Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 829

“Yeah! It’s valuable.”
His companion didn’t respond much in surprise, and could only say a few words.
“You can make it clear, how much is this watch worth? Could it be that he can still be worth as much as Tomson’s first-grade house.”
But after he finished speaking, his companion nodded slowly.
He didn’t react at first, and when he realized, the surprised whole person was stunned.
Quickly asked in a low voice.
“What you said is true, can’t you read it wrong, right?”
“How could I be mistaken, this is a new model that just came out this year. I was sighing just a few days ago.”
“It’s the watch that you don’t understand in the rich world.”
His companion nodded again, and now the guy finally realized that he had hit a nail.
But immediately, his companion hurriedly delivered the watch to him, and he was also shocked. If this kind of thing was broken in their hands, it would really be necessary to buy a house to pay it back.
He carefully held the watch and said in front of Chen Feng.
“Big brother, look at this watch and we are optimistic, do you take him back. Sorry, big brother, I don’t know Taishan. I didn’t expect you to be really rich, and I am the bun.”
Chen Feng turned his head and looked at this extremely respectful young man. He just wanted to get rid of them quickly. After having been in trouble for so long, Qing Zhi must be angry.
He took the watch, put it on his hand again and said.
“Going out to be low-key in the future, there are still many rich people in this world.”
The other side nodded and said.
“Let’s not bother Big Brother.”
After speaking, he turned around and ran away.
The farce that happened on the train ended in this way. Fortunately, Qing Zhi didn’t say anything in the end, but looking at Chen Feng’s expression always felt a little weird.
When I came to the desert in the northwest, I didn’t feel it in the city. After I left the city and came to the Gobi Desert, I didn’t really feel what desolation is.
The whole earth can be seen at a glance, but it can also be seen in loneliness at a glance. Life becomes thin here, and the land is as boring as it has lost its moisture.
Sitting on the bullock cart, Chen Feng asked the big man.
“Is it always like this here?”
“This is not the case in all places. After this period, you can see the oasis, where there are luxuriant water plants and a lot of cattle and sheep.” The big man replied.
Chen Feng is still quite curious.
When they came to the place, they saw herds of cattle and sheep as the big man said.
But some things are different from what Dahan said.
Lie down on the ground, Chen Feng felt a little hard to breathe.
He really didn’t expect that this would be the case when looking at such a simple and honest man.
“Why are you doing this?”
Chen Feng asked.
“I really can’t help it. They threatened my daughter. If I don’t listen to them, they will kill her.” The big man replied, crying.
Looking at the crying face of the big man, he didn’t know how to vent the hatred in his heart.
Qing Zhi, who was leaning against Chen Feng, also didn’t say a word either. She just looked coldly at the guys who were slowly surrounding him.
“I can’t blame others for this, I can only blame you for being too stupid.”
Said the guy with the fur hat who was laughing wildly.
Without the strength to resist, the two of Chen Feng were tied up by them and locked in a cage, not knowing where to take them.
After waiting for a long time, after experiencing the bumps of the carriage, I finally saw the destination.
This is an abandoned oil field built in the desert. There are a few guys standing in front of a house that has been abandoned for how long, and they should be in a group.
Seeing the guy with the fur cap coming back, someone greeted him.
“Brought people back?”
“That’s definitely okay, I became a scorching chicken, and I brought it back without even having to do it.” The man in the fur hat laughed.
“Then you have done a great job, and the boss will definitely reward you. I didn’t expect such a good thing to fall on you.”
The guy who greeted us said sourly.
“Okay, I won’t tell you. I will take that woman to see the boss. This is a big treasure that the boss can rush to the realm of the master. I don’t dare to slack off.”
When Chen Feng heard this, he finally understood why they wanted to capture Qingzhi in this way, because it was for the realm of the master.
Poor, he is just a guy who was implicated, he may be found to be useless, and he will be killed soon.
The carriage was pulled forward again.
After this house, the carriage stopped in front of a larger office building in front, and they put Chen Feng and Qing Zhi away.
Several people carried it and walked into the office building just like that.
But it seemed that the so-called boss was not there at this time, so the man in the leather hat sent someone to notify him. After a while, he finally saw him.
Chen Feng looked at the other person’s appearance, but felt that he had seen it somewhere.
Isn’t this Xue Ping? He remembered the traveler who stabbed Qingzhi, the guy who was going to take Chen Feng to see the sunrise.
But how could he be here.
It seemed that something had been figured out all at once. They might have thought that Qing Zhi was dead, and the Grandmaster Realm would easily fall on his head, but after waiting for such a long time, but still unable to break through, they knew the matter. Something went wrong.
The big man was another arrangement for them, but he didn’t meet Qing Zhi for the first time, and only met by chance until the second time.
But it didn’t matter. In order to ensure the completion of the matter, they directly tied Qing Zhi to him, and he, who had destroyed their plan, was also caught by coincidence.
Chen Feng felt that he was more ill-tempered. He just expected that he was not the primary goal, so he might be let go, but now he knows that this is absolutely impossible.
“Haha, I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.”
Seeing the two lying on the ground, Xue Ping was already laughing.
“I didn’t expect it to be you. It seems that you also believe in the grand master’s statement.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Hearing Chen Feng’s voice, Xue Ping looked at Chen Feng.
“Oh, it turned out to be you. Last time it was supposed to have been ruined by you. I really didn’t expect to be able to deliver it by myself. How do you think I am going to deal with you. Killed? It seems a bit too cheap for you.”
He said to Chen Feng as if teasing.
“I think you still need to think about whether you can break through or not. No one has ever proved that the grandmaster can make a breakthrough. If you fail, the person behind the grandmaster will be offended by that time.”
Chen Feng didn’t care about how he would deal with him. He wanted the other party to change his mind, and perhaps still have a chance to escape.
But Xue Ping continued to laugh.
“You are really naive, you think I will let you go with these two words of yours. Even if the grandmaster’s determination is false today, you won’t be able to go out.”

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