Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 815

At first glance, Chen Feng hadn’t recognized the other person, but soon he still remembered the dirty child.
She was a little shy and didn’t dare to see Chen Feng.
Hidden behind the table only dared to look secretly, Chen Feng smiled at her.
After a stalemate for about a minute, the little girl dared to walk over tentatively.
As if seeing Chen Feng really not in danger, her two little hands were lying on the tank, and she looked at Chen Feng’s body soaked in the potion.
“Aren’t you afraid of me?”
Chen Feng asked softly.
But the little girl didn’t speak, she just watched for a while, as if she didn’t see anything, and gave up.
“You come to see him?”
At this time, Qing Zhi’s voice came from the door.
The girl looked like a frightened rabbit, shrank and hid behind Chen Feng’s big tank, not daring to look at Qing Zhi.
“You still don’t dare to come out to see me, why on earth?”
She seemed to be asking a child, but Chen Feng couldn’t understand what she meant.
“Forget it, I won’t force you, but you can’t leave me anymore, that’s enough.”
After she finished speaking, she put the herbal basket in her hand in the corner and began to take care of the herbs that she had just picked.
Going to see Qing Zhi’s back alone is like a daughter of a mountain forest. The mountains and rivers nurture her, with the unique breath of mountains and rivers.
But Chen Feng couldn’t think about it this way. Qingzhi’s martial arts power was definitely not something a mountain girl could do, and Chen Feng still remembered that when she first saw her, it was a beautiful evening dress.
Her identity is more likely to be the daughter of a mysterious family.
This is Chen Feng’s guess about Qing Zhi, but as for the girl behind him in hiding, Chen Feng still doesn’t know why Qing Zhi talks to her like that.
Is it true that the girl is not as old as she looks, it is just that she has some kind of disease, which has caused the loss of memory.
It seems that everything is unknown.
Chen Fengcai came out of the medicine jar on the third night, and Qing Zhi stood beside him.
Chen Feng was a little embarrassed. He was sitting in the medicine tank at this time, all over his body, and he would be seen by Qing Zhi when he stood up.
So he looked a little bit twisted.
“What are you rubbing against? I can take off your clothes. I haven’t seen anything else. Stand up now and let me see if you have absorbed all the liquid medicine.”
Chen Feng chirped, and stood up a little helplessly.
It’s just that although Qing Zhi said that, after Chen Feng stood up, he blushed a little embarrassingly.
The liquid medicine in the medicine tank didn’t taste much at this time. The contents were either absorbed by Chen Feng or sank to the bottom of the tank. Qing Zhi took a scoop and put it in front of his nose and sniffed.
“If you use it in the future, you can reduce it appropriately. Of course, I’m just saying this. You’d better not try it. It will only hurt you.”
Chen Feng was very grateful to this woman who met for the first time, but he always had a question in his heart. He thought about it and asked.
“Why are you helping me?”
Qing Zhi was stunned, stopped his movements, and looked at Chen Feng.
“You gave her food and water, which is enough for me to help you.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect this to be the reason, and Qing Zhi said again.
“Now that you are well, you don’t need to stay here anymore, just leave at night.”
She was very straightforward, and she didn’t even plan to give him the time she wanted Chen Feng to stay here all night.
Chen Feng looked at the darkening sky outside the window, and this place was still in the mountains, she seemed to be a little too impersonal to let him leave like this.
“Can I leave tomorrow?” Chen Feng asked.
But Qing Zhi threw a set of clothes to Chen Feng and shook his head directly.
“No way.”
Chen Feng wanted to find some clues that she was joking on Qing Zhi’s face, but unfortunately, she was serious.
Maybe Chen Feng still didn’t believe it. He always felt that after a while, Qing Zhi would smile and tell him that she was joking.
And until Chen Feng was standing on the mountain road with Qing Zhi’s hut behind him, he didn’t know how cruel this woman was. Her beautiful appearance was definitely the most disproportionate heart, but he was so helpless that he couldn’t beat Qing. Zhi, there is no other way but to leave.
Darkness enveloped this mountain and forest, and he didn’t even know where he was, but Chen Feng still tried to walk down the mountain.
The mountain road is difficult to walk, and Starlight can only let Chen Feng see the rough road for a little while, and all he can do is to explore it slowly.
Some slabs were laid on some obviously steep places, which should have been made by Qingzhi, which made Chen Feng’s path a little easier, but he still felt that it was very difficult to walk down the mountain.
He touched his pocket, and there was only the car key that Qing Zhi threw to him when he left. She told Chen Feng that his car was parked in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain.
“Forget it, just wait until the foot of the mountain.”
Even the complaining heart was gone, just as Chen Feng was about to continue on the road, the light of a flashlight shone from a distance.
Chen Feng looked at the past suspiciously, but there are still people going up the mountain at this time?
He stood there and waited for a while, and the few people who had gone up the mountain approached.
The other party had four people in total, all men, each carrying a travel bag, and they looked like they were traveling, but even if they were traveling, they would never climb the mountain at night.
Chen Feng questioned several people.
Several people may have been shocked when they saw Chen Feng, but they were a little relieved when they noticed that Chen Feng is a person and a real person.
“Brother, what are you?”
One of the middle-aged man with a beard asked.
“I was driven down from above!”
Chen Feng answered honestly.
“What do you do? Why are you still climbing here so late.”
Another man with glasses replied.
“We are to watch the sunrise tomorrow. We don’t want to wait on the mountain for a day, so we chose this time to climb up.”
Although Chen Feng didn’t know whether this reason was true or false, it did sound like it was.
“Then you guys go ahead. Well, yes, how long will it take to go down now, is it far from the parking lot at the foot of the mountain?”
Hearing Chen Feng’s question, the bearded man glanced at Chen Feng with some confusion before replying.
“We started climbing from there at three o’clock in the afternoon, and it is nine o’clock in the evening.”
Chen Feng looked at the dark mountains and forests in the distance, and he felt desperate.
This made him even resent Qing Zhi.
“That cruel woman, how could you let me live on the mountain all night.”
But it is impossible for Qing Zhi to hear Chen Feng’s complaint.
Being worried, the big beard said again.
“Brother, I don’t think you should go down anymore. Or else we have watched the sunrise with us, how about going down together tomorrow.”
Chen Feng thought for a while, felt it didn’t matter, and nodded.
The five were on the road again, and Chen Feng asked their names.

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