Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 810

The fat man just drove these people away.
And what this person said is nothing short of a joke. Now Chen Feng still needs a relationship, and he can even say that he is a relationship.
When the few people were driven away, the fat man returned to Chen Feng with a shy face.
“Chen Shao, look, can I go back.”
He just wanted to escape, but Chen Feng was unwilling.
“You did a good thing, I think I should reward you.”
The fat man waved his hand quickly.
“Shao Chen, no, this is what I should do.”
Chen Feng said.
“You have completed the task I gave you, then I naturally want to reward you, but you are ready to accommodate others into the clubhouse privately, I will not be merciless, the two will offset each other, I will not let you do anything, the guards here , How about you temporarily hold it up for a while.”
The fat man wanted to cry without tears, but he knew that he had provoke Chen Feng just such a good end, and he quickly thanked him without even thinking about it.
The security guard who had been standing there looked at Chen Feng very curiously.
Chen Feng smiled at him.
“You can take two days off temporarily, with paid vacation.”
It was just a small incident in Xuanyuanzhuang that hadn’t had much impact on Chen Feng’s life.
But a peaceful life is always short.
Because the defeat of Northeast Invincible in Yanjing seemed to make the entire Northeast feel shameless.
At this time, in a bar in the capital city of the northeast province, Jia Dongzheng and a few people were drinking there.
One of them is Wang Luobing’s son, Wang Xuedao who likes famous watches.
“Brother Xuedao, Uncle Wang really defeated that kid like that?”
Although there has been a lot of rumors outside, no one has ever received definite information. Wang Luobing is even more recovering and will not come out to confirm his failure.
And Chen Feng didn’t bother to show off because of a game.
So Jia Dong asked with the hope of a trace of rumors.
But Wang Xuedao looked bitter. Can then sternly said.
“It’s all that Chen Feng is insidious, but his martial arts is not the right way. I was there at the time. My father was about to defeat him. But I don’t know what happened, but suddenly his eyes were red and black scales grew on his body. , Like a monster.
Suddenly, his strength became stronger and he didn’t even feel the pain. No matter how my father attacked, he remained motionless. ”
Although Jia Dong didn’t see it, it sounded too evil, he asked.
“What kind of martial arts is this, how can it be so terrifying.”
“I didn’t know it at the time, but when I came back, I immediately inquired it. It really made me find the name of this evil technique.”
“What is it?”
Everyone looked at Wang Xuedao curiously.
Wang Xuedao deliberately lowered his voice. He was so nonsense that he naturally wanted to pull back his father’s reputation, otherwise he would lose the game or even lose his life. How could he be able to say it.
So he deliberately went to find some information to make what he said more convincing.
“Do you know that thirty years ago, the evil master blood shadow?”
Everyone shook their heads, only Jia Dong said in thought.
“I have heard my father mention it, but isn’t he dead? Why, this matter has something to do with him.”
“It’s just like this. The evil way Chen Feng practiced is the kung fu handed down by the blood shadow, the kung fu using human blood to train the body.”
Although the crowd didn’t know how wicked they were, they were still surprised to hear. They all knew that Chen Feng was not a good person. He was hated in the first place, and now there are more fair and honest reasons.
After speaking, Jia Dong sighed.
“It’s just a pity that Uncle Wang was harmed by that vicious thief. My Northeast Invincible actually fell into the hands of the villain. It’s really uncomfortable for me to make my entire Northeast feel dull for a while.”
His sigh also evoked Wang Xuedao’s sadness. Jia Dong picked up the cup and looked at Wang Xuedao, feeling sad.
“Brother Xuedao, you and I will be ashamed one day, and give the despicable man Chen Feng to Fa-rectification. Come, I will respect you with this cup.”
Wine is good wine, but people are not good people.
But this is not everyone knows.
On the other side of their group, a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy looked at them curiously.
“Brother, is the blood shadow they said true?”
The boy asked another older young man.
Said the young man.
“It’s true. With the power of a master, the blood shadow is unmatched in the martial arts world. At that time, the entire society was in turmoil.”
After listening, the young man said with doubts on his face.
“But weren’t father and uncle also masters at the time? Why didn’t they take care of this demon?”
This young man said a word, but it was really a bit shocking, one school and two masters, how dare to think about this, is this young man deliberately bragging.
But the young man on the side explained.
“Although father and brother-in-law are both masters, the blood shadow technique is evil. Although they can defeat him together, it is difficult to catch him. As long as he wants to escape, it is almost effortless.”
The young man was surprised.
“Then how did he die in the end?”
The young man shook his head.
“There is no information anymore, only that he is dead, but no one knows how he died, and no one knows who killed him.”
The boy nodded obediently.
The two groups of people in the same bar shouldn’t have any intersection, but one thing made them meet.
Someone got drunk and started making trouble.
He raised the chair aside, and told the shivering girl that he wanted to see her without clothes.
The noise was very fierce. Someone had already stopped by, but he was holding a chair and two or three people could not get close.
Jia Dong, who was feeling sad there, was immediately unhappy when he saw it.
He was in the same hatred with his friends, and the distress in Dashu Teshu’s heart, but someone forcibly destroyed the atmosphere between them.
“what’s the situation?”
Jia Dong walked to the vicinity of the troublemaker.
Someone recognized the son of the Northeast King and told him the matter immediately.
“Just such a weak chicken, three or two of you dare not come forward, wait and see how I can subdue him.”
Jia Dong had practiced his fists and kicks, so he was naturally not afraid. He stepped forward, and after only one round, he put this guy on the ground.
When Jia Dong clapped his hands, there was joy in the bar.
Some of this group of people are in favor of Jia Dong, and some people have done a good thing because of Jia Dong, but this is just something that is easy to forget, and it may not be remembered soon.
But the teenagers and youths who stood by and watched slightly remembered Jia Dong’s appearance.
When they met again, it was only a day later.
Although the “king of the Northeast” Jia Wanhao is called the King of the Northeast, it is not victory by force. When it comes to martial arts, it is naturally that Wang Luobing, the invincible in the Northeast, came to be even more powerful.

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