Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 818

The wound on her chest hadn’t even stopped bleeding, and the large piece of clothing stained red truly told Chen Feng that Qingzhi should be a dead person, because the place where she was stabbed was the heart, a place where she must die.
But the faint breath, the heartbeat that had struggled to beat again, was telling Chen Feng again that she was not dead yet.
Suspecting in his heart, he stretched out his hand and touched Qing Zhi’s neck, where the beating of blood vessels once again confirmed that Qing Zhi was still alive.
Although Chen Feng was surprised, what he needed to do most at this time was to save his life.
The wound was still bleeding, Qingzhi’s breath was also very weak, and the drenched Qingyi was coagulated by the blood and stuck to the wound.
Chen Feng glanced, he hesitated to tear open the clothes there, revealing Bai Xi’s skin and the crippling wound. The wound was at the heart position, not bad at all.
But the feeling of a little beating was also talking, she was still alive.
The sexiness in the blood, the contrast of red and white, the softness and horror are intertwined.
Chen Feng tore off his shirt, pulled it apart into a strip of cloth, and then pressed it on Qing Zhi’s wound in circles, hoping to stop the bleeding of blood.
But soon the originally gray cloth strip was impregnated and turned into a dark and lacquer appearance, and the blood stains would flow down again along the cloth strip.
Helpless, Chen Feng pressed his hands against Qing Zhi’s wound, hoping to stop it with external force.
Having been busy for a long time, perhaps because of Qing Zhi’s physical strength, or Chen Feng’s timely rescue, the blood from the wound finally has a tendency to stop.
Chen Feng sat on the ground tiredly, looking at the even a little fascinating scene but couldn’t get any thoughts.
Afterwards, he didn’t know how he brought Qingzhi and the girl back to her hut, and he didn’t know the meaning of guarding such a person who might die at any time.
But he still waited by Qing Zhi’s bed.
When the first ray of sunlight came into the room in the morning, Chen Feng slowly opened his eyes. There was Qingzhi lying on the bed, and the little girl was sleeping on a mat not far away.
But watching, Qing Zhi still showed no sign of waking up.
He stood up and looked at Qing Zhi’s wound again. The blood had completely stopped, his breathing and heartbeat were still there, but his breath was weak.
Chen Feng found the gauze tape and herbs to heal the wound in the hut. He put on Qingzhi, after thinking about it, he gave her an antibiotic.
He is not a professional doctor, and there is only this he can do.
After doing everything well, Chen Feng walked out of the house.
There was a mountain spring on the side of the house. The early morning air was especially fresh. The spring water was gurgling, and the sun shone on Chen Feng’s face through an ancient locust tree at the door.
He was intoxicated for a few minutes, but he saw movement not far away.
Maybe it was a beast, he thought so, but soon he saw someone coming.
It was the appearance of a Taoist, with his hair in a bun and a sword on his back. The first thing Chen Feng thought of was Qingqiu.
And sure enough, when the people approached, Chen Feng saw his face, and it was definitely Qingqiu.
When Qingqiu saw Chen Feng, he was a little surprised, and asked Chen Feng.
“Why is the Taoist friend here, where is the owner?”
Chen Feng also didn’t expect Qingqiu to know Qingzhi, but because of what happened last time, he didn’t have a good impression of Qingqiu, so he didn’t want to pay attention to him, just looking at him.
Qingqiu didn’t seem to care. After smiling at Chen Feng, he walked to the house by himself.
Chen Feng also followed immediately.
In the room, it is still the same, the unconscious Qing Zhi is not awake, and the girl is still asleep.
The faint bloody breath of the room directly told Qingqiu what had happened, and he turned around and asked Xiang Chen Feng.
“She was hurt?”
“Can you save her?”
Chen Feng asked rhetorically.
“I don’t know, I have to read it before I can make a statement.”
When he came to Qing Zhi’s side, he untied the bandage that Chen Feng had just put on, he said.
“There may be some hope, but these herbs are too crude and have no effect on her recovery.”
Chen Feng relied on his only knowledge to use this for Qing Zhi, and he didn’t feel that Qing Qiu’s words were insulting to him.
After Qingqiu finished speaking, he searched in the room. There were a lot of medicines collected by Qingzhi in the medicine cabinet on the side, but Qingqiu looked for it for a while, and it seemed that he didn’t have what he wanted.
“There is no agave here!”
“What should I do?” Chen Feng asked.
“There are in the mountains. Go and find them together.”
Chen Feng looked at Qing Zhi and the girl, a little worried about their question.
“Can’t you be alone? If they have any problems, I can take care of them.”
Qingqiu explained calmly.
“Now her situation is only on the verge of life and death, and one more time will have more hope of saving her. I can go by myself, but in terms of efficiency, it is definitely not as good as two people.”
After Chen Feng listened, he didn’t think there was any problem. Now Qingzhi and the two are unconscious, leaving temporarily will not cause any impact, he nodded thinking about it.
“Okay, I’ll go with you.”
The two of them were walking on the road with the medicine basket on their backs, while Qingqiu and Chen Feng introduced the habits and appearance of the agave.
“If you see it, you can naturally recognize it easily,” Qingqiu said.
Chen Feng followed behind, he had remembered the agave, but looking at the Qingqiu in front of him, he thought about it and asked.
“Who is that woman? Does it have anything to do with you?”
“Don’t you know her?”
Qingqiu asked curiously.
“I don’t know, I just met by chance.” Chen Feng replied.
“Then you still don’t want to know too much. She doesn’t want anyone to know her situation. If she knows that I told you, she must find me trouble.”
Chen Feng asked about loneliness, he closed his mouth, and followed Qingqiu.
The place where the agave fell in the upper reaches of the stream was a dark place. Although it was easy to identify, the two of them still found some after searching for a long time.
They picked a lot of them.
Qingqiu looked at the agave and some other herbs in the medicine basket, and stopped Chen Feng.
“These should be enough. Go back and apply it to her first. You can come back later. Anyway, you have found a place.”
Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t care, and he hurried back with Qingqiu again.
I thought it would be as silent as when I came, but after leaving for a while, Qingqiu said.
“I seem to have told you that there is a master in the world, and the amount is determined by heaven. The number of three or four is already the largest pattern. If you want to increase one more person, you need to fall from the original twelve people. Such a bearing of heavenly talent.”
After listening to him, Chen Feng probably guessed what he meant.
According to his meaning, Qing Zhi was one of those twelve people, and he and Qing Qiu were eager to climb to the realm of the master again.

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