Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 816

The bearded man who spoke very much to Chen Feng at the beginning was called Zhou Xinghai, a teacher.
The guy with the glasses is called Xue Ping, who runs a restaurant. The other two are also their friends, one is Yang Zhi and the other is Lin Tian.
They like to travel when they are okay. Later, when they found out that they were all in the same city during a tour group, they simply formed a team and explored undeveloped tourist attractions in the surrounding area, which was regarded as a kind of fun for them.
Meeting Chen Feng today was also a day of their trip. They just came to the foot of the mountain in the afternoon. They wanted to see the sunrise here, and then look at other scenery, and they were ready to go back. It was just a short trip for them.
Chen Feng talked a lot with them, but for himself, he still chose to conceal it. Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, martial arts are unrealistic things.
Located in the hut in Qingzhi near the top of the mountain, a few people soon arrived.
Chen Feng looked at the light in the cabin, maybe the two of them hadn’t rested yet.
“This is your friend’s house?”
Xue Ping asked.
Chen Feng nodded.
“In fact, I also really hope that I can have a house here, in my free time, or when I am old, I can spend it here. This is the place closest to nature.”
Chen Feng didn’t speak, because just standing there, the door outside Qingzhi courtyard was opened.
Holding a lamp, Qing Zhi saw a group of people standing not far away, and of course she also saw Chen Feng.
“Why are you back again? You brought these people?”
Chen Feng replied.
“I met them halfway, just come with them to watch the sunrise, and we will leave until tomorrow morning.”
He was afraid that Qing Zhi thought he had any purpose, so he explained it seriously.
Qing Zhi hesitated to look at a few people, but said nothing.
The little girl picked up by Chen Feng stood beside Qing Zhi at this time. She seemed very happy when she saw Chen Feng.
Chen Feng also smiled at her.
But Qing Zhi was about to close the door and ignored Chen Feng.
“I want to see!”
Just as Qing Zhi started her hands, the little girl suddenly raised her head and said to Qing Zhi.
Qing Zhi stopped and looked at the little girl.
The little girl’s expression was stubborn and seemed to be fighting for her own ideas.
After being stared at by Qing Zhi for a long time, she didn’t give up, she was very firm.
In the end, Qing Zhi was defeated, and she glanced at Chen Feng with blame.
Chen Feng was a little trembling when he was seen.
“Since you want to go, then go, but you must be by my side. If you leave me, I will kill this man.” Qing Zhi said.
Hearing that Qing Zhi had agreed, even Chen Feng wanted to be happy for the girl, but when he heard the latter sentence, he looked at Qing Zhi somewhat unexpectedly.
“I’ll clean up and we will leave.”
She speaks with an unquestionable power, and when she says to follow, it will naturally follow.
On the road, there was originally a team of four people. At the beginning, Chen Feng was added, but now two people are added again, and now there are seven people.
The small team also has a sense of growth.
The four of Xue Ping walked in the front, Chen Feng in the middle, and Qing Zhi and the little girl followed at the end. They did not speak, and followed the team calmly.
Chen Feng even wanted to find some topics, but just turned around to look at them, when Qing Zhi stared back at them with frosty eyes.
He also had to give up.
Fortunately, the mountain road to the top of the mountain is not too long. After walking for more than an hour, I came to the top of the mountain.
Find a place to rest, and prepare to wait until the sun comes.
Chen Feng sat beside Qing Zhi.
Qing Zhi glanced at Chen Feng slantingly, but didn’t say anything.
After sitting down, Chen Feng didn’t speak at first, but after a few minutes, he watched Qing Zhi leaning against the girl in his arms, and he asked.
“What is the relationship between you and this girl?”
“It has nothing to do with you!”
Qing Zhi forced his eyes to answer indifferently.
After eating a closed door, Chen Feng continued to ask cheeky.
“I know you seem to want her by your side so much, is she someone of yours, relatives? Daughter?”
“Do you think I will not kill you.”
The answer is colder than before.
Chen Feng fought a cold war, the murderous aura was so strong, he knew that if he said another word, he might be a dead body.
He retired obediently, a small hand hooked the corner of his clothes, he looked over, it was the hand of the little girl.
Chen Feng smiled at the little girl.
It’s just that Qing Zhi saw this scene again, she was a little gloomy, as if she didn’t like the little girl’s contact with Chen Feng.
When Chen Feng was about to turn back to sleep and wait for the sunrise, he heard Qing Zhi’s question.
“Who do you think she is?”
Chen Feng was a little surprised, and Qing Zhi asked him actively.
But if you can talk, you can at least get closer, he glanced at the little girl and said.
“I think she might be your daughter! Otherwise you wouldn’t care about her so much, but I don’t understand why you lost her and found her suddenly.”
Although Qing Zhi is not very old, but the little girl is less than ten years old. If Qing Zhi had a child early, it would still make sense.
But Chen Feng was stared at by Qing Zhi again, and he knew that he had guessed wrong.
“Sister? But I don’t think you are very similar.”
Seeing Qing Zhi expressionless, Chen Feng felt that he had guessed wrong.
This was the answer he could imagine, but he didn’t guess it right, so he had to give up.
“I do not know then.”
“forget about it.”
“Well, don’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t say I want to tell you.”
Chen Feng thought about what Qing Zhi just said, she seemed to just let herself guess.
He looked at Qing Zhi. He felt that if he could slap her, he would definitely slap her twice.
But nothing happened. After being teased like this, Chen Feng also lost the idea of ​​continuing to talk with Qing Zhi, and simply lay on the ground, waiting for the sun to arrive the next day.
It was in the wild, and Chen Feng didn’t sleep deeply. It might have been only half an hour before the woman next to him patted him on the shoulder.
He opened his eyes suspiciously, and wanted to ask what he was doing.
But Qing Zhi made a silent gesture at her.
Chen Feng looked at her with a serious expression, and he also became nervous.
He raised his head and looked in the direction Qing Zhi looked towards.
A piebald leopard is really watching here slowly.
The leopard didn’t come over immediately, it might just be tentative, and when he realized there was no danger, it might rush over immediately, mercilessly.
Chen Feng did not expect to encounter this situation.
“Can you handle it?”
But he didn’t worry too much. He could deal with it, but he couldn’t protect other people. Qing Zhi was a famous master, and he trusted her even more.

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Did the original author die? It is very inconsistent with the first half of the story. First the mc was said to b the youngest in history to reach huajin now there are peak huajin that are younger than the mc. The lin wanqiu was kissed by the mc when he was only obsessed with her wife and does entertain even the saint of vatican or princess anne of london.

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