Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 830

Seeing that Chen Feng had no reaction, Xue Ping said again.
“Even if I let you go, would you not hate me? A powerful master master, I don’t think I can deal with it anymore.
That’s not the case, even if I can’t succeed, I have to keep you here. ”
What he said is very reasonable, even if the grandmaster’s decision is false, but now the hatred between Xue Ping and them has ended, Chen Feng does not think that Qing Zhi will let them go if he can go out.
“But don’t worry, you don’t have to die now.”
Chen Feng looked at him, wondering what he wanted to do.
Xue Ping walked to Qing Zhi’s side, touched Qing Zhi’s face full of licentiousness, and he smiled.
“Why is such a beautiful woman going to practice martial arts? Even so, her heart is so soft, she makes people want to be bullied.”
Qing Zhi doesn’t even have the strength to grit his teeth now, so he can only look at him coldly.
“Why, don’t you look at me like this, I’m most afraid of beautiful women looking at me like this.”
But even though his face was scared, he snapped, and he relentlessly slapped Qing Zhi. A mark immediately appeared on Qing Zhi’s white face, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding.
“Give you a face! Stinky bitch.”
Xue Ping cursed, then ordered.
“Take the two of them down.”
After he finished speaking, someone next to him came and lifted Chen Feng and the two to leave here.
After that, they were taken to the basement on the first floor, where Chen Feng and Qing Zhi were detained separately. In the darkness, the sounds of rats could be heard.
The sound of water ticking from the corner reached my ears, like waiting for the countdown to death.
“are you fine?”
Chen Feng heard a weak voice, he was calling for Qing Zhi.
“Yeah!” Qing Zhi’s voice was also weak.
The poison in their body now makes them lose their ability to move, but they still clearly retain their consciousness.
“Can your body recover?”
Chen Feng asked, this seemed to be their hope of escape, but he didn’t have much hope either.
“Very unsatisfactory.”
Sure enough, the answer was very pessimistic.
There was no voice in the dungeon again, and both of them were desperate now, and they might only expect miracles.
I don’t know how long it has passed, but it feels like it is long, and the rhythm of the ticking sounds makes people drowsy.
Chen Feng was awakened by the sound of approaching footsteps.
He waited for the owner of the footsteps. He thought it would be Xue Ping, but he didn’t expect it to be someone else.
“I’m here to save you.”
Chen Feng wanted to look up, but in the darkness he couldn’t see the opponent’s face clearly, and his voice was also unknown.
“who are you?”
Chen Feng asked vigilantly.
The man lowered his voice.
“You don’t care who I am, I am here to save you.”
Chen Feng still questioned.
“How do we believe you.”
That humane.
“Do you think that besides trusting me, what other options do you have? Waiting for death here?”
Chen Feng stopped talking.
Without Chen Feng’s doubts, the man said again.
“I can’t take you out right now. They stay outside. When you come next time, you should be prepared. Don’t try everything they feed you, including water. After this period of time, you should be able to recover a little. Physical strength. Then I can take you away.”
Although I don’t know what his purpose is, there is no room for Chen Feng and the others to choose.
“Okay! We are waiting for you.”
Before Chen Feng finished speaking, the sound of very light footsteps left in the distance.
“Can we trust him?”
When there was no more voice, Chen Feng asked Xiang Qingzhi.
Unexpectedly, Qing Zhi would answer so affirmatively, Chen Feng asked in confusion.
“He has a familiar smell in his breath. I may know him, but I didn’t see his face.”
Chen Feng was a little surprised, but Qing Zhi was a master after all. Although he was also a person who was arrested like him, he was a little better than him.
As the mysterious guy said, someone will bring them food and water at a fixed time.
But maybe that guy didn’t know that when the body couldn’t bear the force, both of them were forced to eat food and water by these guys.
Therefore, the body will not recover any physical strength as he said.
But if this has always been the case, even if that person comes, he may not be able to take away the two of Chen Feng.
But desperately, Chen Feng had nothing to do with this kind of thing.
It came within two days of the next time the mysterious man said.
I don’t know why, maybe in three or four days, Xue Ping seemed to have forgotten them as well, neither went to see them nor said anything about killing them.
Chen Feng can only regard him as a kind of luck. If he can escape, he will definitely come back for revenge as Xue Ping said.
The familiar footsteps sounded.
Before long, I heard the deliberately lowered voice in my ears.
“Can you stand up now?” he asked.
Chen Feng replied.
“No way.”
The man was surprised.
“How is it possible? As long as you don’t replenish that kind of poison, you should have a certain amount of strength?”
He guessed the answer.
“You didn’t listen to me, eat the food they gave you?”
He seemed to be very angry, and Chen Feng also felt that he could be angry, but they couldn’t help this kind of thing, he explained.
“We ate, but we didn’t take the initiative to do it. We don’t have any ability to stop it.”
The person quickly understood Chen Feng’s meaning, and he was also a little helpless and could only say.
“I didn’t expect it. It seems that I can save you only by stealing the antidote.”
“Can you?” Chen Feng also expected.
The man replied.
“Although I can steal the antidote, there is not much time left for you. The monk will find you in two days. I can’t save you before this.”
Chen Feng heard some helplessness from the other party. He may really want to rescue Chen Feng and the others, but the reality is far from allowing him to do so.
“Then forget it.” At this moment, Qing Zhi suddenly inserted a sentence.
“I can try again,” the man said.
“This is equally dangerous for you. I understand your kindness, but I always feel that you are familiar with it. Have we ever met before?”
Qing Zhi asked.
But there may be a pause for a few seconds, and no answer was heard. If he didn’t hear the sound of leaving, Chen Feng thought he had already left.
“We have seen it, but you may not remember me anymore.”
He just said such a sentence, and then he seemed to make up his mind.
“I will still try to rescue you.”
After speaking, Chen Feng really heard the footsteps of leaving, getting farther and farther.

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