Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 827

But no one answered him, there was already a bit of tension over there.
Suddenly Aunt Bai saw the girl.
“Come here!” Aunt Bai shouted to the girl.
The child took a step back in shock, but then she raised her head and looked at Chen Feng, as if she was really ready to pass.
Chen Feng quickly lowered his head to comfort.
“It’s okay, don’t be afraid, I will protect you. Just stand by my side.”
But the child shook his head.
She released her hand holding Chen Feng and watched Chen Feng take a step back.
“You are afraid of her, it’s okay, you don’t have to be afraid of her.”
Chen Feng continued to speak to the girl.
But the girl had taken a few steps back, and it seemed that there was not only fear, but also other reasons.
Chen Feng didn’t stop, what could he do after holding it.
When the girl walked completely beside Aunt Bai, Aunt Bai said.
“I don’t need to hold you accountable for today’s affairs, but I don’t want another time.”
With that said, she was leaving with the girl.
Qingqiu chased after him, he asked.
“Auntie Bai, is Miss Qingzhi okay now?”
When Aunt Bai looked at Qingqiu, her face was slightly better, but she still felt very cold.
“Her injuries are almost over. But I have forbidden her to go out again. Even if you wait here, she won’t come back. You can do it yourself. Say hello to your master for me.”
At the end of the sentence, she ignored Qingqiu and took the girl back to the original road.
The girl looked back at Chen Feng and pursed her mouth. She might want to say something, but she knew that after walking a few steps, she didn’t say anything.
It is not only Chen Feng who is lost, but also Qingqiu.
“She won’t come back, are you still waiting here?”
When only the two of them were left, Chen Feng asked.
“I don’t know, maybe it’s time to go back. I promised that the master will return to him before he passes away.”
When Chen Feng heard Qingqiu’s words, a sudden sense of loneliness enveloped him.
Qingqiu’s departure was very near, and three days after Aunt Bai came over, he was ready to leave.
When he left, he just took the sword on his body, and no other long objects.
It seems that Chen Feng is completely left here, and Chen Feng is wondering if he should also leave, but he doesn’t know if there is anyone waiting for him outside.
After being alone for a week, the two-meter man with a beard came to the hut again.
This time Chen Feng no longer indifferent to him, but gave him a bowl of water, and then asked him about the outside.
“Do you know the grandmaster of the Tianshan School?” Chen Feng asked.
The big man put down the empty bowl in his hand and said.
“Well, I know, but it seems that Tianshan has sent a big deal. The two young masters of their family seem to have been killed.”
“Then did they find the murderer? Was it the one who came out before?”
Chen Feng felt that when he saw Nie Huafeng last time, since he said that he was not a murderer, he felt that the other party would be a little thinking about it.
“This is not very clear, but before I entered the mountain, I heard that the Tianshan faction killed the son of the Northeast King. I don’t know why they got together. Anyway, this thing is so noisy and lively, almost everyone is crowded. That’s all.
I heard some people say that the Northeast King blocked the way for the Tianshan faction to go down the mountain to make a fortune, so the Tianshan faction took the initiative to teach the Northeast King a lesson.
It is also said that the son of the Northeast King was involved in the plot to murder the two young masters of the Tianshan faction, which caused the burden of the Tianshan faction, but the reason is still not clear. ”
Chen Feng was delighted, it should be that they found the truth before they could do it, but he didn’t know why the son of the northeast king came to frame him, and he also didn’t know whether he would be chased by the grandmaster again after he went out. kill.
He didn’t dare to bet, he still remembered the horror of the master.
But even so, he still felt refreshed, and looked at this big bearded man also felt clean.
It’s just that compared to Chen Feng’s joy, Dahan didn’t see the master he wanted to see, and he was very disappointed.
Chen Feng remembered that Aunt Bai said that Qing Zhi would not come back, so he planned to tell him the matter so that he would never come back again.
But before he could speak, the figure walking in the forest in the distance looked like Qingzhi.
He stood up suspiciously, wanting to see carefully.
The big guy on the side also looked at it, and he asked suspiciously.
“Will that be the Grand Master?”
After Qing Zhi walked closer, Chen Feng confirmed that it was indeed her.
But I really didn’t expect Qing Zhi to come back, but Qing Qiu had already left, he still missed it.
“Who is this guy?”
Qing Zhi walked in front of the two of them, as if not surprised that Chen Feng was still here, just looked at the big man aside.
Chen Feng was stunned. He just thought that Dahan might have come to learn martial arts, but he never asked.
“What are you looking for her for?”
Chen Feng asked Dahan Xiang.
The big man seemed to be very excited. He took his backpack anxiously, and then began to search inside.
After searching for a while, I finally took out something that looked like a doll.
“Do you remember this doll?” He looked at Qing Zhi expectantly.
But the ending made him a little disappointed, Qing Zhi shook his head and said.
“Don’t remember, does this thing have anything to do with me?”
“Three years ago, in the Northwest Desert, you told a little girl, don’t you really remember?”
Qing Zhi still shook his head.
“Three years ago, I did go to the Northwest Desert, but as for the little girl you are talking about…”
The big man was disappointed again and again, he put down the doll in his hand and sighed.
“If you forget, then forget it, it’s not an important thing at all.”
Qing Zhi asked curiously.
“I just didn’t remember. You can tell me exactly what happened, and maybe I will remember.”
The big man may not have any hope, but he still talks about the matter.
But the story he told is so simple that there is no place for people to miss it. No wonder Qing Zhi can forget it so easily.
In fact, a child and Qing Zhi stayed for a day by chance. Qing Zhi may just casually promise her, if she goes to her, she can promise her a wish.
But with this condition of being thousands of miles away, Qing Zhi never thought that the girl would go back to find her, but he didn’t expect that this big guy would actually find her.
So when the big guy finished speaking, Qing Zhi asked.
“Then you found me, did you want me to do something for you?”
When the big man heard Qing Zhi asking him this way, he was a little reluctant to speak. Maybe what he wanted to say was very difficult.
“You walked so long, isn’t it just for that wish? Since that was what I said, I will naturally agree. You don’t have to feel any burden.”

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