Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 831

Naturally, Qing Zhi couldn’t remember who the other party was just based on such a sentence, but she still told Chen Fengdao.
“If I see his face, I will definitely think of him.”
Chen Feng thought, maybe, he just didn’t realize that things would be so easy to solve, they are still very dangerous now.
Sure enough, when Xue Ping finally seemed to think of Chen Feng and the others, the mysterious guy did not appear again.
Maybe he didn’t steal the antidote, so he knew that even if he came over, he couldn’t take away the two of Qingzhi.
Chen Feng was lifted up, he thought so.
Seeing Xue Ping, he was sitting on the upper step.
“I was thinking that day, maybe what you said was right. If I can’t become a master after her death, then it means trouble for me.”
After seeing Chen Feng, Xue Ping said to him.
“If I kill her, the group of people behind this woman will definitely find me one day, but I am not sure of victory to solve them, and then I may be living a life of desperation. I don’t want to, I will eat. Don’t be too comfortable on the days of drinking with a big bowl of meat.
So, in the past two days, I have to make this bet a bigger win. ”
As he said, he actually laughed.
Chen Feng didn’t know what he did to make him win more, so he was actually quite curious.
When Xue Ping laughed, Chen Feng finally noticed a wretched-looking man beside him.
The thin, long, thin clothes collapsed on his body, like a careless otaku.
When Chen Feng looked at him, he also noticed Chen Feng.
But he didn’t stay long, he was more interested in Qingzhi.
“If you can practice something from her blood, you can definitely improve your strength.”
The slender man said to Xue Ping.
Chen Feng felt disgusted. They actually did this for strength. Just this kind of thinking has violated human nature.
And Chen Feng also knew what Xue Ping meant by improving his winning face. He was a little angry and said to Xue Ping.
“You are crazy, you would believe such a ridiculous statement.”
Xue Ping didn’t care about Tao.
“What does it matter? She is going to die anyway, and I just took out her blood before dying. If it doesn’t work, I won’t have any loss.”
This is the devil, definitely the devil’s idea.
“By the way, we have been discussing that woman, and I think as for you, we always have to think about it.”
Even Chen Feng himself had to forget this slightly forgotten question, but from the very beginning, he was also a captured prisoner.
“Hmph, do you want to drink my blood too?” Chen Feng said disdainfully.
The slender man walked to the front and he smiled.
“You take yourself too seriously.”
Chen Feng hadn’t expected that Huajin Peak would be ridiculed one day.
“Even for blood training, we have used the treasures of heaven, material and earth. When we practice in that kind of liquid medicine, our strength will definitely increase. Even breaking through to the master is not completely impossible.”
Chen Feng sneered when he heard what he said.
“In that case, you don’t know whether it works or not. It’s all you imagined.”
As if being said by Chen Feng, the man was stunned.
“You, just be stiff. When you are tortured into a walking corpse later, you won’t be able to say anything like this anymore. I don’t mind if you say more now.”
Chen Feng was really surprised. He didn’t expect that the way they treated himself was to train him into a walking corpse.
He had heard of this evil way, but he had never seen it.
The human brain is actually very fragile, so it can be easily destroyed.
And each part of the cerebral cortex has its own role. If it only stimulates a certain place, it can make people lose their minds, but they can retain their instincts.
The general meaning of the walking corpse is such a pure thug.
With that in mind, the way to deal with Qing Zhi seems to be worse.
“I haven’t experienced what it’s like to be a walking corpse. This kind of thing will definitely be very interesting.”
Chen Feng smiled easily.
But this made the other party very dissatisfied, he said sternly.
“I will use the painful criminal law on you to make you a walking corpse in the most terrifying form. You will bite off your tongue in pain, and then eat it again when you don’t know it. .”
What he said seemed to be very scared, but Chen Feng might be the least afraid of pain. He didn’t think there was any pain that could be compared to the pain he suffered after the reversal of the practice.
“It’s best to think more about the moves you can use, otherwise if I don’t even frown at that time, you won’t lose face.” Chen Feng smiled.
But it’s also irritating to the other side.
“Okay, just wait.”
After leaving a harsh word, he stopped looking at Chen Feng and walked back behind Xue Ping.
Xue Ping seemed to be very happy watching Chen Feng stubbornly there, but now that he was bullied by Chen Feng, he still wanted to comfort him.
“Okay, when it’s over, I will give him to you, you can do whatever you want, let’s deal with that woman now!”
It seems that what follows is a painful scene. Chen Feng looks at Qing Zhi, but she is still so indifferent. Then pay attention to Chen Feng looking at her, she just glanced at Chen Feng faintly, as if she didn’t care what she might face. Right horror.
When Xue Ping was talking to the man, someone came over with some tools from behind Chen Feng and them.
Chen Feng saw that it was a very strange set of medical devices, a large sealed glass bottle, a set of tables to hold the glass bottle, and some other things.
But Chen Feng had guessed that this might be the tool they used to release the blood from Qing Zhi’s body.
Sure enough, seeing the things being taken in, the slender man walked over with a grin.
He took out a set of sealed medical needle tubes from the set of tools. The needle tube was very thick, followed by a very thin and long tube. Chen Feng thought that the blood of Qingzhi might flow from this needle tube to the other side for collection. Glass bottle.
Chen Feng couldn’t bear to watch such a terrifying picture anymore.
“You will go to hell because of this.”
Chen Feng said angrily.
Xue Ping laughed.
“But that’s all after death. I don’t even know if there is hell. I won’t worry about it now.”
As he was talking, the slender man took the needle and walked towards Qingzhi.
Compared with Chen Feng, Qing Zhi is really calm and terrible.
It was as if she was not the one who was about to face all this.
The man got closer and closer. Chen Feng looked at him with an urge to close his eyes. He was scared. This was the first time he felt scared. Even when facing Nie Huafeng, he just thought about it. Run away, not be afraid.
Therefore, cruelty is the most fearful thing.

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