Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 803

Chen Feng was a little curious about what they found.
After reaching the peak, they will be somewhat weaker in secular affairs, so if they can’t come up with something that can really impress Chen Feng, this bet will not be able to go on.
But looking at the fat man with a smile on his face, he seemed very confident in what they took out.
“I can tell you first, I am a very picky person, like drinking, I only drink what I think is good, otherwise even if it is Lafite in 1982, I will not feel good if I don’t want it or not. .”
“That’s natural. We have heard of Chen Shao’s preferences early on. The exquisite life is beyond the reach.”
“Then what are you going to prepare to bet on?” Chen Feng asked again.
“Master Chen, don’t worry, things are already on the way, and they will arrive soon.”
And say Cao Cao Cao Cao Road.
The inner door was opened, and three or four guys walked in carrying a large box.
“this is?”
“What’s so big?”
Chen Feng and Shi Pojun were more curious about the things inside.
But the fat man did not answer directly. He exchanged eyes with Wang Luobing, then stood up from his position and walked towards the wooden box that was placed a few steps away from them.
When he walked to the wooden box, he held back the people who were carrying the box, and then took out a small golden key from his pocket.
Chen Feng looked carefully, and the keyhole on the wooden box was also made of gold.
Inserting the key into the keyhole, the fat man twisted it slightly, the slight bounce of the locking mechanism’s spring sounded, and the golden lock was unlocked.
But when it was about to open, the fat man stopped the movement in his hand and turned around and said to Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen, the things inside are extraordinary.”
While still being sold, Chen Feng stepped forward and opened the box in an impatient manner.
Fortunately, the fat man didn’t drag it any further, he slowly opened the lid of the box.
Chen Feng’s position is directly opposite the box, so he can see the contents of the box without standing up.
But I thought it would be something magical, but found that it was actually a stone in the box.
He glanced at the fat man, then turned to look at Wang Luobing.
What the hell are these guys doing, he can’t help thinking.
Wang Luobing naturally saw Chen Feng’s question, and he personally answered.
“He is a stone, but he is not an ordinary stone either.”
Chen Feng remained silent, he didn’t know, and naturally it was not easy to express his opinions.
And Wang Luobing went on to explain.
“Our martial artist is only pursuing the realm of the master, just like my little brother and I gambled on the book “Ji Dao Zhen Jie”, it is all for further martial arts.
But I think the little brother who got the “Ji Dao Zhen Jie”, you still haven’t broken through the realm of the master, and you may even be confused in some places. ”
Chen Feng was shocked, as if the other party knew what he was thinking.
After getting the “Ji Dao Zhen Jie”, he was naturally a waste of sleep and food. After reading it, he knew a lot, and he was able to understand it in many places and realize it thoroughly.
But as Wang Luobing said, in some places, he seemed to be in contact with martial arts for the first time, wondering if he had done something wrong from the beginning.
Although he felt horrified, he still looked at him unchangingly.
“Master Wang really does not lose the name invincible in the Northeast. Just a few sentences is worth the younger generation’s years of hard practice. I just don’t know what this has to do with the stone in the box.”
Chen Feng did not hesitate to praise him.
Wang Luobing laughed loudly when he heard Chen Feng’s promotion.
“I said that this is no ordinary stone, verdant, green, pine, condensed, Daonian, the four great stones, you can get Dao…”
“Isn’t that a legend?” Before Wang Luobing finished speaking, Shi Pojun asked in surprise.
“Do you really get the four great stones, how is this possible?”
But no one paid any attention to Shi Pojun.
Chen Feng had naturally heard the legends of the four great stones, but those were just legends, and anyone really believed that a stone could make people improve their cultivation.
But looking at the posture of the group of Wang Luobing, they seemed to have identified such a legend.
Chen Feng remained skeptical, he said.
“It’s not that I don’t believe in Master Wang, but how to listen to it is like joking. I can’t just show the “Extreme Reality” with a word of yours! That’s the experience of the master realm.”
“It’s normal for little brother not to believe it.” He still smiled.
“But you might as well go down and check for yourself whether this stone is one of the legendary strange stones. If the little brother still doesn’t believe it, then this bet will be automatically voided, otherwise the world will laugh at me and bully the small.”
Wang Luobing was very confident, and Chen Feng was also muttering in his heart, could it really be the legendary stone.
He stood up dubiously, ready to see for himself what was weird about the stone.
Seeing Chen Feng coming, the fat man also stepped aside.
The stone in the box is like a discarded stone in a damp corner, and the green traces on it appear to be covered with a layer of moss.
But it’s different, the whole stone is blue, just like a piece of jewel.
It’s so big, it almost occupies half the size of such a big box.
But just by looking at it, Chen Feng couldn’t see the mystery of him. It seemed that besides the beautiful color, it was indistinguishable from other stones.
He looked up at the fat man standing aside.
“Shao Chen might as well feel it with his hands,” said the fat man.
Chen Feng was not polite, he even rolled up his sleeves deliberately and put his hand into the box.
But before he touched the bluestone, he felt a cold breath, like reaching out to a piece of ice.
how can that be.
Chen Feng felt it impossible for a moment.
But after repeated confirmation, it was indeed a cold feeling, and it was transmitted from the stone.
They made hands and feet on the stone.
Chen Feng still didn’t believe it, he wanted to see Fatty’s expression.
All you can get is a sense of equanimity.
He stretched out his hand to the bluestone and was very close, and he adjusted to the chill, and then he really wanted to see how this stone could help repair the chain.
But before he hit the stone, he gave up.
It wasn’t because he didn’t want to touch it, and it wasn’t because he thought it was a joke, but at the moment when he touched the stone, something disturbing his thoughts broke into his mind.
He seemed to be stunned, controlling his emotions for a long time before he relaxed.
When he was sober, he went to look at the stone again, and all his doubts were gone.
This is not an ordinary stone at all.
The fat man laughed aside.
“Shao Chen, now I believe this is the legendary stone.”

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