don’t have eyesight.
Someone stopped them.
Seeing the guy who took the lead, Chen Feng smiled.
“What’s the matter, poodle, I didn’t get any bones inside. This is coming to me for it.”
With seven or eight thugs coming from Chen Yingcai, Jia Dong was furious when he saw the kiss between Chen Feng and Chen Feng.
“When you die, you don’t know it, so what’s wrong with making you laugh for a while. A poor boy, even if you know some skills, but without the chain washing of the treasures of heaven, material and earth, you just start from the mother’s womb. Chain, you won’t be stronger than Lao Tzu.”
Jia Dong grinned fiercely.
Chen Feng smiled too.
It is indeed very expensive to polish bones and muscles, that is, those rare medicinal materials, some of which are not easy to buy with money.
But these are just for ordinary martial arts like Jia Dong, and they don’t apply to him.
“It seems that you are very confident in yourself. I have no money, but my woman is rich! If I have been with her since I was a child, then I can’t get any treasures.”
Chen Feng was just joking, but Jia Dong glanced at Lin Wanqiu, the watch on her wrist, the dress, and the shoulder bag she carried, if she told Chen Feng, money is really nothing.
Jia Dong is naturally not a fool, how could he believe it.
“Stop your damn nonsense, when Lao Tzu beats you up as a mother, I will see if you laugh or not.”
He learned lion claw kung fu, a family-renowned kung fu, starting with his hand, he rushed over like a lion bite.
Chen Feng remained motionless, with a calm face, and said softly to Lin Wanqiu.
“You first come to the side and wait, it will be fine in a while.”
Just like fighting, Chen Feng dared to take out the gap to talk to Lin Wanqiu, Jia Dong naturally became angry after being underestimated, but Chen Feng also showed his flaws, and he followed Chen Feng’s intention to prepare to beat him to the ground.
Lin Wanqiu heard Chen Feng’s order and glanced at him, and naturally took two steps back with confidence and distanced herself from them.
At this moment Jia Dong is already close, his fingers are hooked, and he is aiming at Chen Feng’s throat. If he succeeds, it will be killed by a single blow, and his intentions are vicious, which can be seen.
But two fingers fell three centimeters in front of his throat and it was difficult to get in, where one hand held his two fingers.
There was no time to think about why Chen Feng reacted so quickly. He knew instinctively that he was going to retreat, but when he was about to stop, there was a crackling sound in his mind.
That means the bones are broken off forcibly.
There was a scream that made people feel soft, and when Chen Feng let go, he was still smiling there.

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