Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 820

The palace woman asked.
Chen Feng didn’t know how to answer, but hesitated, the woman pulled him away and walked into the room.
She saw Qing Zhi lying there, and went to inspect it anxiously.
When he discovered that Qing Zhi was in a coma, he questioned Chen Feng even more.
“What happened to her, what did you do to her?”
Chen Feng shook his head innocently, but the other party obviously didn’t believe it.
“It’s not you, you’re the only one here. What did you do to her?”
The woman asked again.
The two old men behind Chen Feng are also ready to deal with Chen Feng.
And Chen Feng didn’t dare to make any moves. He was not sure of the opponent’s strength, but the three of them should all be martial artists.
“I know the reason you doubted me, but I can only say that I really don’t know. She was attacked by a group of people to make her look like this. They stabbed her heart, but she didn’t die. I did it for her. Healing, but I haven’t woken up until now, that’s it.”
The beautiful woman in palace clothes looked at Chen Feng seriously, and at the same time noticed the girl hiding in the corner, pointed at the girl and asked.
“Who is she?”
Chen Feng looked at the girl, he didn’t know how to introduce it.
“Qing Zhi knows her.”
After thinking about it, maybe this is the best answer.
Sure enough, after hearing Qing Zhi’s name, the beautiful woman’s vigilance towards the girl was reduced.
But for Chen Feng, she still does.
“It’s best not to let me find that you are lying to me, otherwise, I will make you worse off than death.”
Just as Qingzhi threatened Chen Feng, the eyes of the two were so similar.
After speaking, the beautiful woman ignored Chen Feng, but carefully checked Qing Zhi’s injury.
In fact, after so many days of recuperation, Qing Zhi is much better than at the beginning, and her breath is at least much more stable than at the beginning.
But the beautiful woman was not relieved. She threw away all the herbs used to treat the Qingzhi wound, and then took out a bottle of powder from what she had brought.
Carefully sprinkle the medicine powder on the wounds that are beginning to grow new meat, and re-bandage, it seems to be relieved.
When the beautiful woman in the palace costume did all this, she ordered the two old men to find a stretcher, and asked them to put Qingzhi on the stretcher, and the beautiful woman said to Chen Feng.
“You are no longer needed here. Go back wherever you came from.”
Chen Feng was silent, although he still didn’t know what the relationship between this beautiful woman and Qing Zhi was, but it should be okay to look at it. At least he couldn’t feel what they would do to Qing Zhi.
And Qing Zhi could have a better arrangement, he also thought it was nothing, it was just a little girl, he looked at her.
The beautiful woman saw Chen Feng’s thoughts, she said.
“Since Qing Zhi knows this girl, then I will also take her away. It has nothing to do with you.”
Chen Feng lowered his head and thought about it. There must be a deep relationship between the girl and Qing Zhi, and when Qing Zhi woke up, he naturally wanted to see the girl, so he also felt that this decision was fine.
“Well, take good care of her, her memory may be a little confused, so…”
“You don’t need to worry about this.”
The tone of the beautiful woman is still cold, the kind of coldness that is not close to humanity.
Chen Feng glanced at the girl one last time, and it was time to leave.
But as soon as he turned around, the girl understood those meanings in the conversation between the two of them. She got up from the corner and ran towards Chen Feng.
But before she passed, she was held back by the beautiful woman.
The girl struggled and even started crying, but to no avail, the beautiful woman’s hands were tight.
The sunlight outside the house is a bit dazzling, and even the clouds are fresh on such a good day.
Chen Feng also heard the girl’s voice, but he couldn’t take her, she didn’t belong to him in the first place.
And he stepped back on the downhill road that had been a half-and-a-half before.
In the parking lot at the foot of the mountain, Chen Feng could easily find his car. After a few days of dust, there were a few fallen leaves on the windshield.
He swept away the fallen leaves, sat back in his car, did not start immediately, but sat in silence for a long time.
Suddenly miss the little girl.
He gave a wry smile, and finally left.
And ten days before Chen Feng returned to Yanjing, that is, when he was brought back into the mountains by Qing Zhi.
The Nie brothers’ search for Chen Feng did not know how it was passed back to the Northeast. Many people are waiting for the message that they hope that the Nie brothers can regain the face lost by Northeast Invincible.
Among the most anticipated are the two nephews and uncles of the Jia family, who have been waiting almost day and night.
They hoped that Brother Nie could teach Chen Feng a good lesson, and it is best to kill him to vent their hatred.
But what they never expected was that the last message they received was that the Nie brothers were defeated, and they were defeated very neatly.
They couldn’t believe it.
Jia Dong angrily smashed the ashtray in his hand on the ground, angrily said.
“How can they lose? Didn’t they claim to have never defeated a sword? How could they lose so easily, even failing to injure Chen Feng.”
Jia Wanlie needs to be more calm, he said.
“Chen Feng’s strength is very strong, and we have to admit that the cooperation you and Master Chen said seems to be impossible for us to complete.”
But Jia Dong was not reconciled.
“No, I can’t bear this tone. I have promised that Chen Yingcai will help him teach Chen Feng and make him faceless in front of everyone.”
“But now that even the Nie brothers are defeated, what do you do? Northeast Invincible loses, and Nie brothers lose. It is no longer possible for Northeast to find anyone who can fight him.”
“No, there are still people. As long as they make a move, Chen Feng will definitely not be able to beat him.”
Jia Dong said viciously.
Jia Wanlie looked at Jia Dong in surprise, he guessed the person Jia Dong was talking about.
“This is impossible. The two masters of the Tianshan Sect have not come out for decades, and they are even less likely to deal with a younger generation for your private grievances.”
But he also said decisively.
Jia Dong naturally knew, he sneered.
“I can’t help it, but not everyone can’t help it. If something happens to the Nie family brothers, then you say they will do it.”
Jia Wanlie was like knowing his nephew for the first time, and Jia Dong’s eyes were cruel and cruel, as if he saw his Lao Tzu, the man known as the “Northeast King”.
Jia Wanlie couldn’t help trembling, but then he smiled, what a beautiful thing this is.
Naturally, no one knows what the two uncles and nephews are planning, and the Nie brothers do not know that they are being watched. After they are defeated by Chen Feng, they don’t even want to return to the northeast, so they still have no face to go. face.
But as soon as they got out of the station, they were stopped.
It was no one else who stopped them, it was Jia Dong, but it was also Jia Dong that made the Nie brothers more difficult to face.

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