Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 802

He clenched Xia Mengyao’s bare hand on his palm, and said softly.
“Do not you trust me?”
Xia Mengyao was a little flustered when asked.
Her understanding of Chen Feng is always reorganizing, from the first encounter, to marriage, to divorce, to remarriage, all the process, he is like a chocolate box that opens slowly, with each one with Different taste.
“No…no, I believe you.”
“Mengyao. I always think about waiting for us to get old, I hold you, sit on the bench in the yard, watching our children, grandsons, playing there. Then you get tired, leaning on my shoulders I went to sleep. I’m afraid you will catch a cold, so I put my coat on you.”
Listening to such love words and imagining such a warm scene, Xia Mengyao blushed.
Together, the two will go into their twilight years.
If things are really done by the Xia family, then there will be results soon.
Sure enough, in just one day, all the messages posted on the Internet were deleted, and the commentaries used to enhance credibility also disappeared at the same time.
But even so, the screenshots left by some people still feel that the matter is conspiracy, and the disappearance of all the original speech is just a cover-up.
However, those were only a few people, and there was no waves.
After staying with Xia Mengyao in Cangzhou for many days, Yan Jing received a message.
The Northeast Invincible Wang Luobing wants to name and compete with him.
Shi Pojun’s message was very simple. It was just such a sentence, without beginning and end. Chen Feng didn’t even know who the Northeast Invincible was, but he still said goodbye to Xia Mengyao and returned to Yanjing.
At the airport, Shi Pojun came to pick him up.
“You are so anxious to get me back, is that Northeast Invincible very powerful?”
Shi Pojun handed him a document with some basic information about Wang Luobing.
Chen Feng didn’t pay much attention to other information, but the peak of Huajin written in the column of strength really surprised him.
“He is already at the peak of Huajin, why hasn’t he heard of it before.”
Shi Pojun explained.
“We only learned about his strength recently, and he said it himself, but judging from his recent comparisons, the accuracy of this information is very high.”
Chen Feng nodded.
He believed that the source of Shi Pojun’s information was that he was a little excited when he suddenly faced a peak of strength.
“Don’t be happy too early. He doesn’t know why he is looking for you to fight. It is a gambling fight.”
“Gambling, why?”
For the masters who have come to the peak of Huajin, the pursuit of breakthroughs in their own strength is what they value most now, and ordinary external objects are like clouds to them.
“I don’t know, we don’t have much information about him.”
“Then don’t worry about him, meet him first, if we can’t accept the terms of gambling, then we just disagree.”
“I think so too.”
On the evening of returning to Yanjing, the other party agreed to meet at Longteng Restaurant.
Although a little anxious, Chen Feng passed.
The place they chose was very luxurious. It was in the Hualong Hall on the 88th floor of the restaurant. When Chen Feng passed by, they had already waited there.
The waiter at the door brought Chen Feng and Shi Pojun into it, and a fat-faced guy greeted him.
“Presumably this is Chen Feng, Master Chen!”
With a grin on his face, the flesh on both sides of his cheek trembles with him every time he speaks.
But Chen Feng and the two did not dare to underestimate them. This guy is steady and solid, and there is no gap in every step. He is a master of external skills.
It was just that he had never seen it before, and Chen Feng couldn’t help but be surprised, how so many masters came out all at once.
Chen Feng and Shi Pojun gave a symbolic greeting and followed the fat man to the inside.
The inside is bigger, with rising dragon pillars and winding dragon sticks, as if they have come to a palace, with a magnificent momentum.
But these were not the points that attracted Chen Feng. The one who made him the most eye-catching was an old man with a long beard sitting inside.
The long beard was knotted three or four like a braid, and the top of his head was bald.
When Chen Feng came in, the old man also squinted at him.
Shi Pojun whispered in Chen Feng’s ear that the old man was Wang Luobing.
Chen Feng had seen the photo of the other party, so he recognized it without Shi Pojun’s reminder.
Besides Wang Luobing, Chen Feng also discovered that he knew one of them.
It was the young man who took Vacheron Constantin at the Yuefei Bar that day.
Chen Feng didn’t know why he was here.
After the two walked up to the seven or eight people sitting in the court, the fat man introduced.
“Everyone, you must already know who this young man is, but I still want to introduce one. The Yanjing War League pushes the genius warrior who is closest to the master in history. He has reached the peak of transformation at a young age and has experienced many battles. , Master Wang will suffer a big loss if he underestimates the enemy.”
He said like a joke.
But just that genius warrior had some meaning to kill Chen Feng.
Martial arts have always been no first. If martial arts practitioners don’t compete, no one will feel that they are weaker.
But Chen Feng didn’t care. This group of people was originally bad, and if he had to be polite, it would be really thankless.
After the two of them took their seats one after another, he asked.
“In Cangzhou, I got the message that Northeast Invincible wants to fight with me. I actually have some expectations, but I didn’t expect you to have a gambling fight. I don’t quite understand it.”
The fat man heard Chen Feng’s words, and he explained without waiting for others to speak.
“Shao Chen, it’s not that serious.” He smiled.
“It’s just entertainment, otherwise it would be too monotonous if it’s just a fight.”
Chen Feng didn’t care about the gambling, and he didn’t think he was weaker than the Northeast Invincible.
“I also think it’s too monotonous, but what you are going to bet on, I am also ready to prepare.”
“Shao Chen, don’t have to be so troublesome, the book “The True Explanation of Ji Dao” is very good.”
It turned out that they had long been focusing on the master’s experience in their hands, and Chen Feng smiled in his heart, but his expression did not change.
“It’s not impossible to bring out “Ji Dao Zhen Jie”, but gambling and fighting must also pay attention to fairness. If I am willing to show this experience, I don’t know what Master Wang wants to come up with.”
They seem to be well prepared.
“Young Master Chen, it’s impossible for us to make you suffer. That great master’s experience is really precious, and there are really few things in the world that can be measured against your experience.”
Chen Feng just listened quietly without saying a word.
“But I’m not afraid of my brother’s jokes. We have been thinking about that experience for a long time, so we have been looking for an object that is equivalent to our experience for a long time. However, Huang Tian has paid for it, and he really found us the one that can match our experience. What’s coming.”

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