Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 814

Chen Feng’s strength has improved greatly, the blood from the thigh wound has stopped by himself, and he can’t feel any pain, so the fight with the two brothers is not afraid.
In exchange for tricks, he has a slight advantage.
But while Chen Feng was in full swing, he fell into a weird silence here at Qingzhi.
It’s like two completely different images appearing in the same time and space.
One static and one movement, one man and one woman.
Time seems to be stagnated by this kind of space.
But that was just sensible time. After Chen Feng punched Nie Chen in the chest and forced him back more than ten steps, everything changed.
Nie Chen’s mouth was sweet, and then he spit out a big mouthful of blood. The power of this punch made him at least hurt his spleen and lungs.
Nie Zheng was also anxious, and the sword in his hand was still dancing. Seeing that this was somewhat defeated, he could barely maintain it.
At this time, Nie Chen turned around and looked at Qing Zhi. He already knew that even he and his brothers would no longer be able to subdue Chen Feng, so he wanted to seek Qing Zhi’s help. What they saw just now was just a move, and they also saw Qing Zhi’s The strength is extremely high.
If she joined, then it would be easy to capture the culprit Chen Feng.
But Qingzhi stood still like loose, not paying attention to their thoughts at all.
Helpless, he joined the battle again, because Nie Zheng alone could not resist Chen Feng’s offensive.
Chen Feng’s fist was fast, and even felt faster and faster. Just now Nie Zheng used a sword to resist, and the long sword was bent into a full bow, still let him take another punch.
He took a step back, and then saw that Nie Chen was also punched and also retreated.
Both brothers knew that if they continued to fight, they would even die here. The two looked at each other, and the tacit understanding they had cultivated over the years allowed them to know what they were thinking.
A moment later, Nie Zheng’s sword pretended to attack, and Nie Chen wanted to escape.
But Chen Feng didn’t have any intention to let Nie Chen go. He put aside Nie Zheng’s sword and chased Nie Chen directly, but just as he was about to bully him, Nie Zheng changed his pace and hurriedly pulled away. The distance with Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was annoyed, feeling teased, and immediately left Nie Zheng, but Nie Chen couldn’t keep it anymore.
When the reaction came, the two brothers escaped from the battle circle in one direction.
The endless fighting spirit in Chen Feng’s heart unexpectedly lost the direction of venting. Without the goal of the two brothers, he could only deal with the nearest Qing Zhi.
Still a fist, a heavy fist.
But as if there was an eye behind him, Qing Zhi easily avoided it without looking back.
Chen Feng was about to grab Qing Zhi’s shoulder shortly, but a bare hand held the back of his hand in an instant, and his wrist broke with a bang.
Chen Feng didn’t have any pain, but his wrist was unable to move. Putting down his right hand, he changed his left hand again.
However, it’s like copying and pasting, it’s just a reproduction of the scene just now.
He dragged two useless hands, only his feet were left to attack.
It’s just that he may never have the chance to hit his forehead with a hand knife, and what he can see is instantly blurred.
Chen Feng fell to the ground, and the little girl sitting in the passenger seat finally had a reaction.
Qing Zhi also saw that the little girl seemed to care about Chen Feng, and said.
“You know him?”
When the girl heard Qing Zhi’s voice, she originally wanted to see Chen Feng, her head shrank again.
“It seems that you don’t know him, then I will kill him.”
Qing Zhi glanced at Chen Feng coldly, and then started to do it.
The girl finally made a sound, she stopped.
Qing Zhi smiled lightly. She didn’t care about Chen Feng’s life or death. If the little girl didn’t stop her, she might kill Chen Feng directly because she was just a dispensable fellow.
“Sure enough, you know him. Are you in love?”
Qing Zhi once again said something that was obviously strange to the ear.
But the girl seemed to be back in a state of fear and cringe.
“Well, I won’t kill him.”
After that, she opened the back door of the car, picked up Chen Feng who fell on the ground with one hand, and then threw it to the back seat like trash.
Naturally, Chen Feng already didn’t know this, and Qing Zhi drove his car, taking the big and small two people with them and didn’t know where to go.
Chen Feng was awakened by his own pain. The pain that burrowed into his bones made him unable to stop even coma, and he might immediately become unconscious due to the pain.
But when he opened his eyes, he realized that he was now soaking in a big tank.
It’s the kind of big jar of pickles, it’s more than enough to put him alone.
At the tip of his nose, it was a very strange and unpleasant smell. I don’t know what it was, but it must be the smell of the liquid he soaked.
He wanted to stand up, but he didn’t seem to be conscious in all his limbs. Except for being able to feel the body, other places seemed to be non-existent.
It may also be the effect of such a potion.
And the pain in the body continued, and the immobile body made him unable to even struggle for a while, so he could only rely on his brain to forcibly endure it.
But no matter how tough a person’s will is, he can’t bear this kind of pain. Fortunately, Chen Feng went into a coma again.
Only this time, it took a long time, and the pain spread on his body. Without the transmission of nerves, he knew nothing.
Those weird medicinal liquids also began to dilute, as if they had filtered through Chen Feng’s sieve, leaving all the impurities in his body. He didn’t know how long he had fainted before he woke up.
But after waking up, the pain was gone.
Refreshing to a new look, comfortable to be blown by the summer evening breeze.
Standing not far away, Chen Feng knew him.
She was crushing something, banging and grinding it continuously.
But when Chen Feng woke up, she seemed to be able to see it, and turned to look at Chen Feng.
“Are you awake?”
“Where is this?” Chen Feng asked.
“This is my home. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you, but your weird technique is too insidious. I can only use some herbs to ease your pain.”
Chen Feng looked at Qing Zhi very seriously. He wanted to be grateful for the other person. He knew that this kind of pain had caused him torture. If it weren’t for this kind of herb, he might have to endure it for a longer time. Last time was a week. This time it may be longer.
At this time, Qing Zhi said again.
“Although I can’t see what you learned, you still don’t use it in the end. It’s not good for you.”
Chen Feng didn’t respond much, he naturally knew, but sometimes this kind of thing is not for him to decide.
After that, Qingzhi didn’t speak any more, and walked out after grinding the herbs.
Chen Feng was there alone, unable to do anything, but after a long time, a child walked in.
The child is very delicate, wearing a white gown, with a red face.

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