Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 834

Chen Feng gave them a candy, and a group of children ran away happily.
The cave dwelling in front of Chen Feng seemed a bit deserted, but the various dry goods hanging at the door made it easy to see that there were still people living here.
“anyone there?”
Standing at the door, Chen Feng asked inside.
But no response was received.
Chen Feng came to the door and knocked.
There was still no one inside, but at this time, an old man of about 60 years came from the intersection. He looked very tough and shouted at the two Chen Feng.
“What are you doing?”
Chen Feng looked at the old man and replied.
“Are we here to find someone?”
“No need to find, he is.”
As soon as Chen Feng finished speaking, Qing Zhi said.
Only then did Chen Feng look at the other party. He was just a burly farmer, and he really couldn’t see the difference.
But he was paying attention, but the old man rushed towards Chen Feng and the others without warning.
Chen Feng subconsciously took precautions. He didn’t pay attention just now, but as soon as he acted, the old man really hid himself.
But then he found that the other party was not directed at him, and Qing Zhi on the side had already pushed him up.
The two of them didn’t talk much, using their hands and feet together, and in this bright ground in front of the door, dozens of tricks were quickly passed.
The speed of the action and the tricky moves are dazzling.
And it is inseparable from Qing Zhi who can fight for the master, and the opponent can only be in the realm of the master.
This was something that Chen Feng had never expected. In such a remote mountain village, there would be a master of the realm of masters hidden.
Surprised, Chen Feng also tried his best to appreciate the essence of the competition in different realms, which is not usually seen.
The battle was very anxious, and the two people were in the same state. There was absolutely no possibility of a victory or defeat in a short time. At the beginning, Chen Feng was still worried about Qing Zhi. After all, the other party stepped forward if they didn’t agree with each other. Could it be Qing Zhi? Enemy.
But as they played against each other, Chen Feng was relieved by the action that was only a click away. The two should have met each other.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the two to separate.
“Girl, I haven’t seen you in a few years, how do you feel that you are not as good as before.”
The old man smiled.
Qing Zhi said with a plain face.
“That’s because you are too weak. I’m afraid you will just fall down with all your strength.”
Even so, Qing Zhi didn’t feel any contempt on his face.
The old man laughed.
“Girl, my kung fu hasn’t improved, but my lips have become a lot stronger. Forget it, I’m a thief old man who doesn’t know much about you.”
He walked towards the two of Chen Feng and said again.
“What are you doing here to find the old man? You didn’t come here to fight me specifically, right?”
As soon as the old man’s voice fell, several cars appeared at the intersection, all of them tall and off-road, driving across the road and causing clouds of dust.
Several people stopped and looked over, because these cars were coming towards this side.
When they finally came to the open and bright ground, the cross-country stopped one after another, and then one after another young lads walked down from above, all of whom were only thirty years old, but they were absolutely novel and fashionable in dress.
The thin young man with dyed red hair who got down from the back seat of the lead car walked over with the others.
Then he shouted at the old man.
“Old man, what? Can that piece of land be released? If it works, you can make a price.”
Xingyi’s father’s happily expression immediately changed, as if something disgusting was encountered.
“Go away, you are not welcome here.”
After being scolded, the red-haired young man chirped, as if he didn’t care, he still whispered softly.
“Old man, this is a big deal. You have never seen so much money in your life. Isn’t it just an ancestral grave? If you have money, you can’t find another one.”
The old man ignored him and turned to leave.
But there were people who didn’t want him to leave, and the young man rushing past the red hair directly blocked the old man’s way.
“Why are you in a hurry? Isn’t this just talking?”
Seeing this guy’s behavior, Chen Feng secretly squeezed sweat for him. If he did this, he probably wouldn’t even be clear about his death.
But the old man didn’t make a move, and I don’t know why.
But the more so, the more frivolous the treatment will be.
The young man who rushed over pushed the old man’s shoulder.
“Old man, did my elder brother talk to you? Why did you leave like this.”
He seems to be ready to do something with the old man. Chen Feng has done it. Maybe the old man has a reason why he can’t do it, but he doesn’t.
He grabbed the pushed arm and said.
“Speak as you speak, what hands do you use?”
Chen Feng tried a little bit harder, and the guy cried out in pain.
“Let go, let go…, it hurts, it hurts, let it go.”
He begged for mercy so, Chen Feng still let go after a few seconds.
The guy stepped back in fear.
“you wanna die.”
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t reply.
The red-haired young man at the forefront also noticed Chen Feng just now, but instead of despising him like others, he asked a little more solemnly.
“I haven’t introduced it yet, I don’t know who this one is?”
Chen Feng smiled.
“It’s just an ordinary passerby.”
But after Chen Feng finished speaking, the red-haired attitude immediately changed.
He looked at Chen Feng’s cheapness, as if he had no scruples anymore.
“Then you fucking put something here, this is also a place where you can talk.”
Chen Feng retorted with a smile.
“I just can’t get used to your behavior, it’s not fair to see the road.”
Looking at Chen Feng’s smile, the red-haired young man became even more annoyed.
“You fucking think Lao Tzu has a good temper, right? I talk to the old man, and you roll aside. Otherwise, don’t blame Lao Tzu’s brother for not telling face.”
As he said, the group of people behind him still made gearing movements.
Chen Fengdao.
“I don’t think it is. I just think that this kind of problem can be solved with money. Then we should not use hands and feet. After all, fighting hurts peace.”
Redhead didn’t understand, he said.
“It’s not just a question of money. The old man is stubborn. How much money is given to him. He just doesn’t want to. It’s not just a piece of the ancestral grave. What does he think.”
Chen Feng smiled.
“I think it’s still a matter of money. The money you gave is less, so he is unwilling. You see, I have 300,000 yuan here. If I give him to you and ask you not to come again, what do you think? ”
Chen Feng took out a bank card from his pocket and put it in his hand.
After Chen Feng did this, the red-haired young man took a moment to react.
“You fucking nonsense, you still have 300,000. I think you are a turtle, singing a big show here.”

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