Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 813

Therefore, he naturally does not need to pay attention to anything.
Fists and feet cooperate with each other to pose a posture to meet the enemy.
But when Nie Zheng pierced with a sword, Nie Chen on the side also flew a sword without stopping.
With a parry this time, Chen Feng easily avoided it.
But before he could breathe, Nie Zheng’s sword came one after another.
A sword is faster than a sword, and a sword is stronger than a sword.
Chen Feng was also a little struggling to deal with it. He probably saw the strength of the other two. The big one was already the peak of Huajin. Although the small one was worse, it also came to the late stage of Huajin, and even had the hope of breaking through.
As soon as the two long swords were pushed back, Chen Feng also opened the distance immediately, he asked.
“Why are you here to kill me?”
“Stop talking nonsense, you are a bully who deceives men and women, and you practice evil demon methods. Naturally, people who are righteous in our generation will act for the heavens.”
Chen Feng couldn’t understand it, but now he has to find a bunch of reasons for the murder.
“Did you find the wrong person?” Chen Feng still questioned.
“It’s you who are looking for.”
After speaking, he attacked again.
Chen Feng was really angry. It was his first time in such an unclear fight. But in the face of the siege of these two men, he could only barely defend, and even fight back was very difficult, so don’t think about subduing them.
But the opponent has already hit the door, and he can only protect himself.
They fought together again, the long sword was rippling with moonlight, and across the surrounding walls, each time it seemed to leave a mark on it.
But after that, I couldn’t afford it.
The child sitting in Chen Feng’s car can clearly see what happened in front of her.
She was a little curious just like the martial arts master released from the billboard.
And even food and water couldn’t entice her to go down, because she became interested because of such a quick fight.
All this is only because she has no awareness of the dangers.
As soon as the car door opened, Chen Feng felt it.
He exclaimed in his heart, not to tell her not to come down.
But the small and dirty hands are holding the car body and walking towards here step by step.
Chen Feng was anxious, but the sword beside him didn’t mean to stop.
He seems to have no choice but to find a way to stay away from the child.
At the risk of being stabbed in the chest by a sword, he abruptly pulled himself out of the surrounding of the two of them, but just as he wanted to move a little farther away, a blade that pierced his throat blocked it. His way.
I have no choice but to give up.
But the child looked surprisingly, but fortunately, she just stood there and didn’t take a step forward.
Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief, but the situation was still not optimistic.
“You actually did such a conscientious thing.”
Nie Chen saw the little girl walking out of the car, her torn clothes and messy body reminded him of some terrible things.
“Do you have any misunderstandings about me?”
Chen Feng felt that there must be something wrong with this.
But I don’t know if it was because of being too angry, the other party had no defense, but just wanted to cut Chen Feng down, and the attack frequency was so high that Chen Feng began to be unable to resist it.
“Do you want to reverse the practice again.”
He was forced to think helplessly.
But the last time his body was in pain for a whole week, he felt every inch of his body’s muscles twitching pain, the veins and veins lost their flow, and the tingling sensation seemed to always exist in his mind.
That kind of pain is definitely not something normal people can bear, and absolutely no one wants to bear it a second time.
It may be that the thought of this kind of fear made Chen Feng a step slower, and a sword passed through his thigh, splashing black blood in the moonlight.
The little girl was startled and wanted to hide in the car in fear.
But Chen Feng has no time to pay attention, his situation is very dangerous.
“I don’t know if you heard about it from there, or if you were deceived by someone, but now we can only fight, and I don’t need to show mercy anymore.”
After that, he was ready to do his best, even if the pain was not easy for him to bear, but at least it would keep him alive.
The breath on his body began to slowly speed up slowly, and when he was completely reversed, he would come to that kind of incomprehensible state.
But the momentum I just mentioned, but I heard a sound in my ears.
But he was already a little unable to stop, once the exercises were performed, it would be impossible to stop again.
The eyes are red and the heat is steaming, just like the Tai Sui in the world.
The powerful air flow that broke out caused the Nie brothers to take three steps back.
In addition to dealing with Chen Feng’s sudden eruption, they thought that this might be the initial performance of Chen Feng’s evil arts, and then whether it would be a black-scaly covered body, they had already made enough preparations.
At the same time they are also guarding against the person who just made the noise.
I knew it was a woman just now, but when I saw the person coming, my heart was shocked.
The feminine temperament is refined, wearing a long strapless dress, and a pair of red high heels steadily landed on the uneven ground.
But what shocked them even more was that they knew this woman.
“Miss Qingzhi!”
The two brothers exclaimed in unison.
The woman’s surname is Yang, and her name is Qingzhi. She is an extremely mysterious person.
The Nie brothers only met once, or on the birthday of their head, but didn’t expect to see them here today.
“Why are you Miss Qingzhi?” Nie Zheng asked.
But Qing Zhi did not answer. She walked to Chen Feng’s car and said, looking at the scared but curious girl sitting in the car.
“Why don’t you tell me.”
She spoke very strangely, but it was as if she was speaking to an adult, but the child in front of her obviously avoided her and did not dare to speak.
“I have been looking for you for so long, but you are deliberately hiding from me, why on earth?”
She asked again.
But before she knew the answer, a violent fist struck her.
“I let you know exactly why.”
The owner of this fist was naturally Chen Feng. He reversed the technique, with only fighting intent in his heart, and his reason was no longer restrained, so he immediately moved his hand at the nearest Qing Zhi.
“Miss Qingzhi, be careful!”
The two brothers were also surprised, and when they saw Chen Feng’s hands, they would give a reminder, and they already rushed over.
But Qing Zhi only fiddled with him, and Chen Feng was sent out by her.
Such strength, I am afraid that the master is no doubt.
But Chen Feng didn’t care about the opponent’s strength, he just wanted to fight.
As soon as they were about to go up again, the two brothers were already close.
Chen Feng could only fight with them again.
Qing Zhi ignored them, looked at the girl in the car, and said coldly.
“If you don’t return to me, I will wait here.”
After speaking, he stood there without talking, just looking at the child.
The fight on the other side is even more intense.

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