Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 806

The wound was not big, it was just a small injury to them, and Chen Feng didn’t care about it either, and he was preparing to use a fast-break method to deal with this kind of yawning move.
But suddenly I don’t know why, the wound on my arm hurts so badly that it far exceeds the pain that the wound should have.
Only then did he realize that it was wrong.
“Did you use poison?”
Chen Feng asked Wang Luobing coldly.
“Huh, brother, you can’t spit people, if there is no evidence, you are framed.”
Naturally it is impossible for him to admit it, but Chen Feng’s body is very familiar to him. If he hadn’t used poison, he would never have such a strong pain.
This kind of pain is like thousands of ants gnawing on him, every bit of muscle and nerve is suffering.
Chen Feng must react immediately, otherwise all that awaits him is to admit defeat.
But Wang Luobing didn’t care about Chen Feng’s move. He knew the truth about falling into trouble, and he rushed over in the next moment.
Chen Feng had to defend quickly, his left hand was basically unusable, and the venom might also be in danger of flowing toward the heart.
The situation really took a turn for the worse, he could only do his best to use his fists and feet together, constantly evading and resisting Wang Luobing’s killer moves.
Even though it was already very difficult, Chen Feng took the opportunity to tear a piece of cloth from his clothes with his mouth. If he wants to win the competition, then he can’t let the venom continue to spread.
The opponent’s moves are more insidious than one, and each is more vicious, and Chen Feng looks a little unfavorable.
Fortunately, the cloth strip in his mouth was finally tied tightly to the top of his arm during his constant adjustments, delaying the venom from moving towards the heart.
But even so, he didn’t have much time, he had to fight quickly.
In this fierce attack, Chen Feng was still able to control the wound. Wang Luo’s face went black. He could have been delayed until Chen Feng was killed, so he decided to speed up the trial procedure.
Tiger fist in the hand, a series of kicks on the foot.
Most of the beasts he practiced were imitated wild beasts. There were so many beasts that they were not counted, so his moves were also changeable and there were no ordinary rules to follow.
Most of the people’s images of him are just his use of ligers and other punches and kicks, fierce and strong, and there is a kind of move that must be endless.
But the snake fist that he sneaked into Chen Feng was also a kind of beast, but he never showed it to others.
When the scene came to the present situation, Chen Feng looked at the wind.
Although Shi Pojun was on the court and didn’t know what happened, he could see that something might be wrong.
He thought that in a crisis situation, he must rush forward to save Chen Feng’s life, but from the beginning, the two people standing behind him watched him tightly.
They had planned a long time ago, and today they are going to kill Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was anxious on the court, and Shi Pojun was also anxious off the court.
But both seemed helpless.
The two on the court were forced to retreat again. Chen Feng could no longer feel the presence of his left hand. It seemed that the venom had swallowed the entire left hand.
He looked at Wang Luobing, as he adjusted his breath, he made up his mind.
“This is what you forced me, so don’t blame me for being cruel.”
Confused by Chen Feng’s sudden sentence, Wang Luobing even thought whether Chen Feng’s venom had entered his brain or not, in the current situation, he actually said this.
He smiled contemptuously.
“I want to see what other killer moves you have.”
Death is not the most terrible thing, but being able to face death is the most terrifying thing.
Wang Luobing just wanted to give Chen Feng one last time, so as to end this competition, but suddenly saw Chen Feng’s eyes become flushed, and his original white and clean face was also red as if he was dripping blood.
There was a sudden shock in his heart, and he also exclaimed in his heart.
“How is this possible? How could he have such evil powers.”
Halfway through the sprint, he stopped immediately. Seeing Chen Feng’s momentum soaring, he was somewhat afraid to step forward.
“What’s wrong? Are you trying to kill me?”
Chen Feng said in a low voice, walking towards Wang Luobing step by step.
He reversed the exercises and allowed the internal breath to stimulate the meridians, and his strength was instantly improved, and he could even forget the pain, but the same sequelae would be very serious, but at this time he could no longer take care of it.
“Come on, come and kill me!”
Chen Feng’s voice kept stimulating Wang Luobing. After two steps back, Wang Luobing swallowed.
He can’t retreat anymore, and if he retreats like this, he has no hope at all.
Even if Chen Feng is in this state, he must fight hard.
Maybe he had to forget when he was walking on the edge of life and death, but at this moment he must have remembered again.
Accelerating, accelerating, there is Chen Feng’s heart, his idea is to pass through it with one stroke, as long as he is fast enough, he can deal with Chen Feng, who now has only one hand left.
But he might not even have thought of dreaming, that punch was easily squeezed in his hand by Chen Feng.
“I said you will regret it. I will make you feel the taste of pain, I will make you die not so fast, let you remember this pain and then die slowly.” Like the devil’s whisper, Chen Feng’s words Become so scary.
哢嚓,哢哓, the sound of broken bones constantly sounded.
The entire twisted arm is like a wrung out towel, terrifying.
Even a pinnacle player, his body is only a mortal, he will suffer pain, be injured, and die.
“You… you repair the chain… evil power, you… shouldn’t be… so dead.”
Wang Luobing was already painfully unable to say a complete sentence.
When Chen Feng was about to concoct the other arm from the opponent, a sword flew in the air.
Chen Feng stepped back, also letting go of Wang Luobing in his hands, but his hands were already dead, and it was impossible to threaten Chen Feng any more.
But what does this flying sword mean?
Chen Feng looked at Qingqiu, who was standing aside. The two were far apart, and Chen Feng still saw Qingqiu’s calm face.
“what do you want to do?”
Even if he was poisoned by Wang Luobing, Chen Feng was not so angry, but now someone interrupted him.
“Do you want to challenge me too?”
Feijian was nailed to the beam of the house opposite Qingqiu, and Qingqiu also slowly walked over.
When he got closer, Chen Feng asked again.
“Do it?”
Qingqiu shook his head and said.
“Friends of Taoism, you have to be forgiven and forgive. The massacre will not solve any problems.”
But when these words came out, Chen Feng cursed.
“Go to your uncle.”
While he was talking, his fist had already been punched in his hand. What he hated most was that he didn’t know anything and he still wanted to be kind to others.
If you are really kind, why didn’t you talk at the beginning? You have to wait till now.

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