Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 823

The fat man beside him carefully accompanied Chen Feng, because he happened to see the fat man when he came over, so Chen Feng asked him to follow him.
“How are these days, is it okay to be by my side? If there is any problem, you can tell me honestly, I won’t treat the people around me badly.”
Chen Feng said to the fat man with relief.
“Shao Chen, thank you for your concern, everything is fine for me here.” The fat man said with a smile.
“Really? Don’t be afraid. This is my place. They still dare not do anything to you.” Chen Feng said again.
The fat man was silent for a while, as if he really wanted to say something.
“Say it! I know you must have ideas, but it doesn’t matter, since I let you say it, then it will definitely be the master for you.”
The fat man was asked by Chen Feng to come to him, and Chen Feng didn’t do anything to him. What he did before and is still doing what he is doing now, but without those entertainments, it may be that for the fat man, he has lost the prestige of calling friends and calling friends. , But life is not so bad.
Sometimes, for the fat man, he was much cleaner.
He looked at Chen Feng, thought about it and said.
“Shao Chen, I don’t know if I should say something, but I think Shao Chen doesn’t seem to know it yet. I think it’s better to tell you something.”
Chen Feng asked curiously.
“Oh, what’s the matter?”
“Shao Chen, do you remember the two brothers of the Nie family?”
Chen Feng shook his head. They never introduced himself to the Nie brothers that day, and Chen Feng didn’t have time to investigate them afterwards. How could he know, so he denied it to the fat man.
“Don’t Chen Shao know?”
“Well, I have never heard of them. Are they important people? Or very powerful.”
The fat man looked at Chen Feng’s face and it didn’t look like he was lying, he was also a little strange.
“But why is it spreading that Shao Chen killed the two brothers of the Nie family? Now the master of the Nie family seems to be preparing to trouble you for the two children.”
Chen Feng was also shocked. Grandmaster wanted to trouble him. It was not that he hadn’t dealt with Grandmaster. Qing Zhi was one, but he still remembered that Qing Zhi just subdued him easily at that time, completely effortless.
“How come? I don’t know any brothers from the Nie family. He wants to trouble me. He must always be reasonable.”
“Shao Chen, I don’t know exactly what happened, but the message from the northeast is like this. The grandmaster of the mountain faction may soon be coming from the northeast. If Shao Chen doesn’t know, he should avoid it first. .”
Chen Feng looked at the fat man, wondering if he was lying to him, after all, he had just let the fat man be a guard for a while.
“Aren’t you lying to me?”
But the fat man said with a serious expression.
“Master Chen, I really didn’t lie to you about this. You can go outside to inquire about it. Now it’s spread. You may have just returned, so they haven’t told you yet, but the grandmaster is indeed true. , It’s just that you said you don’t know Brother Nie, so I don’t know, maybe someone wants to harm you.”
Chen Feng also felt that things were probably right. He looked at the fat man’s expression, and he probably didn’t lie to him, but he hadn’t killed anyone recently, and the only time he was stained with blood was Qing Zhi.
“How did this message come out? No one thinks there is a problem?” Chen Feng asked.
“It’s been a long time since a grandmaster took action. People in the martial arts world just want to see the power of the grandmaster. If they can observe one or two from it, what experience they have gained, it’s not more important than anything. As for the so-called truth In their eyes, it’s not worth mentioning.” The fat man replied.
Although Fatty’s words sound strange, the truth is true.
“Chen Shao, you don’t know. Since this message came out, Yanjing has gathered a lot of people from the martial arts world. There are definitely a lot of people who want to see the master’s demeanor. It’s just that I’m here, and I’ve received a lot of martial arts. Invited by people in the world, they want to know your situation as soon as possible.
But rest assured, I didn’t say anything. I feel that since I have been with the new boss, I have to do things for the new boss. This is my consistent aim. ”
He also showed his loyalty to Chen Feng very rudely.
But at this time Chen Feng didn’t pay much attention to him.
He thought for a while, and thought that the most likely thing for the Nie brothers was the two people who asked him out the night they saw Qing Zhi, but he clearly remembered that after he reversed the exercises, the two brothers all fled. He wanted to catch up, but he didn’t catch up.
But now that the other party is dead, it is impossible for him to do this in any way. Someone must have framed him.
The fat man on the side watched Chen Feng sinking into thought. He thought Chen Feng might also be scared. After all, he had to face a grandmaster, which was not something ordinary people could deal with, so he suggested.
“Shao Chen, you still hide. After all, that is a grandmaster. Even if your martial arts is at its peak, everyone knows that the gap between the grandmaster and the peak is like the sky and the earth. The battle a hundred years ago, I think you know it too. of.”
Why didn’t Chen Feng know, but he was framed like this, if he didn’t make it clear, would he keep hiding in the future?
“What if the grandmaster and I clarify the facts? Will he give up.” Chen Feng asked.
But the fat man shook his head unexpectedly.
“What you lose is the face of the Tianshan Sect. Everyone knows that you defeated the disciples of the Tianshan Sect. Even if you did not kill the people, they will definitely take action against you for the face of the Tianshan Sect. Killing you is nothing more than killing one more person in their eyes. It doesn’t matter anymore.”
Chen Feng also felt desperate. The realm of grand masters was an unshakable authority in the martial arts world. What they did had already exceeded the secular agreement.
There are only agreements between some masters so that they will not arbitrarily disrupt the balance of the martial arts world.
But it’s just that Chen Feng’s life at the peak of transformation strength, no one cares about it at all.
Thinking of this, Chen Feng had already made a decision in his heart, and thanks to the fat man’s reminder, he said to the fat man a little gratefully.
“Thanks to you for telling me that Chen Feng remembered this friendship today. If I can escape this disaster, I will definitely not treat you badly.”
The fat man also solemnly said.
“Chen Shao, you have met with you. I said that since I have been with the new boss, then I will do something worthy of you. Although I am timid and afraid of death, Sun Zhihai is also a man of loyalty.”
This is the first time Chen Feng knows Fatty’s name. He has never cared about Fatty. At the beginning, he wanted to come to Fatty only with a playful mentality.

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