Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 800

Jia Dong held his broken finger and kept wailing.
“Still with one hand, if you can make me take a step back, I will let you go.”
Chen Feng put his other hand behind him, and he looked at Jia Dong expectantly.
Why did Jia Dong dare to look at Chen Feng again, ten fingers connected to the heart, it was just a trick, he still attacked when Chen Feng was not paying attention. Vigorous period.
But listening to Chen Feng’s words, it is not easy for him to leave.
Anxious, seven or eight people stood there behind him.
He wanted to escape only to see if these guys could delay him for some time, although he knew it was unlikely, he still shouted.
“What are you still looking at, it’s not up yet.”
Those people were all called by Chen Yingcai. Although Chen Feng just overpowered Jia Shao with just one move, they didn’t think Chen Feng could beat him because of the large number of people. When Jia Dong shouted, they swarmed.
Jia Dong looked at Chen Feng, hoping to slip away when he wasn’t paying attention, but Chen Feng didn’t look at the others, just staring at him all the time.
“This guy sees what I think.”
He thought secretly in his heart.
After a crackling operation, the innocent thugs who fell to the ground groaned one by one.
Jia Dong wanted to run again, and there was no chance.
Chen Feng didn’t even feel like warming up, but he didn’t expect these guys to really make him use his skills.
He walked to Jia Dong.
“I’m the one who talks, don’t you plan to think about it?”
“Forgive… life.”
Jia Dong said these two words for the first time, a little hesitant.
“That’s confession!”
Jia Dong didn’t even dare to breathe, Chen Feng felt bored, so he said.
“Slap yourself ten mouths, and I will let you go.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Jia Dong looked over in disbelief, but Chen Feng’s questioning eyes were ushered in.
“Why, you have an opinion.”
“No, I’ll fight.”
The crisp slapping sound followed after another, which seemed particularly loud in this quiet street corner.
But when the tenth hit was over, a Taoist man carrying a long sword came from not far away.
Wearing a Taoist robe, a long sword on his back, and a Hunyuan hair bun, it looks a bit like a fairy style.
The Taoist walked up to Chen Feng, first made a polite gesture, and then said.
“Poor Dao Qingqiu.”
Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t know this Taoist. Although the Chinese martial arts all came from Kunlun Buddhism, the warriors over there are not Taoists. They only immerse themselves in this Taoist and can dress up as Taoists.
But Chen Feng hadn’t heard of the Kunlun Taoist priests.
However, the other party is polite, and he can’t be rude, so he nodded slightly, which is regarded as a return.
“I don’t know what this Taoist leader did when he found it?” He asked.
Qingqiu glanced at Jia Dong, whose cheeks were already red and swollen, before speaking slowly.
“Seeking the realm of the master.”
“Grandmaster?” Chen Feng muttered in his heart.
People who practice martial arts, who don’t ask for a master, but there are only a few masters, even if he has obtained the “True Understanding of the Way”, he doesn’t know how to become a master for a while.
The realm has been stuck at the peak of Huajin for a long time.
Going out to practice is just for the master, but it is only to make his peak realm more stable, and he has no progress at all.
Now that the Taoist talked to him about seeking the realm of the master, he was naturally curious.
“This is not something that ordinary people can seek.”
“It’s not a thing, but a sincere heart. I traveled through the three mountains and looked at the five mountains, but I just stepped into the Grand Master. If you want to enter again, you may no longer be able to calm down as usual.”
Chen Feng was shocked, this ordinary Taoist actually said that he had half-footed into the master.
Even more surprised was Jia Dong. Both mouths hurt so much. He didn’t dare to steal a coincidence just now, so he really used his strength.
But now he can’t take care of it. With just a few words, he feels that he has hit a rock. What are the two of them talking about here?
Grandmaster, that is not a realm he can reach even after thinking about it.
Chen Feng was calm, he was also a Half-Boundary Grandmaster, and his breath was even more basic. If he was really frightened by the opponent, he could find a place to bury himself.
“Do you want to fight with me?”
“No! Poor Dao just wants to discuss the Dao together.”
Jia Dong thought that he should listen carefully, even if he doesn’t understand it, it’s not a bad thing to take it back to him, Lao Tzu.
Thinking, he quietly moved closer while Chen Feng was not paying attention to him.
But how could Chen Feng not pay attention, he turned to look at Jia Dong.
“Why, you still want to have ten more mouths.”
How dare Jia Dong continue to listen to this frightened sound.
“Don’t dare, don’t dare, I’ll leave right away.”
He couldn’t control the thugs brought on the ground, so he rushed back to the way he came.
“Master, this is not a place to talk, or we will go to other places to discuss in detail.”
But Qingqiu waved his hand.
“Pan Dao is inconvenient to bother. I just happened to be passing by. I don’t want to see a person who is in the same state as the poor Dao. I just want to say a few words. After a few sentences, Pang Dao will leave.”
Seeing that the Taoist priest was unwilling, Chen Feng did not force it.
“Say Chief, please.”
“I have traveled outside for many years. Pursuing the pinnacle of martial arts is what I have pursued in my entire life, but it is only now that I have come to my senses.
“What does this mean?”
“It’s only three or four, but twelve. If there is no master, there will be no new results.”
Chen Feng was struck by thunder, and there are still no twelve grand masters circulating, but the phrase that the grand master has fallen, and the new fruit will become successful, let him know that only when the grand master falls, he can hope to enter the mysterious realm.
But the hope of a grandmaster’s fall is so slim.
Wanqiu’s father Lin Qingdi counted as one, but who had taken away that inheritance.
While Chen Feng was thinking, Qingqiu interrupted his thoughts.
“Farewell Daoist!”
After speaking, he turned around and left without waiting for Chen Feng to stay.
The tassels with the long sword falling behind him continued to sway with Qingqiu’s steps.
“It’s okay!”
Looking at Chen Feng who was in a daze after speaking with Qingqiu, Lin Wanqiu stepped forward and asked with concern.
“I’m fine! I just don’t understand some things.”
There were some doubts in his mind, so he didn’t say anything on the way back to send Wanqiu back.
Although Lin Wanqiu was a bit disappointed, she could have said some self-explanatory solitude, but she could only be silent, but she was unwilling to disturb Chen Feng, so she only left at the end and the two kissed goodbye. There was nothing else.
But when Chen Feng took two steps, Lin Wanqiu stopped him.
“Chen Feng, I have always missed you, I miss you very much.”
After that, she didn’t dare to see Chen Feng again, and went back home as if ran away.
It took two seconds for Chen Feng to react to Lin Wanqiu’s words.

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