Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 83

“The person they want to pick up is the chairman of Dalong Real Estate.” Zhuang Haoren believes.
“The chairman of Dalong Real Estate!” Lin Dayong was full of envy, “even if he is a person on the Forbes ranking.”
“Nonsense, can the net assets of more than 60 billion not be on the Forbes list?” Zhuang Haoren glanced at Lin Dayong with disdain, said.
“Heh.” At this moment, Chen Feng smiled disdainfully.
“What are you laughing at? A hillbilly? It’s almost dead, do you dare to laugh?” Zhuang Haoren turned around and stared at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng shook his head and said lightly: “I laugh at you for ignorance.”
“Ignorance?” Zhuang Haoren was a little annoyed: “Where is I ignorant?”
“Your cousin is not the chairman of Dalong Real Estate.” Chen Feng said calmly.
“Not the chairman of Dalong Real Estate? Your TM brain was crushed by the car wheel. So many big people came forward and didn’t accept the chairman. Is it possible to pick you up?” Zhuang Haoren was full of disdain, except for the chairman of Dalong Real Estate. , Who else is eligible to dispatch five Rolls Royce.
“You are quite smart.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
Zhuang Haoren choked, is this silly B crazy? He just talked about it, this stupid B actually took it seriously.
“President Zhuang, I think this little boy was scared and started to talk nonsense.” Lin Dayong sneered, and Chen Feng’s clothes all over his body, it was too shabby to move bricks on their construction site. The director of Long Real Estate came to pick it up.
Zhuang Haoren curled his lips and said, “So you just have the courage to follow. Why are you scared to pee.”
Chen Feng sighed, “Do you really believe that they are here to pick me up?”
“If they come to pick you up, I will eat this street lamp.” Zhuang Haoren pointed to the street lamp next to him, and sneered.
Chen Feng smiled but smiled: “Then your teeth may not be hard enough.”
As soon as the voice fell, a group of people walked over here.
The head is a tall and sexy woman wearing a hip skirt, black stockings, her black hair is high, her dress is very capable, and her whole body reveals the charm of a mature urban beauty.
“Fuck! Qiao Xiaoyue! Executive Director of Dalong Real Estate!”
“This is one of the top ten beauties in Jinling. I always see the dragon without seeing the end. How come out today.”
“Who is it that can make Miss Qiao make such a grand scene?!”
“I guess he is the real chairman of Dalong Real Estate.”
Many passers-by thought about it with Zhuang Haoren, but most people don’t even know who Qiao Xiaoyue is. The only thing these passers-by can do is to take out their phones, pat them crazy, and send them to Moments. .
Seeing Qiao Xiaoyue’s pretty face and water snake-like waist, Zhuang Haoren couldn’t help swallowing, but felt a bit hot in his lower abdomen. He would never be able to play with such a superb stunner in his life, but it’s still okay to have sex in his mind. of.
“Cousin.” Zhuang Haoren took a few steps forward, greeted with a smile.
Zhou Jingwen is a middle-aged man who looks about forty years old, is thin, and wears glasses. He has a temperament of no anger and prestige. He just frowned when he saw Zhuang Haoren and said, “You are here. What are you doing?”
“Cousin, it’s nothing. It’s just that two things that don’t have long eyes provoke me on the train. I’m here to teach them.” Zhuang Haoren said with a smile.
“Yeah.” Zhou Jingwen nodded slightly, and exhorted: “Be careful when you start, don’t kill you.”
“Cousin, don’t worry, I know it in my heart.” Zhuang Haoren said hurriedly.
“By the way, cousin, your company is so exciting, is it going to pick up the company’s chairman?” Zhuang Haoren asked.
Zhou Jingwen shook his head and said, “No, there is someone else.”
“Someone else?” Zhuang Haoren was stunned, and then an unbelievable thought came to mind. Wouldn’t it be the one who picked up that stupid B?
However, within half a second of the idea, it was denied by Zhuang Haoren himself. That silly B would not ride a train if he had such a great energy.
“What’s wrong?” Zhou Jingwen asked suspiciously, seeing that Zhuang Haoren’s expression was not right.
“Nothing.” Zhuang Haoren shook his head and said with a smile: “I just offended the two short-eyed things on the train. One of them said that you are here to pick him up, hahahaha, cousin, you Say this is funny.”
After Zhuang Haoren had finished speaking, he took a special look at Zhou Jingwen’s expression, only to find that Zhou Jingwen did not smile, but opened his mouth wide, pointed at Chen Feng surrounded by Lin Dayong and his party, and stammered: “Hao…Hao… Ren, wouldn’t it be him that doesn’t have long eyes?”
Seeing Zhou Jingwen’s fingers trembled, the smile on Zhuang Haoren’s face completely solidified.
“You…you speak.” Zhou Jingwen’s voice was trembling. Although he had guesses in his heart, he still didn’t want to believe that what Zhuang Haoren said was not a long-sighted thing, that is, that all the senior executives of the company can come forward to welcome him. People.
Zhuang Haoren swallowed and asked, “Cousin, the people in your company, can you make a mistake? The thing that doesn’t look long is just a worker who came to Jinling to find work.
An extremely strong slap was printed on Zhuang Haoren’s fat face, and the fat on Zhuang Haoren’s face shook for a while.
“You paralyzed wage earner! Zhuang Haoren, you idiot, I’m damn your mother!” Zhou Jingwen’s eyes are blood-red, go to fuck the wage earner, the company’s executive chairman Qiao Xiaoyue has already bent down in front of them.
Not far away, Liu Yiyi’s small face was also pale. She knew Qiao Xiaoyue. Even her grandfather praised Qiao Xiaoyue. She felt that Qiao Xiaoyue was a well-deserved business queen. Let her learn from Qiao Xiaoyue and follow her example.
But now, the role model she wants to learn from is actually bending over to a bun who she despised!
Liu Yiyi’s mind was greatly impacted. What happened to this world?
“Chen Shao, I’m sorry, I’m late.” Qiao Xiaoyue respectfully said, she is a professional manager trained by the Chen family, and her identity is no different from that of a servant of the Chen family. She is responsible for the industry of the Chen family in Jinling area. When the future heir of the Chen family came to Jinling, she naturally had to come forward as the landlord to welcome him.
“It’s okay, I just arrived.” Chen Feng said with a faint smile.
Seeing this scene, Lin Dayong and a few big guys, who were still clamoring just now, were covered with cold sweat on their foreheads, and even their calves were shaking.
“Shao Chen, these people…” Qiao Xiaoyue’s beautiful eyes moved to Lin Dayong, who was able to take charge of Dalong Real Estate. Her look is naturally not much different, so it is obvious that Lin Dayong’s career can be seen. People are here to find fault for Chen Feng.

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