Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 825

But outside this mountain forest, it exists.
A flying sword flew up and chased after Nie Huafeng. If Chen Feng looked back and saw it, he would naturally know the owner of the long sword, that was Qingqiu’s sword.
The long sword flew very fast, and he was about to chase Nie Huafeng, but Nie Huafeng just waved it casually, and the long sword hit by the sword was like a broken kite flying down and stuck in the grass.
“Hmph, do you want to ask for advice from the old man?”
He said this to Qingqiu not far away.
When Chen Feng began to flee for his life, Qingqiu always followed behind. Although Nie Huafeng knew Qingqiu behind him, Qingqiu didn’t move, and he naturally didn’t bother to take care of it.
But now that Qingqiu makes a move, Nie Huafeng can’t ignore it naturally.
“Daoist Chen Feng and I have a three-point friendship. Naturally, the poor Dao can make a move or he has to make a move. It is only after this move that I realize that the original master is really well-deserved.”
Qingqiu sighed.
“Junior knows that he is not leaving quickly. I am only here today to take the life of this thief, and the others will ignore it. If you want to survive, you still stand aside honestly.”
Qingqiu was not talking. When he passed the long sword quickly, he had already retracted the sword into the scabbard again.
But the distance from the master is only to compress the limit of one’s own body method as much as possible, and this can barely keep up.
And Chen Feng was at the forefront, completely ignoring the conversation between the two behind him. Half an hour was his limit, but now his body could feel that the time was approaching.
But Nie Huafeng behind him didn’t mean to be thrown away by him.
Is he really going to die in the hands of this grandmaster?
He was even a little desperate.
But the sky is boundless, and there is a large dammed lake ahead. Because of the obstacles of the mountains, a large area of ​​lake water has been gathered and integrated here.
The lake reflects the mountains and forests, making the lake look like a lush green, deep and secluded like gems embedded in the mountains.
He was so beautiful, the birds wandered on it, and the breeze blew by, causing a crease of silence.
But at this time, Chen Feng didn’t have time to pay attention. He knew that there was a secret road leading to a distant cave at the bottom of the lake, and he had to hide in before Nie Huafeng could catch him.
Almost without hesitation, he jumped directly into it near the lake.
Ripples that were bigger than any ripple instantly rippled across the lake.
But when Nie Huafeng chased him to the lake, he hesitated. He didn’t think he had any need to jump off. Chen Feng could only delay doing this for a while. When he couldn’t hold his breath, he still had to come up. .
But after waiting for more than a minute, even when Qingqiu had caught up with him, Chen Feng did not come out of the lake.
Only then did Nie Huafeng realize the existence of the problem.
He asked Xiang Qingqiu with a sullen face.
“Where is he?”
It is not difficult for Nie Huafeng to think that Chen Feng can hide at the bottom of the lake, and there must be a place to breathe and hide at the bottom of the lake.
But unfortunately, Qingqiu didn’t know.
This was only an accidental discovery by Chen Feng when he came to catch the fish. He didn’t tell anyone.
Qingqiu could only shake his head.
“You do not know?”
Nie Huafeng asked again.
“I don’t know.”
Qingqiu’s answer is the same, but it is meaningless to Nie Huafeng.
“Do you think I won’t kill you? Since his life is just one life, I don’t care if he has one more life.”
His tone was cold, and his killing intent was sensible. Qingqiu knew he would do it, but he didn’t have the slightest fear.
“However, I really don’t know the way. If I want to kill me, I don’t have the ability to resist. He can only listen and respect.”
After Qingqiu finished speaking, he waited, but after a while, he didn’t wait for Nie Huafeng to do it.
As for Nie Huafeng, he didn’t do it, but he didn’t think it was necessary.
Even Chen Feng knew to avoid, but Qingqiu heard that he was going to kill him, so he chose to wait.
His life is almost the same as that of death, so why bother to do so.
Finally, he glanced at the lake that had gradually returned to calm, Nie Huafeng thought for a while, and left here.
But he did not leave the mountain, Chen Feng is still here, and will always appear, and next time he will not let it go so easily.
Qingqiu followed behind him, and the two returned to the mountain hut along the original road.
After returning here, Nie Huafeng asked Xiang Qingqiu.
“Who belongs to you, the Fufeng Daoist of Wudang Sect?”
Qingqiu replied.
“It’s the teacher!”
“No wonder!”
Nie Huafeng said nothing but said nothing.
So the two people in the hut changed from Chen Feng and Qingqiu to Qingqiu and Nie Huafeng, and Chen Feng hiding in the cave.
In Qingqiu, the two of them ate the stewed wild mushrooms, but Chen Feng was already fainted by the pain of his body again. I don’t know how many times he fainted, but he can obviously feel it. His body is absolutely unable to withstand such torture next time.
In the gap between him waking up, lying on the shore, picking up a handful of lake water from the gloomy cave, he wanted to live, then he had to add water.
Almost enduring pain and relying on instinct to drink a sip from the lake.
But then he sprinkled the water from the palm of his hand in pain, and the pain caused his face to become distorted, exposing the veins that tortured his body.
He had no choice. The last time Qingzhi’s potion relieved him a lot, but this time he could only rely on himself.
Nie Huafeng had waited for seven days, but he never saw Chen Feng again. He didn’t know if Chen Feng left secretly or died somewhere.
But the patience he waited was finally exhausted.
“If you see him, let him remember that his life is only temporarily in his hands, and I will definitely come and take it away.”
When he left, he said to Qingqiu.
Qingqiu promised to bring this sentence to Chen Feng, but he couldn’t guarantee that he could see Chen Feng.
Just waiting for Nie Huafeng to leave, it seemed that Qingqiu was the only one left here.
His temper was easy to come by, and he didn’t care about anything, except that Qing Zhi, who was waiting, didn’t know when to come over.
Every day is just a simple life. After seven or eight days, he saw Chen Feng.
Chen Feng is a little bit of a man, with thin eyes, pale complexion, and bleak lips. He is like an evil spirit coming out of hell.
Qingqiu worriedly supported Chen Feng, who seemed to fall down at any time, and let him lie down on the bed.
He checked Chen Feng aside, but fortunately, he was only weak. As long as he cultivated for a period of time, it would be no problem to recover.
Chen Feng asked Qingqiu about Nie Huafeng. Qingqiu said that he had already left before Chen Feng dared to close his eyes and go to sleep.
When he woke up again, it was dark, and there was a bowl of broth on the side. Without any hesitation, he brought it over and drank it directly.

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