Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 817

Sure enough, as he thought, Qing Zhi nodded.
“But I can’t do it now.”
Chen Feng wondered.
“I have my reasons, so don’t ask, I will stay here to protect them, and you will drive it away.”
Qing Zhi’s explanation was very perfunctory, and Chen Feng didn’t ask further, just glanced at the girl sleeping in Qing Zhi’s arms, and then quietly touched it.
The piebald leopard also noticed the approaching Chen Feng. It slowly moved its steps, looking for the best moment to attack Chen Feng.
At the same time, Chen Feng didn’t dare to underestimate the enemy, both eyes were fixed on the beast.
The closer the distance between the two is, they may scuffle together in the next moment.
And this moment happened very quickly, Chen Feng blinked, and Leopard was already close at hand.
He also reacted swiftly, bending his body, avoiding the leopard’s bite.
He immediately turned around to guard against another attack by the leopard.
He has a lot of experience in dealing with people, but it is the first time that Chen Feng has dealt with beasts.
But just now, he already had a feeling, the fist in his hand had already been squeezed, and when it came next time, he could shoot.
Sure enough, this one will come soon next time.
The speed even felt a little faster, but Chen Feng was ready early, and the leopard leaped forward, and Chen Feng had already shot in mid-air.
The big fist of the sandbag hit the leopard’s stomach, and the abdomen immediately sank into a piece. Chen Feng could feel that his punch hit the leopard’s internal organs directly.
There was a stern cry of the beast, and the leopard immediately fell to the ground and lay there, twitching constantly, and may never stand up again.
Chen Feng took a look and decided to end his life in the past. Now this is just painful for a leopard.
He squatted next to the leopard and glanced at it last.
“Don’t blame me, it’s just that you are staring at us, if I don’t do it, you will do it too.”
After speaking, without any hesitation, he directly hit the leopard’s skull and killed him.
Alright, the hidden danger of Leopard was resolved, and Chen Feng was about to return to Qing Zhi, but when he just turned around, everything was different.
Qing Zhi fell to the ground, beside the little girl, she sat there quietly, without any response.
And standing beside Qing Zhi was Xue Ping, the gentle man with eyes.
He held a dagger in his hand, with some kind of liquid dripping on it, and a smile on his face.
Chen Feng couldn’t believe what he saw. Qing Zhi’s strength had been personally tried. At the master level, he couldn’t beat him even after the transformation, but why was he knocked down so easily by the opponent.
He thought of a possibility, could it be that the other party had the same strength as her.
Chen Feng was scared after a while.
But when she saw the little girl, she was sitting there on her knees, and Chen Feng didn’t want to leave her behind.
He still went forward to see if there was a chance to sneak away the little girl, or the purpose of these people was just Qingzhi.
He thought so, but he also knew how unrealistic this idea was.
But he can’t help it.
It was only a few tens of meters away from them, but he walked very slowly.
But as long as he walked on, he could always come, he walked in front of a few people.
They looked at Chen Feng one by one,
Zhou Xinghai said.
“We don’t want to be your enemy, she is dead, our mission is completed, we leave separately, you shouldn’t want to fight with the four of us either.”
He seemed to be talking to Chen Feng like a tentative, and it seemed that he didn’t have the inevitable confidence to defeat Chen Feng.
Chen Feng felt that they might not have the level of a master, and Qing Zhi’s move might be because of herself.
He thought of Qing Zhi telling him that she had her own reasons, so he became more and more sure.
Looking at these people, Chen Feng questioned.
“Why are you doing this? Is everything planned? She has enemies with you?”
It was Chen Feng who led them to see Qing Zhi, so he felt guilty that he had killed Qing Zhi.
But Xue Ping did not expect to say.
“We have a plan, but we didn’t expect to meet you. Chen Feng, do you think you have concealed your identity, so we don’t know you? We know that you are very strong, so when we were all about to give up the plan, You took this woman to the top of the mountain.
God helps me too, as expected, today should be the death day of this woman, but the location is chosen here. ”
When Chen Feng heard this, he was surprised. He didn’t expect that the other party would have recognized him long ago, and he wanted to hide it ridiculously.
Looking at Qing Zhi and the girl who fell on the ground, Chen Feng didn’t have much choice. He couldn’t protect the little girl when he was fighting with the four of them.
So he can only choose to agree to the other party’s proposal.
“Well, I won’t do it with you, you go down the mountain, but I want her body.”
Xue Ping glanced at Chen Feng and hesitated for a few seconds.
“Yes! This woman is dead, it’s of no use to us.”
After speaking, the four of them stared at Chen Feng cautiously and slowly widened the distance from Chen Feng.
After walking a certain distance and realizing that Chen Feng had no idea of ​​catching up, he ran away boldly.
And Chen Feng also came to Qing Zhi’s corpse. He really didn’t expect that he would just get along with her for a few days before collecting the body for her.
Suddenly he was still sad and silent.
The girl sat there on her knees without crying or talking, just staring at Qing Zhi blankly.
Maybe her reaction to Qing Zhi was more of a stranger.
Chen Feng tried to pull the little girl up, but the girl broke free of his hand and sat there still motionless, maybe even though she only got along for a few days, she still had feelings.
He was thinking, but he heard the girl’s voice.
“You are anxious for me to come back, I am back now, but are you leaving?”
The girl’s tone had some steadiness that didn’t match her age, and she was more like an adult.
Chen Feng looked at the girl strangely, and the girl continued.
“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have left you. I never thought that our goodbye would be like this. I should see you soon. If I can…, but there are no more ifs, I’m sorry.”
After speaking, the girl fainted directly, lying next to Qing Zhi’s body.
Just like dreaming, Chen Feng couldn’t imagine what had just happened.
That strange tone, no matter how you look at girls, they shouldn’t be just girls.
But now she seemed to have passed out, and Chen Feng was stunned for a few seconds before returning to his senses.
“I should dispose of the body!”
He didn’t know how to do it for a while, so he could only start with Qingzhi.
He pulled the girl away, ready to take Qing Zhi down the hillside.
But I just went to touch Qing Zhi, only to find something strange.
The body, which had no breath, had ups and downs, and she did not die.
Chen Feng looked at Qing Zhi in surprise, how could this be possible.

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