Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 824

But now it seems that he was wrong, and he shouldn’t look down on any ordinary person.
“Chen Shao, if you are worried about the person next to you after you leave, I think you can rest assured that the grandmaster has to take care of his identity, and he shouldn’t do anything to other people.”
Chen Feng was still hesitating, and the fat man said again.
Chen Feng didn’t think that the grandmaster would surrender his status and attack ordinary people, but he left, he didn’t know if he could come back, and the hatred of murder could not be easily forgotten.
But I still feel that a decision must be made as soon as possible. Maybe that master has already received the message and is now on his way.
Because he was afraid that his whereabouts would be known again, Chen Feng left Yanjing that night. He originally wanted to go back to Cangzhou, but he thought that those who targeted him must have made eyeliner in Cangzhou, as soon as he appeared. , His message will be delivered to that grandmaster immediately.
In the end, he didn’t even know where he could go.
Unknowingly, he drove the car back to the forest where Qingzhi was again. The car stopped at the foot of the mountain. He was sitting in the car, and a cigarette was about to bottom out.
He thought that if he had reached the Grand Master, then he would never be forced to flee in embarrassment. He even thought of what Qingqiu had said to him, and thought of what might happen if Qingzhi died.
But all this is just imagination.
After smoking two cigarettes, he decided to avoid the mountain for a while before talking. He estimated that no one would be in the hut, and Qing Zhi should also be taken away by the palace lady.
But when he returned to the mountain, he found that there were people in the hut.
“Why are you here?”
Chen Feng asked.
Qingqiu was fetching water at that time, and when Chen Feng asked him, he looked back.
“I’m here to find Qingzhi, but it seems that there is no one here, so I am going to wait for her here. Well, where did you go?”
Qingqiu didn’t know that he would come back again after he left, so that’s why he asked.
“Qingzhi was taken away by a woman in a palace costume, and may not be able to return for the time being.”
Chen Feng replied.
Qingqiu didn’t react too much, just nodded in response.
The two of them didn’t talk much, and the hut could accommodate both of them at the same time, so Chen Feng and Qingqiu lived here.
He eats and drinks on his own. The wild products picked from the forest, the game, and the spring water, seem to be able to barely live.
But apart from some necessary communication, neither of them spoke much.
But two or three days later, as if getting used to their respective existences, Chen Feng finally asked.
“Are you close to Qingzhi? You saved her once, and are you still waiting for her here?”
Qingqiu also looked at Chen Feng curiously. He hesitated for two seconds and still said.
“She is someone I can never reach. As for why I save her, I just think I need to do this so that it will make me feel better.”
Chen Feng didn’t quite understand what he meant, maybe it was Qingqiu’s unilateral love, Chen Feng thought.
“you like her?”
Qingqiu didn’t seem to be surprised, nor did he show any embarrassment, just shook his head.
“There may be some, but I don’t think it is admiration, just want to do something for her. Her identity has already determined that I can’t be with her, so I never thought about it.”
After cleaning up the firewood that fell on the ground, Qingqiu was not talking. Chen Feng also knew that he was unwilling to mention this issue, so he didn’t ask any more.
Maybe he stayed in this way for a month, and when the heat outside subsided, Chen Feng could return to the city.
But he didn’t expect that the grandmaster would come to the door so quickly.
The sun has set, but the figure rushing from a distance can be seen very clearly, and it is definitely not something ordinary people can reach.
Qingqiu asked curiously after seeing it.
“Is here to find you?”
Chen Feng also knew that he could only come to him. The opponent’s strength was very strong. He thought he couldn’t run so quickly, and he couldn’t see the weakness at all.
With just seven or eight breaths, the figure is about to come in front of him.
Since the other party has come to the door, here, he has no possibility to escape, Chen Feng seems to have to face it, whether it is life or death, he has to fight hard.
“Do you need my help?”
I was depressed, but I didn’t expect Qingqiu to say so.
But Chen Feng knew that even if he and Qingqiu joined forces, they would not be able to deal with a grandmaster.
This is the crush of strength.
“Forget it, I will try my best to keep us from destroying this hut. You should hide in it!”
Chen Feng said in despair.
When Chen Feng said so, Qingqiu didn’t speak any more. He silently put down the axe in his hand and walked towards the house.
And Nie Huafeng finally came to Chen Feng.
He stopped at the gate of the yard, saw Chen Feng standing there waiting, and asked coldly.
“You are Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng nodded with a wry smile.
“I am Chen Feng, and I also know that you came to kill me, but I did not kill those two people. As for who they are, you may have to check again.”
Nie Huafeng didn’t have any doubts, and said plainly.
“I know.”
Chen Feng was stunned. He couldn’t believe it so that he explained clearly, and he didn’t have any doubts when he looked at the other party.
But immediately after hearing Nie Huafeng’s question, Chen Feng knew that he was still thinking too much.
“Are you ready to do it?”
Chen Feng understood it instantly, and they might naturally investigate the truth, but whether Chen Feng was the murderer or not had little to do with his death or undeath.
It’s just a human life at most, no one cares about it, the Grand Master even more so.
But if the life was Chen Feng himself, then someone would care about it naturally.
Looking at Nie Huafeng, Chen Feng felt that instead of thinking about defeating him, he thought about how to escape.
After making up his mind, Chen Feng directly reversed the practice without any hesitation. Although Qing Zhi told him that it would not do him any good, he could no longer be concerned about it now.
His body is hot, his eyes are red, and his power is greatly amplified. He only has half an hour to reverse this exercise. If he can escape, then he will be able to survive. If he fails, what is waiting for him is death.
The urge to kill was also suppressed by the obsession to live. He had only one thought, and that was to run for his life.
The two figures running in the forest are like chasing between wild animals.
Broken branches, grass heads stepped on, and even animals accidentally injured by accident, can only silently look at their backs.
There is nothing to stop them in this forest.

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