Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 832

However, just when everyone felt that a female corpse would be left here soon.
There was movement outside the door.
What was the sound of being smashed open.
Chen Feng naturally thought of the guy in the dungeon.
It may be that he came to two people.
“What happened? Go and see.”
Xue Ping also looked curiously in the direction of the riot, and hurriedly let people go over and inspect it.
Soon, the voice was very close.
Chen Feng was tied up, and he could not see behind him, but a figure that just flew past him let him know that someone must have done it.
Although I haven’t seen anyone, at least it is no longer desperate.
The bang sounded again.
Xue Ping clearly saw the guy who walked in, but obviously didn’t realize it, and said in surprise.
“It’s you?”
“Naturally it is me, who would it be if it wasn’t me?”
It was the familiar voice, and sure enough he still came.
But why did he dare to face Xue Ping, Chen Feng wondered in his heart.
At this time, Xue Ping calmed down, he said contemptuously.
“But what can you do? Save these two people from me? This is absolutely impossible for you.”
The other side said.
“Monk, you have done so many conscientious things, but you have not received retribution, but retribution will only come late, but you will never be absent. Even if I can’t beat you, I won’t indulge you in doing whatever you want.”
As he said, he rushed up.
The scene was a little chaotic for a while, and the slender man who was about to bleed Qingzhi didn’t know how to hide there.
But Chen Feng and the two still had nothing to do, they seemed to be able to watch that way.
The tables and chairs that were kicked over, the broken glass, and the chandeliers that fell from the top were all increasing. It seemed that the two of them couldn’t tell the result for a while.
But as long as you understand a little bit, you know that the guy in black is obviously weaker than Xue Ping, and it’s only a matter of time before he loses.
Chen Feng wanted to help, if it wasn’t for him that he couldn’t use any strength right now, he would definitely let the guy in black release him.
But now, even if he was allowed to move, he would only fall to the ground, making it difficult to even stand.
It may have just been facing death, but now it is waiting for death, and it seems to be even more desperate.
Live more, live more!
Chen Feng thought helplessly.
But before he stopped thinking about it, there was a movement beside him.
Chen Feng was surprised to see that Qing Zhi had escaped comfortably. She stood there as if nothing had happened.
Noting Chen Feng’s surprised eyes, Qing Zhi said lightly.
“It’s just the strength of the Grandmaster Realm.”
Chen Feng didn’t know what to say, he could only stare blankly.
Qing Zhi walked towards Xue Ping very slowly. He didn’t seem to notice yet, but when he noticed Qing Zhi, it was as fearful as a mouse meets a cat.
And that fear comes from the pressure of the master.
Qing Zhi said coldly.
“I’m not that cruel, I will let you die simply.”
Before he finished his words, Xue Ping had already turned around. All he could think of was running for his life. This was the same idea that Chen Feng had when he saw Nie Huafeng.
In front of a master, escape is the clearest way.
But he was far behind Chen Feng. Before he could run out of the back door, Qing Zhi had already approached him.
When Xue Ping wanted to fight back, he might never have thought that he would be so powerless.
Almost watching how he died, before even the sound came out, the position of the heart had become a blank. The heart that was beating there was now being held by Qing Zhi.
I don’t know if it was too fast or for some reason, Xue Ping actually saw his own heart beating with his own eyes, but before the heart stopped, he no longer had consciousness, and death really came.
Xue Ping had fallen, and Qing Zhi threw the organs in her hands on the ground in disgust, and threw off the sticky blood, before she looked at the corpse indifferently.
“I said it will make you die without pain.”
It is not the first time that Chen Feng has felt the horror of the master, but he still marvels in his heart every time he sees it.
That kind of shock directly impacts the soul, and is the most thorough worship of power.
Xue Ping died, and the rest of the people didn’t know where they fled. Chen Feng was supported by the man in black to his feet and got close. He only noticed that the man in black was still wearing a black mask. He didn’t seem to want to show his true face.
But this is his affair, Chen Feng would not ask so uninterestingly.
“This is the antidote.”
The man in black handed a white porcelain bottle.
Chen Feng also took it directly. He smelled it, and the smell was a bit irritating, but he poured one out of it and ate it without any doubt.
The taste is really not flattering, just like rancid food, but the effect is also significant.
Smelling this smell, Chen Feng felt some sensations around him.
It is estimated that it will not take long before he can stand up.
“What kind of poison is this, it can actually stun the grandmaster?”
Chen Feng asked curiously.
The man in black replied.
“Thousands of Machines are scattered, the unique formula of the Tang family in the southwest. The monk also snatched some from a tribe from the Tang family who passed by Mobei, but I didn’t expect to use it on both of you. But I didn’t expect that she was relying on herself Actually resisted the past.”
The man in black looked at Qing Zhi’s back.
At that time, seeing Qing Zhi breaking free from bondage also surprised Chen Feng enough, but as Qing Zhi himself said, she was a master.
“That’s the master after all.”
The man in black also nodded.
On the way several people were about to leave here, Chen Feng asked again.
“By the way, do you have hatred with that guy? And why do you keep calling him a monk, that’s his name?”
On the contrary, the man in black walking beside Chen Feng was a little silent, perhaps because he asked something he didn’t want to mention, and even glanced at Qing Zhi who was walking in the front unintentionally.
Chen Feng said hurriedly.
“You don’t need to answer, I’m just curious.”
But the man in black has slowly spoken.
“I have hatred with him, and I still have a deep hatred. If it weren’t for my fate, I might have died thirteen years ago. But God has eyes, so I can see him killed today. ”
Although he couldn’t see the expression under the mask, Chen Feng could still see through the corner of his eyes that he was smiling, he could get revenge, and he could indeed laugh.
“He is so rampant, is there no one to punish them in the desert? Doesn’t anyone know the so-called righteous sect here?”
Unexplained Chen Feng once again remembered Xue Ping’s cruelty, and he said with resentment.
But the man in black explained.
“The desert is a barren land. How could the decent people come here to endure hardship? They are more willing to hide in the feasting and enjoy life, as a consolation for their hard work in martial arts. As for the other…, huh!”

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