Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 821

The man standing by the side had a serious face, and the woman cried out that he was a hard-hearted person, but it was just that his inner sadness could not be expressed like a woman’s, but his heart was already bleeding.
He questioned the person who delivered the message.
“What you said is true?”
“Absolutely dare not say anything to lie to Master Nie. When the young master of my family saw the two princes of the Nie family, they were already seriously injured. After being sent to the hospital, they could no longer be treated for a long time.”
Nie Huasheng couldn’t say anything. The wife beside him was crying and was about to become a tearful person. He wanted to comfort him.
“Don’t cry anymore, I will definitely give my son an explanation.”
“What else do you need to explain? Can our son come back after you explain it? My poor son.”
But even though his wife said that, Nie Huasheng couldn’t really let it go.
At this time, Nie Zheng’s parents were almost the same, how could they have thought that the teenage child was gone like this, they only had one son, and the pain of losing a child was even worse than that of Nie Chen’s parents over there, they also had a daughter.
But the pain is not clear.
It’s just that this kind of pain hit the two masters, even if the cultivation level is already like this, they can’t bear it.
After comforting their wives, they were so tired that they passed out, and then they had time to meet each other.
“Brother Feng, what do you think.”
Nie Huasheng said to his brother Nie Huafeng in the pavilion on the back mountain of the Tianshan school.
“What else can I think about that guy, I must cut him a thousand times and use his head to pay tribute to Zheng’er.”
Nie Huasheng looked at his grumpy brother, and he had already thought that this would be the result.
But he still questioned.
“The message from the Jia family, we can’t just believe it, wait until tomorrow we see the bodies of the two children before we think about it.”
“I know, but that Chen Feng’s kid can’t get rid of the relationship anyway. He and the two children are tested, everyone knows, and there are not many people in this world who can hurt Chen’er.”
Nie Huasheng knew what Nie Huafeng meant. Nie Chen had already turned his energies to the peak. It was impossible for ordinary people to get close. The rumors that Chen Feng defeated the two brothers were also more convinced that Chen Feng was capable of killing the two brothers.
But Nie Huasheng hesitated slightly.
“What happened to Xin’er?”
Xin’er is Nie Huafeng’s wife. Nie Huasheng thought about his wife’s sadness, and it is estimated that Nie Huafeng is also uncomfortable here.
“When I was tired from crying, I fell asleep, but my spirits have always been bad. I guess it will be the same tomorrow. I don’t know if I leave, she won’t be able to think about it.”
Nie Huasheng also sighed. It was a mess on his side, but he still said.
“Let Xiao Yu go over and accompany Xin’er, she’s already got close to Xin’er.”
“Forget it, my sister-in-law is also uncomfortable, I will find a way with Xin’er.”
“That’s okay. But, after thinking about it, our two brothers still leave one on the mountain. We can’t all pass.”
Nie Huafeng stopped for a while. He didn’t refute. He knew that what his elder brother said was right. He needed someone to look after him. The two women and women could not rely on it, but he said firmly.
“I’m going down the mountain. I will personally catch the murderer who killed the two children and use their blood to sweep the graves of the two children. Revenge for them.”
Nie Huasheng originally wanted to let Nie Huafeng stay. He went down the mountain, but seeing his brother’s impatience, he still gave up his idea and just told him.
“Please pay more attention, although you have reached the master in martial arts, but the mountain is not the force is everything.”

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