Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 812

But when the words came to the lips, they all understood each other, Jia Wanlie said from the side.
“What you do so hypocritically, if you really have any difficulties, just say it. It’s your own person. Can you help you without raising your hand?”
The Nie Chen brothers didn’t have any opinions. They came here naturally to befriend the Jia family on behalf of the Tianshan faction, the powerful family in the Northeast.
So when Jia Dong is embarrassed, they can also show their strength, so that the Tianshan faction will have more weight in future interactions with Jia’s family.
“Then, I’ll just say it, but the two brothers don’t laugh.”
After speaking, he began to talk about the encounter with Chen Feng.
“That damn guy, taking advantage of his own martial arts, he wants to bully others. I really want to help that girl, but I am not as strong as the other person. I can only watch that girl be taken away. She is still crying now. It reverberates in my ears, but there is nothing I can do.”
I almost burst into tears when I said something. Before I moved others, I might have been moved.
In his words, Chen Feng was the bully, and he was the hero who saved Lin Wanqiu, but the hero had never fought the bully.
Ben had a good image of Jia Dong, and when Nie Chen heard it, he was filled with righteous indignation.
“This kind of martial arts scum, everyone who I practice martial arts gets and punishes him.”
Jia Wanlie seemed to be surprised when he heard that Jia Dong had encountered such a thing for the first time.
“Why didn’t you tell your family early that although my Jia family is not strong, you can’t let others oppress you so much. In the future, I will look for some martial arts friends to avenge you.”
Before Jia Dong spoke, Nie Zheng on the side said again.
“Uncle, Brother Jia Dong, you don’t have to bother others about this matter. I think we two brothers are suitable.”
When he dared to speak his words, Nie Chen pulled him a bit, which naturally meant that he should not accept it at will.
But Nie Zheng was somewhat dissatisfied.
“This kind of villain, even if the family knows it, they won’t say anything, brother, in my Tianshan school doctrine, it can be said that if you see uneven roads, you can draw your sword to help.
“I know, it’s just…” Nie Chen hesitated more than his younger brother.
“This matter really doesn’t dare to bother you two. It’s just my Jia family’s business. If the Tianshan faction that you two represent is accidentally defeated, you can’t lose the face of the Tianshan faction. Then I. The Jia family can sin.”
Although it was a decline, but it was really aggressive. Jia Wanlie saw that these two young people had just set foot in the society and they were full of blood, so he said so.
And Nie Zheng was directly in the game, he was a little conceited.
“How can I lose? My brother has gone through more than a hundred competitions, big and small, and has never lost one. It’s just a villain who has cultivated evil powers. Our brothers will naturally punish evil and eliminate traitors.”
Nie Chen was also excited by this, and he was dissatisfied. His cultivation was so high that everyone he saw was admired and admired. Now he actually said that he would fail. No matter what the reason, he couldn’t bear it.
So it is even more resolute.
“This matter is even for our two brothers. The first time I came to the city, it was considered a gift from Tianshan to the King of Northeast. I hope that in the future, the Northeast can take care of Tianshan.”
“It’s easy to talk!”
Only inadvertently, the smile at the corner of Jia Dong’s mouth was not noticed by anyone.
On the night of the 15th, it was exactly when the moon was full.
People move by the moon, and the moon moves with the stars.
Chen Feng popped the cigarette butt out of the window at random. He has been waiting here for two minutes, but the agreed person still did not come.
The co-pilot next to his car was sitting with a petite child. She was eating a burger that Chen Feng bought from a fast food restaurant.
“You slow down, no one will rob you.”
But the thin and poor child didn’t mean to slow down at all. Those dirty hands were directly on the food, and they were thrown into their mouths, as if they hadn’t eaten for a long time.
The child Chen Feng met at the intersection when he came.
At that time, he bought a pack of cigarettes from a convenience store and just opened the door, he saw the child nestled in the co-pilot position, and he just didn’t see it from the outside.
Chen Feng was taken aback and asked hurriedly.
“who are you?”
But the child didn’t speak, and looked at Chen Feng with a messy face.
“Where are your parents?” Chen Feng asked tentatively again.
But there is still no answer.
Seeing Wei really pitiful, Chen Feng went into the convenience store again and bought some water and food.
“When you come down, I have something to do, but I can’t take you away. There is water and food here. If you come down, I can give it to you.”
Holding something in his hand, he said to the child persuasively.
Chen Feng could see that the child actually wanted it, but he was lying in front of the car window, thinking that no one would come down.
Chen Feng could have used it strong, but with his thin and small body, he was even afraid that he would cut his bones if he tried hard.
So in the end, it was like this, he sat there waiting, the child was still eating.
Obviously this bite caused the child to choke. He patted his chest, not knowing where the water had fallen.
Chen Feng reluctantly unscrewed the water in his seat and handed it over.
The child hurriedly took it and gulped.
“Are you an orphan?”
It was boring to wait for someone, so Chen Feng asked.
But he didn’t know if the child was dumb, he didn’t speak, and didn’t pay attention to Chen Feng.
Even if they were kindly fed to her, it seemed that they couldn’t let the children let go of their vigilance against Chen Feng.
However, Chen Feng didn’t take it to heart, because two guys in white had appeared under the moonlight from a distance.
These two are the Nie brothers, and they came to Yanjing to avenge Jia Dong.
Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t know them, but he stayed well at home and was suddenly almost broken by a stone. He couldn’t ignore it.
The note wrapped in the stone says this place.
He turned to the kid and said.
“You just sit here and don’t go, I’ll be back in a while.”
It must be unkind, but since he brought the children here, Chen Feng can only hope that he will not move.
He got out of the car alone.
“You are Chen Feng?”
Nie Zheng asked.
“Who are you again?”
“Tianshan sent disciples here to punish evil and promote good.”
Chen Feng was startled. He looked at the two men with serious faces, but he didn’t know why he was that evil.
But as soon as he asked, a sword light flashed.
The sword was so fast that Chen Feng was almost unresponsive for a while.
The cold light swept away, and the body was torn open before the slow body, exposing the wound with bleeding threads inside.
Chen Feng looked at the two with a cold eye, and actually started to do it as soon as he came up!

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