Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 822

Nie Huafeng just nodded, but his heart had long been thinking about how to torture Chen Feng.
The news that the elders of the Tianshan Sect who had not gone down the mountain for many years quickly reached Jia Dong’s ears.
Jia Wanlie sat beside Jia Dong, and he looked worried.
“Now the elders of the Tianshan faction are going down the mountain personally, but you feel that you have the ability to deal with them. If he notices something, even your old man can’t keep you.”
Jia Dong looked at his uncle calmly, unconsciously, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.
“Human hearts are all flesh-grown. Even if he is a master, he can’t still develop a seven-orifice. I am ready for this. He definitely can’t see anything. He will definitely believe that it is the guy Chen Feng. He severely injured the Nie brothers and died in the end.”
Jia Wanlie was still uneasy, but knew that no matter how much he said, it wouldn’t make any difference.
When Nie Huafeng came to the provincial capital, the first time he went to see the bodies of his two children.
And Jia Dong went only after Nie Huafeng’s feet, and the two entered the hospital only a few minutes apart.
But he didn’t say anything. After meeting and saying hello, he stayed behind Nie Huafeng and inspected the body of the Nie brothers with him.
When he saw the cold corpse in the morgue, Nie Huafeng’s emotions could no longer be restrained. The pain of losing his son and nephew would not be weakened because he was a great master.
He stood beside the corpse, his eyes withered, his face lost its luster and even felt a lot of aging.
Jia Dong just stood at the door. He didn’t cry or scold Chen Feng, but his face was equally sad.
It took a long time for Nie Huafeng to calm down his emotions a bit. His tears had already dried up in his heart, and he was more like asking for an explanation for his child.
He walked to Jia Dong, the man who had been beside the Nie brothers, he just asked coldly.
“What do you want to say to me.”
Jia Dong was waiting for such a sentence.
But he didn’t have any excitement, or even any emotions, just immersed in the grief of the death of his friend.
When Nie Huafeng asked him, he hesitated for a few seconds before reacting.
“I’m sorry for them.”
Nie Huafeng looked at him, and if he wanted to take Chen Feng’s skin cramps now, he would not treat Jia Dong as well.
If there were no Jia Dong, the Nie brothers would not die in the same way.
But there are not so many ifs in the world.
Nie Huafeng said coldly.
“As long as you know.”
Jia Dong didn’t speak, like a child who sincerely admitted his mistakes.
“I will take them away, but before again, I want you to help me find that guy. I will let that guy know what pain is.”
Jia Dong nodded, still in a low posture.
“I’m sorry for the two brothers, so in this matter, I will do my best to help you. It’s just that Chen Feng is not a simple person, he…”
Nie Huafeng didn’t wait for him to finish, but interrupted him directly.
“You don’t need to worry about this, you just need to find him for me, and I will take care of the rest.”
Jia Dong shut up, he was anxious that Nie Huafeng and Chen Feng would beat you to death. This world doesn’t need so many masters.
But it can’t be shown on the surface.
The latter thing became simple. Nie Huafeng handled the Nie brothers’ afterlife and sent their bodies back to the Tianshan faction, while Jia Dong helped investigate the whereabouts of Chen Feng.
But since the last incident, Chen Feng seemed to be missing, and there was no information at all.
Yanjing, or Cangzhou, Jia Dong received no information.
In the past few days, he has become anxiously angry.
Things drag on for a day, and for him, there is more possibility of being seen through.
Fortunately, on the fifth day after Nie Huafeng came to the provincial capital, Yanjing finally showed signs of Chen Feng.
Nie Huafeng was arranged by Jia Dong to live in his villa, and when he knew the news, it was the first time it passed.
The rooms are large and luxuriously decorated. The paintings on the walls are carefully selected, which is usually difficult to see.
But at this time Nie Huafeng didn’t have the mood to appreciate it. He looked at the manor outside the window, thinking that more of his family members were in the mountains.
He didn’t know what happened to his wife Xin’er and the child’s death, which was a huge blow to any mother. He was pregnant in October and raised the child with painstaking effort, but the white-haired person was the one who got the money. Send to the black-haired man.
He wanted to settle the matter here quickly and go back to accompany his wife earlier.
While he was pondering, the door of the room was knocked.
After Nie Huafeng sorted out his feelings, he let the people outside the door come in.
It was Jia Dong who came in. He rushed over as soon as he learned about Chen Feng’s message.
But after opening the door, he didn’t have any anxious gestures, just as if he suddenly came here to care about it.
“Is there a message?”
Nie Huafeng asked directly.
But Jia Dong’s reaction seemed to be unwilling to say the message, he moved his lips and stopped talking.
“What are you doing, just say anything.”
Nie Huafeng has an impetuous personality, and naturally cannot tolerate Jia Dong’s cover-up appearance.
Jia Dong seemed to be forced to speak helplessly.
“Father Nie, we have indeed found the whereabouts of the thief, but he is so sinister and cunning, Father Nie, you…”
His words were full of worries, but who was Nie Huafeng, one of the world’s countless masters, he just got angry when he heard such words.
“You mean I will be planted in his hands.” His eyes were cold and his aura exploded. Jia Dong was instantly overwhelmed by the aura, and he lowered his head and hurriedly admitted his mistake.
“No, Father Nie, I just…”
“Okay, needless to say, you just have to ask me to find him, and you don’t need to take care of other things.”
Since Nie Huafeng has said so, Jia Dong has no need to stick to it.
He left the room a little disappointed, but his heart was full of joy. He felt that the Grand Master was nothing more than that. Only by pretending to be pitiful, there was no possibility of being suspected anymore.
But this grandmaster’s anger, Chen Feng still doesn’t know at all.
After returning from the mountain, she went straight back to Xuanyuanzhuang, where she saw Lin Wanqiu, she didn’t seem to worry too much, just asked a few words.
Chen Feng disappeared for a few days at every turn, but many uninformed things happened, and others would treat it as a habit, so naturally there would be nothing to worry about.
Chen Feng didn’t explain, he just prepared a meal of delicacies. The hard days in the mountains really made him miss these things.
After that, I was full of wine and rice, and I was extremely cozy.
Leaving the hotel, it was already night, darkness shrouded the sky over the city, it should be a time for everything to rest, but people use their own way to enjoy this free time.

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Este autor es muy ridículo como va a ser fácil matar a dos huayin en la última etapa como lo pudieron hacer para incriminar a chen feng

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