Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 807

Qingqiu didn’t have a sword in his hand, but his skill was not weak.
Even Chen Feng, who had now burst out, couldn’t make him lose immediately.
The two saw each other’s moves, and soon they actually made a hundred or so moves against each other.
Qingqiu’s moves are both rigid and flexible, and they can always dissolve Chen Feng’s power in a subtle way, and sometimes it feels like a punch on the cotton.
However, Chen Feng is still stronger in the explosive force, so once there is no parry, Qingqiu will suffer.
Maybe Qingqiu also knows his current situation. He suffered a loss in the exchange of punches just now, and immediately distanced himself from Chen Feng.
Chen Feng chased him up, he wanted to stop Qingqiu, because the direction Qingqiu fled was just where the long sword was.
Since he is a saber, what he is better at is naturally the long sword.
Although in terms of strength, Chen Feng is not necessarily weaker than Qingqiu after the sword, but since the opponent does not have it, it is better to not have it. Chen Feng is not a person who will give his opponent any chance.
However, things backfired.
Qingqiu’s body is elegant, Taoist martial arts is good at this, and in the end he can no longer stop.
He saw his feet lifted off the ground, his body flew a dozen feet away, and Chen Feng was completely thrown behind him. The long sword was in front. He lifted his right hand slightly, hooked the hilt, and directly pulled out the long sword. , Unspeakably handsome and handsome.
Chen Feng stood in front, like a descending demon, his eyes were red, and the panel was more like boiling water, emitting heat.
If there is any picture to describe these two people, there is a feeling that the Taoist leader goes down the mountain to kill demons and slay demons.
But whether the way is high or the devil is high, or the bottom of the hand is to see the difference.
After receiving the long sword, Qingqiu felt more free and easy, but in Chen Feng’s eyes, it was just a hypocritical guy.
Sideways dodge a sword, he immediately hit Qingqiu’s wrist with a punch.
Qingqiu also reacted quickly. The punch was just passed, but it didn’t feel good either.
“I thought you were an indifferent person, and wanted to be friends with you, but in the end I didn’t expect you to be just a fame.”
Chen Feng sneered.
“Friends of Daoist, don’t think of Poor Dao in this way? If such a fight can offset the grievances in the hearts of Daoists, Poor Dao should accompany him.”
“Fighting with you, but because you blocked me, but now I have other reasons.”
“Please enlighten me.” Qingqiu asked after passing a sword again.
“It just depends on you.”
Chen Feng slapped Qingqiu’s arm with a palm.
The two chatted while talking.
But the situation was extremely tense. Although Qingqiu was holding a long sword, it really didn’t get any cheap in Chen Feng’s hands.
After coming and going, I thought that the result would be a while, but Chen Feng suddenly punched Qingqiu’s wrist holding the long sword. The force was so strong that Qingqiu directly let go of his hand in pain.
The long sword was also abandoned.
Looking at the long sword that rose into the air, Chen Feng smiled at Qingqiu, and then leaped his body directly into the air and held the long sword in his hand.
“Now it’s your turn to learn my swordsmanship.”
The long sword dances, like the wind of the willow, fluttering like a robe.
After Chen Feng provoked many swordsmen in the air, Qingqiu was unable to parry, and Chen Feng was directly forced to retreat again and again.
By the time he came to the wall, Qingqiu could not retreat.
Chen Feng’s sword pierced straight into the distance between the palm of Qingqiu’s cheek.
“Huh, you are nothing but that.”
Qingqiu knew that he was defeated, and it was very thorough. The long sword in his hand, and in Chen Feng’s hands, are like two weapons. He believes that his swordsmanship is already proficient, but in Chen Feng’s hands, it is really just a little inferior. That’s it.
He looked at Chen Feng’s back, his hurting arm dropped there, as if a broken arm, he walked towards Wang Luobing who had fallen to the ground early, and it seemed that Wang Luobing would not be able to escape today.
The Fatty and others standing far away did not dare to enter the dojo from beginning to end, whether it was the duel between Chen Feng and Wang Luobing, or the duel between Chen Feng and Qingqiu, the peak of strength, that was not something they could encroach on.
But now that Chen Feng was about to take Wang Luobing’s life, the Fatty people no longer dare to spare their lives.
“Shao Chen, Mr. Wang is also fascinated by ghosts for a while. I beg you, my lord, have a lot of them, and bypass him.”
The fat man hurriedly begged for mercy, and hurriedly took out a small porcelain bottle in his hand.
Probably the antidote to Chen Feng’s poison.
Chen Feng was not polite and took the antidote directly and drank it.
The effect was extremely fast, and Chen Feng felt intuition in his arm after only a while.
“You want me to let this bastard off, but why should I do this? He’s playing yin first, I’m just asking for justice, no matter what, I’m not at a loss.”
We all know that what Chen Feng said is the truth, but who is willing to admit that the fat man just kept begging for mercy.
“Chen Shao, we are willing to compensate. As long as you make a price, we are willing to pay no matter how much money. Only you can spare Master Wang.”
Chen Feng thought about it and laughed suddenly.
This group of people actually want to use money to buy a life of Huajin Peak. This is really unprecedented. It may exist in some black markets, but Chen Feng has never heard of it.
“Why don’t you come to make a price, I see if it is appropriate, I will spare him.”
Fatty might also realize that this thrown back problem makes it harder for him to make a decision than he just rushed over.
The big deal just now was just his life, but now it was Wang Luobing’s life to be considered, the gap between the two was like a chasm.
The fat man hesitated for a long time and didn’t dare to speak. Chen Feng waited impatiently, so he said.
“Or I would kill him. It doesn’t take you to struggle for so long.”
When the fat man heard this, he immediately panicked.
“No, Shao Chen. We bid, we will definitely bid. You wait, we will give you a suitable price right away.”
Chen Feng is really not in a hurry, he wants to see what kind of guy this guy will give.
Then the fat man whispered something to a guy beside him before turning around and talking to Chen Feng.
“Longteng Restaurant plus this Xuanyuanzhuang, plus that strange stone.”
Chen Feng also did not expect that they would give such a large handwriting. Compared with cash, these two real estates are worth an incalculable price.
Not to mention, they are also preparing to give the strange stone to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was even a little unwilling to kill Wang Luobing, but unfortunately, he is not very interested in money now. He only hopes to send this insidious guy to hell immediately.
His left hand had recovered his strength, he lifted a palm, and was about to move towards Wang Luobing’s Heavenly Spirit Cover. As long as that palm fell, even the Heavenly King Lao Tzu would not be able to save it.
But there was always someone blocking it, and this time it was actually Shi Biaojun.

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