Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 808

As soon as Chen Feng raised his hand, he heard Shi Pojun shouting.
“Chen Shao, his men are merciful.”
Chen Feng looked at him suspiciously, why Shi Pojun also came to stop him, not like Qingqiu, he was still willing to listen to Shi Pojun’s opinion, the two had been together for such a long time, he felt that Shi Pojun had no reason to harm him.
“Why?” Chen Feng asked.
Shi Pojun said solemnly.
“I’m not blocking Chen Shao, but I just have some ideas to tell you that if you think it’s not worth it, then there will be no loss if you wait for it, but if you think it can, then I can help Chen Shao reduce the trouble. ”
This guy is still so good at talking, Chen Feng scolded with a smile.
“Stop selling things out there, I don’t know your personality yet. If you have something to say quickly, if you have a fart, let it go.”
However, not only Chen Feng was curious, even the worried Fat Man and others were curious about Shi Pojun’s insights, but they were still disappointed. Shi Pojun walked to Chen Feng and whispered a few words in his ear. Chen Feng laughed.
“Sure enough, you guy has an idea. Okay, then listen to you. I can let this guy go.”
Shi Pojun also smiled continuously.
“Then I did a good job for Shao Chen.”
Although I didn’t hear what Shi Pojun said, but when I heard Chen Feng was going to let Wang Luobing go, Fatty and the others were overjoyed and thanked him.
Chen Feng stopped.
“Don’t be in a hurry to thank me. In addition to what you just promised, I have one more thing.”
The hearts of Fatty and the others were raised again. The conditions just given were already the biggest price they could bear. If it was higher, they might not even be able to sell themselves.
But Chen Feng smiled and pointed at the fat man.
The fat man looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, not understanding what it meant.
“It’s you fat guy, I like you guy.”
The fat man knelt on the ground in shock and cried out in mourning.
“Shao Chen, please spare me. I’m just a worthless thing. It’s useless if you want my life. It’s dirty your hands. If you let me go, I will burn incense and worship Buddha every day. , Bless you a long life.”
This slick fat guy is also a guy who is afraid of death, Chen Feng said coldly.
“I don’t want your life. You will follow me in the future. If you are honest, I will keep you safe.”
But even so, the fat man was still begging for mercy.
Chen Feng said impatiently.
“Dare to make noise, I will kill you now.”
The fright finally made the fat man afraid to say a word, but his face was crying, it was as ugly as it was.
The affairs of Xuanyuanzhuang came to an end.
Chen Feng didn’t get too much information from those people, but he still knew that Wang Luobing was taken back to the northeast to recover from his injuries, and Qingqiu had just disappeared, and he didn’t know where he went.
As for the fat man who was brought back by Chen Feng, he was handed over to Shi Pojun for a while, and Chen Feng didn’t really want to do anything with him.
As for the rest, it is the strange stone that Chen Feng brought back.
After studying for a day, he found that the strange thing was the box, and the radio waves from the box disturbed his thinking. As for the stone, it was just an ordinary stone.
This discovery almost didn’t let Chen Feng fly directly to the Northeast, and beat the Northeast Invincible from the bed again.
But after two days, he lost his anger and smiled at himself. It was originally a legend. If he had to simply believe it, he still blamed himself for being too greedy.
The Xuanyuanzhuang obtained from Wang Luobing’s hands is really a good place. The entire front clubhouse and the back mountain are actually owned by this Zhuangzi.
Without those annoying guys, Chen Feng was also comfortable and brought Lin Wanqiu in for two days to play.
“Why did you think of looking for me, I thought you had forgotten me.”
Lin Wanqiu complained a bit when she met.
“I’m just a little busy, don’t I find you as soon as I am free? You still have to complain about me, I really have no reason to say.”
“I don’t allow you to pretend to be wronged.”
Seeing Chen Feng pretending to be aggrieved, Lin Wanqiu directly hit Chen Feng with a small fist.
Chen Feng smiled and took such a punch, but pretended to be painful.
Then I made some jokes with Lin Wanqiu, and each enjoyed the leisure brought by this club.
When Chen Feng was about to fall asleep lying next to the chair of the swimming pool, he heard some noise.
He was a little strange, walking towards the place where the sound came from while wearing his pants.
Walking until he was about to approach the door, he saw that the security guard stopped the person outside the door.
It was the same as when he stopped Chen Feng at the beginning, but Chen Feng didn’t bother him after he got the Zhuangzi.
After just listening to a few words, Chen Feng probably knew what was going on.
He walked over, and Lin Wanqiu also happened to walk over.
“what happened?”
“I just came here, let’s go over and take a look!”
Chen Feng didn’t see the other person’s face until he came to the security guard’s side.
The three men and two women are all close to middle-aged, and the most quarrelsome inside is a middle-aged woman dressed in western style.
“Why not let us in, we are members here.”
“Your membership has been cancelled, so I can’t let you in.”
After Chen Feng got this Zhuangzi, he naturally couldn’t let those messy people in again, so he directly asked people to cancel the membership of those people and paid full compensation in accordance with the contract.
But I didn’t expect that someone would still come to make trouble.
“What to cancel, I am a member here, and you have no right to cancel. Don’t you know who we are?”
Chen Feng did not speak. He wanted to see if the security guard treated him the same as others.
Fortunately, the security guards are really conscientious, he said.
“I told you above, I can’t be the master, but I really can’t let you in.”
“If you call your supervisor, I don’t believe that I can’t get in today. I have never met the entire Yanjing who dare not give me face.”
The woman has a big tone.
Lin Wanqiu was a little softhearted. She felt pitiful for the security guard carrying so many people, so she pulled Chen Feng.
“Aren’t you coming forward?”
“Wait a minute, these guys are usually domineering, and it’s a good thing to let them suffer more.”
As Chen Feng had said so, Lin Wanqiu had to accompany him.
Some of the few people may also think that the woman is too ostentatious, and a slightly calm man pulled the middle-aged woman a bit.
The man with glasses bypassed each other and came to the security guard.
He spoke slowly to the security guard.
“It’s normal that you don’t know us in this position. As long as you call your manager, we won’t do anything to you. I think there is always no problem.”

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