Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 804

Chen Feng remained calm.
Although he believed in this treasure seven or eight in his heart, he was still puzzled about taking out such a thing as a bet.
“If it is true as the rumors say, then the value of this strange stone is much more precious than my experience. Master Wang is really willing to take things out?”
He stopped, looked at Wang Luobing who was sitting in the upper position meaningfully, and said slowly.
“Are there any tricks in it?”
The scene was a bit stiff for a while, as if the air that had been pierced by something became heavier.
Then Chen Feng broke the atmosphere, he laughed.
“Haha, I’m just kidding, Lord Wang, don’t take it to heart.”
Wang Luobing’s expression was a little stiff, and it could be seen that he was in a bad mood now.
But things still need to be discussed, and in the end the fat man laughed.
“Haha, Chen Shao really likes to joke, but we sincerely made deals with Chen Shao. There are only a few that can be achieved in this master realm in the world. You and Mr. Wang are the leaders in it, so naturally it is better to help each other sincerely. ”
Chen Feng ignored him and returned to his seat. He whispered to Shi Pojun.
“They won’t be so kind. Even if it is a fair fight, they will definitely not show such an important thing. There must be fraud in it. And just now I just tried it, and these guys showed their feet one by one.”
The stagnation of the scene just now really scared Shi Pojun. Although the two parties came to fight, they couldn’t fight on the table.
And listening to Chen Feng’s analysis, he also felt that the other party had no good intentions.
The fat man was left alone, and he couldn’t see any complaints, but he returned to the table.
Only then did Chen Feng speak to the group of people again.
“I have no problem with Kistler, so how do you carry out the so-called gambling fight?”
Still the fat man replied.
“Shao Chen, even though it’s a gambling fight, you can’t just hurt your peace. Experiences and strange stones are very precious things. No matter what the result is, if one party loses one of them, it will be uncomfortable.
So we think we can bet on the right of use instead of betting on the ownership of two things. ”
“Oh! How do you say this.”
“It’s actually very simple. If one of the two parties loses, they will lend each other’s collateral for one year. Regardless of whether the other party can get a boost from it, the original will be returned one year later.
Chen Feng grinned, they really had a good idea.
The experience is that if you give it to the other party, they will only have to copy one more copy, and it doesn’t make any sense to do it year after year.
But Chen Feng didn’t care, just said flatly.
“Okay! It’s so decided.”
On the contrary, Chen Feng’s decisiveness made the opponents unresponsive. Maybe they thought that Chen Feng would at least bargain, and finally they made some concessions, and they might be able to reach an agreement.
But he didn’t expect Chen Feng to directly agree, although it was unexpected, it did take advantage of them.
“Chen Shao is really quick to talk, okay, then we have agreed on this competition, and the venue for the competition will be Xuanyuanzhuang in three days. I don’t know if Chen Shao has any comments.”
Chen Feng was too lazy to talk with them.
“Okay, see you in Xuanyuanzhuang in three days.”
Shi Pojun asked curiously when the two left the Longteng Restaurant.
“This is obviously not a fair agreement. Why did you agree to it so easily?”
“But in my opinion, this is already a very meaningful thing. I have tried that strange stone personally. I can feel a strange power in it, even if that power is different from the power of the master, but I am very interested.”
Shi Pojun was also a little worried.
“But you really have the confidence to win the Northeast Invincible. He is the peak of Huajin, and he beats the Northeast Invincible. It’s just that kind of sophisticated experience. Don’t be too careless. Be careful not to capsize in the ditch. .”
Chen Feng smiled.
“I naturally know that his strength is strong. I was there just now, although you watched me looking around, but I did not observe that Master Wang. He didn’t move much, but his aura was very strong.”
“Then you still…”
Chen Feng patted Shi Pojun on the shoulder.
“Do you still believe me? I would make this kind of decision if I hadn’t been sure of it.”
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t seem to be joking, Shi Pojun finally said nothing.
In fact, the three days passed very quickly, and Chen Feng and Shi Pojun also went to Xuanyuanzhuang very early.
Xuanyuanzhuang is a clubhouse on the outskirts of Yanjing. Non-members of the clubhouse are not allowed to enter. The scenery is beautiful and the mountains and rivers depend on each other. If you can come here for a day or two in your free time, it can be said to be a good place.
It’s just that this kind of leisure is only for some people.
And Chen Feng was not among a small number of people, so when they came, they were naturally stopped by the guard at the door.
“I can’t go in?”
Chen Feng repeatedly confirmed with the guard.
“Sorry sir, we are a private club here. You are not a member here, so I can’t let you in.”
This guy is very dedicated, but looking at Chen Feng in his eyes is like saying that this is not something poor people like Chen Feng can consume.
Chen Feng also smiled. He stood there and couldn’t get angry with such a small character. What he didn’t enter was also deliberate on Wang Luobing’s side.
It’s just those guys who want to give him offense.
“Why don’t you go in and talk to them, I’m going back now.” Chen Feng said to the guard.
But before the guard could answer, the fat man I saw last time ran out of it in a panic.
The fat all over his body shakes every time he runs, but he seems to run quite fast.
“Shao Chen, I’m sorry, this came first, we didn’t expect that he would dare to stop Chen Shao like this.”
After he finished talking with Chen Feng, he scolded with a serious face.
“Hurry up and apologize to Shao Chen. You can stop Shao Chen for useless things? You don’t have long eyes.”
The guard looked a little wronged, but when the fat man spoke, he didn’t dare to offend, so he could only honestly prepare to apologize to Chen Feng.
“Forget it, this kind of little thing, I’m not the kind of boring person.”
He sneered at the other party’s boredom, the fat man also heard it, but he didn’t understand it, just smiled.
“Shao Chen, there are a lot of adults, young hero, a five-body cast that really admires me.”
This guy is a skinless and faceless person. Even if Chen Feng scolded him, he might still smile and kiss Chen Feng’s feet, so Chen Feng wouldn’t put much effort on him.
“Are they all here?”
“Here, Lord Wang is also looking forward to such an important day.”
As he said, he took Chen Feng and the two towards the clubhouse.

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